BTS: The Story Of V, His Acting Debut And Solo Projects

Here is the story of the hidden member of BTS!!!

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Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung (김태형)

Kim Taehyung (김태형), better known by his stage name V (뷔), is a South Korean singer-songwriter, record producer and actor under Big Hit Entertainment. He is a vocalist, a dancer, and a visual of BTS.

Early Life

Kim Taehyung
V alongside fellow vocalist Jungkook 

V, Kim Taehyung  (김태형) was born on 30th December 1995, in Daegu, South Korea, grew up in Geochang County. He is the eldest of three children, with a younger brother and sister.

V first aspired to be a professional singer in elementary school and eventually began taking Saxophone lessons in early middle school as means of pursuing the career.

V initially became a trainee under Big Hit Entertainment after passing an audition in Daegu. After graduating from Korean Arts High School in 2014, V enrolled in Global Cyber University.

He graduated in August 2020 with a major in Broadcasting and Entertainment. He is now enrolled at Hanyang Cyber University, pursuing a Masters of Business Administration in Advertising and Media.

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V's Debut With BTS

On June 13, 2013, V officially made his debut with BTS on Mnet's M Countdown with the track "No More Dream" from their debut single album, 2 Cool 4 Skool.

He was first credited for music composition in The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Part 1 when he co-wrote and co-produced the song "Hold Me Tight".

He also contributed to writing lyrics for the song "Boys With Fun", co-composed by fellow member Suga.

For the song "Run", V's melody was used with Jungkook's original lyrics for the next album, The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 2.

Kim Taehyung
V's Debut 

He then did the same of the solo single "Stigma" from the album Wings, which charted at 26 on the Gaon Music Chart and 10 on the Billboard World Digital Singles Chart.

V has also released, unofficially, a cover of "Hug Me" with the BTS bandmate J-Hope as well as a cover of "Someone Like You" by Adele.

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In May 2018, his second solo song, "Singularity" was released as the trailer for BTS' then-upcoming third LP, Love Yourself: Tear.

A month after its release, The Guardian added: "Singularity" to its "Top 50 songs for the month of June 2018" playlist.

Billboard included it in their Critics' list of the "Top 50 BTS songs" at number 28. The track made its UK Radio debut on BBC radio on October 25.

Overall, "Singularity" was generally well-received by critics and as result, was mentioned at several year's end Critics' Choice lists.

The New York Times ranked it 12 on its list of "The 65 Best Songs Of 2018", alongside "Fake Love". LA Times Pop Music Critic Mikael Wood named it the fourth "best and most replay worthy song of 2018".

Guardian Music Critic Laura Snapes included it as one of her favorite tracks in their "Best Music Of 2018:Albums and Tracks" list.

V's Acting Debut  And Solo Projects

V made his acting debut with the release of the K-drama "Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth". He played the character of Suk Han Sung, one of the Hwarang Warrior. After the K-drama was released fans were rolling over V's acting skills.

Fans are even expecting more work in the acting department in the future.  He also collaborated with fellow BTS member Jin for the Hwarang Soundtrack entitled "It's Definitely You".

On June 8, 2017, he released "4 O'CLOCK", a song he co-produced with fellow BTS member RM, to celebrate BTS' fourth anniversary.

V released his first full solo track outside of BTS, "Scenery", on January 30, 2019, through the group's SoundCloud page.

The ballad was written and composed by V-he also photographed the cover artwork and produced by BigHit producer Docskim, with an additional contribution from two other BigHit producers, Pdogg and Hiss Noise.

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1) His zodiac sign is Capricorn.

2) He is 25 years old in US Age and 27 years old in Korean age.

3) He and Jimin used to be classmates in High School.

4) His favourite singer is John Legend.

5) He likes to watch anime.

6) He loves playing the saxophone.

7) He is ambidextrous.

8) He can speak fluently Korean and Japanese, as well as the English Language.

9) When V's teaser image was released, 5 fan clubs were created.

10) His favorite clothing brand is Gucci.

It broke SoundCloud records for reaching 100 million streams from 20 million in over fourteen days, the shortest time for the platform.

Over the course of the two weeks following its release, "Scenery" broke the daily streaming record nine times.

Winter Bear 

Seven months later, he released his second solo song and his first full English song entitled "Winter Bear" through SoundCloud, accompanied by a self-directed music video via BTS' YouTube channel on August 9.

He co-produced the track together with RM, Hiss Noise, and Adora. He also photographed the cover artwork using his pseudonym Vante.

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In 2020, V participated in a song titled "Sweet Night" for the Soundtrack of the JTBC drama Itaewon Class which was released on March 13, 2020. Produced, written, and sung by V, the indie-pop song is entirely in English.

The song received generally favorable reviews for its composition, vocal performance, and warm lyrics, and debuted at number 2 on Billboard's US Digital Song Sales Chart, the highest debut of a Korean soloist in the chart's history.

Snow Flower 

On December 25, 2020, V released a solo track titled "Snow Flower" featuring Peakboy.          

Influence & Artistry

V coined the phrase "Borahae" which means "I Purple You" during BTS' fan meeting in November 2016.  Ever since then, purple has become a symbol of BTS and its fans. The phrase is very much into use now.

It has become very famous not just for the ARMY but also worldwide. UNICEF also used the phrase for their anti-bullying campaign in collaboration with BTS.

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V possesses a baritone singing voice that has received a very positive response from critics. He is known for his "husky" tone.

He gained wider recognition after his solo performance "stigma", and was praised for his falsetto that showed off his vocal range.

V's husky voice on his other solo called "singularity", which was the opening track of their album "Love Yourself: Tear"(2018), was noted as a prominent "tone-setter" on the album by music critic Bianca Mendez.

V's musicality is heavily influenced by his love for jazz and classical music. Eric Benet and Ruben Studdard are among his inspirations.

As a performer, V is majorly known for his "duality". He is very different on stage and off stage and that's what his fans love about him.

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