BTS: The Story Of Suga, His Debut & His Mixtapes

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Suga photo from an interview
Min Yoon-Gi (민윤기) 

Min Yoongi (민윤기), better known by his stage names Suga (슈가) and Agust D is a South Korean songwriter and record producer under Big Hit Entertainment.

He is a rapper in the all-famous band BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan, also he is notable for his contributions to songwriting and is the major music producer for the band.

Early Life

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Min Yoongi was born on March 9, 1993, in Daegu, South Korea, the younger of two sons. He attended Taejeon Elementary School, Gwaneum Middle School, and Apgujeong High School.

After hearing "Reggae Muffin" by Stony Stunk, he became interested in rap, stating that it was different from anything he had ever done before. After hearing Epik High, he decided to be a rapper in the future.

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By the age of 13, Suga began to write lyrics and learned about MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface).

He worked a part-time job at a recording studio by the age of 17. From then on, He began composing and arranging music, rapping and performing.

Before being signed, He was active under the name Gloss as an underground rapper.

As part of the hip-hop crew D-Town in 2010, He produced "518-062", a song commemorating the Gwangju Uprising.

How Was Suga's Life Before Joining BTS?

Suga never dreamed of becoming a K-pop Idol. He originally wanted to be a music producer. He loved music so much that he started hustling for it from a very young age. Suga's life story is considered one of the most inspirational stories ever.

Even though he had no support financially as well as from his family, he still didn't give up on his dreams.

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Although he has now a net worth of 8 million dollars, there was a time when he had to live off 2 dollars a day.

He worked an unpaid part-time job at a recording studio where he had to choose between eating ₩1000 noodles and taking the bus back home or eating ₩2000 noodles and walking home which took him two hours.

When Big Hit Entertainment conducted a rap competition, he won 2nd place. In the beginning, Yoongi signs a contract with the agency as a producer and trainee.

However, he still worked part-time as a delivery boy since he had to earn more money.

Suga's Audition Video 

Then one day, an unexpected tragedy entered Suga's life, causing a severe injury. He got into an accident while delivering on his motorcycle and lost his conscience for a moment.

When he got his conscience back, he saw the motorcycle wheel right in front of his eyes and was unable to move his shoulder. And of course, this accident prevented him from practising, but he lied to everyone because he thought he would get fired from this.

However, the company noticed his abnormality and asked him for the truth. When they heard the story, they decided to pay him to not have to work anymore.

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After being a trainee for three years, he resigned from Big Hit as a songwriter.

One of the trainees who trained with him was J Hope, who motivated him with positive energy during an uncertain time, forming a strong bond of friendship between them.

Suga suffered from financial problems, but his biggest concern was his family; they were not fully supportive of Suga and his training.

Due to this kind of environment and stress, he suffered from mental disorders such as depression, OCD, and social anxiety. All of these problems he faced in the past made him solid, teaching him how to overcome any difficulties he might be facing.

After these tough times, he became a superstar and proved himself as well as his whole family.

What Is The Story Behind Min Yoon-Gi's Stage Names?

In an Interview with Cuvism Magazine, Suga revealed that, while working as a lyricist in his hometown (Daegu), he used to go by a different name.

After signing a contract with Big Hit Entertainment he actually wanted to keep his original artist name from Daegu, Gloss but was suggested against it.

Suga later came up with a few possible name ideas with Big Hit Entertainment's CEO, Bang Si-Hyuk, who finally suggested the name "Suga".

Suga's photo from the Daechwita music video
Agust D (Suga) 

Bang Si-Hyuk said it suited him better than the other names and Suga himself liked it because it contradicted his stage appearance.

Suga liked this idea because it also had a connection to the position he played in basketball (Shooting Guard), and is made of the first two parts of the words.

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To differentiate his work from that of his work as Suga, he developed the alter ego "Agust D", which is derived from the initials DT, short for his birthplace, Daegu Town, and "Suga" spelt backwards.

Suga's Debut  

BTS Debut 

Originally joining the company as a music producer, Suga trained under Big Hit Entertainment for three years with J-Hope and RM.

He made his debut as a member of BTS on Mnet's M countdown with the track "No More Dream" from their debut single album "2 Cool For Skool".

He has produced and written lyrics for a variety of tracks on all albums of BTS.  

For BTS' third Korean Language mini-album The Most Beautiful Moment In Life pt.1, Suga released a solo intro entitled "Intro: The Most Beautiful Moment In Life".

The rap track's lyrics discussed the fears of adulthood at the end of one's adolescent years. In addition, to singing Intros for BTS albums, Suga released two solo tracks under the group's name.

The first song entitled "First Love", appeared on BTS' 2016 studio album Wings.

On the 2018 compilation album Love Yourself: Answer, Suga released the song "Trivia: Seesaw", which discussed the ups and downs of falling in love.

Suga's Mixtapes

Suga released a self-titled mixtape on Soundcloud on August 15, 2016. He decided not to release the project as a commercial studio album, describing it as a "feeling of being trapped in some sort of framework."

On the record, he discussed matters such as his struggles with depression and social phobia. Fuse TV rated it one of the Top 20 mixtapes of 2016.

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In 2017, Suga composed the song "Wine" for the singer Suran, whom he had worked with for a single on his mixtape. At Suga's studio, Suran heard a rough draft of the song and straight away asked Suga for the song.  

The record peaked at #2 on the Gaon Digital Chart and won the best Soul R&B track of the year at Melon Music Awards on December 2, 2017.

Suga also received the "Hot Trend Award" for his work on the track.

Suga's First Mixtape "Agust D" 

Suga released his mixtape officially for digital purposes and streaming in February 2018.  The reissue reached #3 on Billboard's World Albums Chart, #5 on the Heatseekers Album Chart, and #74 on the Top Album Sales Chart.

Because of this, Suga's solo alias, Agust D, reach #46 on the Emerging Artists Chart for the week of March.

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1) He is the second oldest as well as the shortest member of the group.

2) He is 28 years old in the US age and 29 years old in Korean age.

3) His zodiac sign is Pieces.

4) He wanted to be Firefighter, basketball player, and Musician.

5) He used to be terrible at English but he takes lessons now. He can read, write, and understand it very well. However, he gets shy while speaking it.

6) He has a male dog named Min Holly.

7) Three things he likes: sleeping, quiet places, and places with no people.

8) When he has a problem, he talks to RM because their age gap is small and they have things in common.

9) Suga's real name Yoongi, when translated actually means 'Gloss' and 'Shine' in Korean.

10) Suga comes from a poor family. In an interview, he disclosed: "After we debuted, I went back to the dorm and sat there staring blankly. I could not believe that a kid from a poor Daegu Family, would be able to make it.

Suga also worked with many artists after this such as Lee So Ra's single "Song Request".

The song was co-written by Suga and Tablo of Epik High, who also produced the song. The single debuted at #3 on Korea's  Gaon Digital Charts and number #2 on Billboard World Digital Charts.

Suga later produced a song for Epik High's sleepless in an extended play titled, "Eternal Sunshine".

He then co-wrote and produced the Digital Single "We Don't Talk Together", for singer Heize which was released on July 7.

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In December, American singer-songwriter Halsey released the song "Suga's Interlude", from her third studio album named Maniac, which both featured and produced by Suga.

On May 6, 2020, IU released the song Eight which was produced by Suga.

The song debuted at number 1 on both Gaon Digital Sales Chart and Billboard World Digital Sales Chart.

After all this success as a solo artist, Suga released his second mixtape "D2", the continuation of Agust D, together with the music video of its lead single "Daechwita" on May 22, which peaked at #76 on Billboard Hot 100 Chart.


The mixtape debuted at number 11 on the Billboard 200 and became the highest-charting album by a Korean Soloist in the US.

It is also the first Korean Solo release Top 10 in the United Kingdom, opening at 7 on UK Sales Chart.

Suga is not just a rapper, He is also responsible for writing, composing, arranging, and mixing his work properly. He is also a pianist.

Over 100 songs are registered under his name by the Korea Music Copyright Association.

His lyrics involve daily issues such as depression, and social anxiety.

Even talking about such topics, gives people a sense of relief after listening to Suga's lyrics. In January 2018, Suga was promoted to become a full member of the Korea Music Copyright Association.

Suga's Philanthropy And Activism

In 2014, Suga promised to buy his fans meat in order to find success as a musician.

Four years later, on his 25th birthday, he donated beef to 39 orphanages in the name of the ARMY.

For his 26th birthday, he donated KR₩100 million and 329 BT21 Shooky Dolls to the Korea Pediatric Centre Foundation, on February 27, 2020.

Suga also donated ₩100 to the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association to help with prevention and relief efforts in his hometown Daegu.

On March 9, 2021, he donated ₩100 million to Daegu's Keimyung University Dongsan Hospital, to support childhood cancer patients who access treatment due to financial difficulties.

Suga has also spoken openly about mental health and equality for the LGBTQ+ community.

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