BTS: The Story Of Jin & Ideas Behind His Solo Tracks

Even without any background in the field of music, Jin is known as the Silver Voice Artist. That is something really amazing.

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Jin, Weverse magazine shoot
Kim Seok-Jin (김석진) 

Kim Seok-Jin (김석진), better known by his stage name Jin (진), is a South Korean singer-songwriter under Big Hit Entertainment. He is a vocalist and visual in the group BTS.

Early Life

Jin lying down for the Weverse magazine shoot

Kim Seok-Jin was born on December 4, 1992, in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. His family consists of his father, mother and brother. While Seok-jin was in junior high, he was scouted by SM Entertainment but he rejected the offer at that time, believing it to be a scam.

He initially intended to be an actor, attending Konkuk university and graduating with a degree in art and acting on February 22, 2017.  He is currently enrolled in Hanyang Cyber University, pursuing a degree in areas other than music.

How Did Jin Make His Way To BTS?

It was not Jin who made his way to BTS it was actually Fate and Jin's continuous hard work. Jin was scouted by Big Hit Entertainment for his looks while walking down the streets. At that time, Jin was studying acting and had no background in music whatsoever.

On June 13, 2013, Jin made his official debut as one of the four vocalists in BTS with their debut album " 2 kool 4 Skool". In 2016, Jin released his first co-produced song "Awake". The song peaked at number 31 on Gaon Music Chart and six on the Billboard World Digital Singles Chart. In December 2016, he released a Christmas Version of "Awake" on Soundcloud.

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On August 9, 2018, the second solo by Jin, Epiphany was released as a trailer for BTS' then-upcoming album "Love Yourself: Answer" The song was well praised by Billboard, they described it as a "building pop-rock melody" and contains lyrics discussing self-acceptance and self-love. The full version of the song was released as a track on Answer, peaking at 30 on the Gaon Music Chart and four on the Billboard World Singles Chart.

In October he was awarded the fifth-class Hwagan Order of Cultural Merit along with other members of the group. He then released his third solo song with BTS, on the 2020 studio album Map Of The Soul:7. Jae Ha-Kim described "Moon" as a power-pop song addressed to BTS fans. "Moon" peaked at number 1 on the Gaon Digital Chart and number 2 on Billboard's US World Digital Sales Chart.

Jin's Collaboration and Solo Soundcloud Tracks

Jin collaborated with fellow BTS member V on the song "It's Definitely You", released as part of the "Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth" original soundtrack.

He also joined BTS member Jungkook to sing and release an alternative version of "So Far Away", a song from BTS member Suga's self-titled mixtape Agust-D.

Jin's solo cover of "Mom" by Ra. D was released on Soundcloud on May 7, 2015. In his teen years, Jin always felt that he didn't live up to his parent's expectations. Especially he even mentioned in a tour speech that his mother was never used to bragging about him in front of her friends whereas her mother's friends always bragged about their sons.

He decided to work hard on himself so that even his mother could tell that his son is successful in life. Jin covered the song "Mom" for his mother. Following the song "Mom", Jin also covered "I Love You" by Mate, and "In Front Of The Post Office in Autumn", originally by Yoon Do-Hyun which was released on December 3, 2015, and June 7, 2018, respectively. He has also made several appearances as a co-host for Korean Music award shows, such as Music Bank and Inkigayo.

On June 4, 2019, Jin released his first independent song "tonight" as a part of the 2019 BTS Festa event, a yearly event celebrating the anniversary of the band's debut. The ballad was composed by Jin alongside Big Hit Entertainment record producers Slow Rabbit and Hiss Noise. The lyrics, written by BTS leader RM and Jin were inspired by Jin's relationship with his pets. The track was met with a very positive response from his fans.

On December 3 2020, Seokjin released his second solo track "Abyss" a day before his 28th birthday. The acoustic ballad was composed by Jin and RM alongside record producers BUMZU and Pdogg. The lyrics were written by BUMZU and RM and were inspired by Kim's feelings of anxiety, self-worth, and doubt. In an official BTS blog, Jin talked about his insecurities regarding music, and how he has to practice more than other members of the band to make it perfect for the fans. These darker emotions lead him to write and release this song.

JIN-  The Silver Voice Artist

Jin is known as the goofiest person in the group. Despite being the eldest, he has never used "being elder" as a way to suppress the other members. He shares a very special bond with every member, especially the youngest member Jungkook. Jin is a tenor and can play the guitar.

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In Kim Young-Dae's 2019 novel BTS: The Review, members of the Grammy panel stated that his voice has stable breath control and a strong falsetto, calling it a "silver voice". Journalist Choi Song-Hye, writing for Aju News, wrote that BTS singles such as "Fake Love" and "Spring Day" displayed Jin's vocal stability, while the b-side "Jamais Vu" did so for his emotional range.

Epiphany Live 

Hong Hye Min of the Korea Times described Jin's voice as "tender, sorrowful, free-spirited" and considered it to be the "standout element" of the solo ballad "Epiphany". Critic Park Hee-a, when discussing "Epiphany", stated that Jin "sings the most sentimental emotions" of the solo tracks on Love Yourself: Answer. In a review of "Fake Love", Park said that Jin's belting "proves effectiveness".

In December 2018, Jin donated various supplies to the Korean Animal Welfare Association on the occasion of his birthday, purchasing food, and blankets for the organization. That same day, he donated 321 kilograms of food to the Korean Animal Rights Advocate (KARA). Since May 2018, Jin has been a monthly donor to UNICEF Korea, requesting that his donations be private at that time. They were eventually publicized following his induction into the UNICEF Honors Club in May 2019 for donating over 100 Million Won.

How Is Kim Seokjin The Definition Of Self-Love?

If anyone took RM's message of Loving ourselves truly, it was Kim Seokjin. Kim Seokjin is the real definition of self-love. He doesn't need anyone to compliment him, he calls himself the nickname given by his fans which is "WWH" OR "World Wide Handsome", and it truly fits him. He encourages his fans to not worry about what other people think and accept every part of themselves even if it comes with a flaw.  

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Jin's Message For His Fans!

A beautiful vintage themed photo of Jin
"It feels like my memories of ARMY's were all a dream"

According to Jin, there is no point in living in the past or constantly worrying about the future, so one should live in the present. Forgetting the past does not mean forgetting all the things but the bad side which makes one feel inferior about themselves. He thinks just doing what you want is the true self one could have. There is no point in living to please other people. Living true to yourself without thinking about the past and future is the best way to live. He is very grateful for the love that he receives from the ARMY He even compares their love to that of how his parents love him.    

Interesting Facts About Jin

1) He is the oldest member of BTS.

2) He is 28 years old in the US age and 30 years old in Korean age.

3) He is the BTS' official visual.

4) His zodiac sign is Sagittarius

5) He has his own mukbang show called Eat Jin. In the show, he only eats and does not talk much. Sometimes, the other members also join him such as Jimin, Jungkook, and Suga.

6) He can rip open a bag of chips with his feet.

7) He can speak Korean, some Japanese, English, and Chinese.  

8) Jin has crooked fingers

9) His personality is always considered caring, humble, and funny.

10) Even though Jin majored in acting and filming, he was asked to learn dancing and singing to be a part of BTS. Despite having no knowledge in the field of music, he learned. He worked hard in order to provide his fans with the best. To this date, he is known as the person with a silver voice. Also, his dancing has also improved a lot.

"I can see others, but not myself, if I've grown from all this experience, that's because my guys were always there to cheer me up." - Jin

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