BTS Songs You Never Realized Were In Kdramas

BTS is taking the music world on a roll but little did we know the seven-member boy group is also the show stopper of K-dramas. Here we present to you songs that were a part of k-dramas.

BTS Songs You Never Realized Were In Kdramas
BTS Songs You Never Realized Were In Kdramas

BTS is one of South Korea's most popular boy bands, both globally and locally. Their song has gained worldwide acclaim and has climbed to the top of several music charts. As a result, their music has been used for soundtracks or song tracks that play in the background of Korean dramas.

Kill Me Heal Me – Danger

the three friends wearing sweaters

There is a scene in the Korean drama Kill Me Heal Me where BTS's music video for the song "Danger" is shown on the building's screen.

This only appeared in this scenario for approximately two seconds, but did you notice it?

PLOT: This drama is about a love tale between a first-year female resident who becomes his secret doctor and the son of a wealthy family who has seven personalities.

My Golden Life – Spring Day

the main family in the show

In the K-drama My Golden Life, this BTS song is utilized as background music in the department shop.

When visitors visit a mall or department store, they will usually hear music playing throughout the establishment. There you have it! The soundtrack behind this scene is BTS's popular song "Spring Day," which you may find if you look and listen closely.

PLOT: My Golden Life is the story of a woman who has the potential to succeed but is trapped in a bottomless abyss in her life. Then she must strive to find a way to be happy despite her circumstances.

Mad Dog – DNA

the plane crashing in the background with people standing in the front

The ringtone of one of the characters in this cut-scene from the K-drama Mad Dog is the BTS song "DNA," if you listen closely.

There was a scene in Mad Dog where Woo Do Hwan was jogging and received a call on his cellphone.

PLOT: Mad Dog is a Korean drama about Choi Kang-Woo, a former detective who is now a veteran insurance investigator. During his work, he supervises a team tasked with uncovering insurance fraud cases. There are a lot of dramatic, exciting scenes in the series.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo – Blood, Sweat, & Tears

The main couple sharing a sweet moment

The BTS song "Blood, Sweat, and Tears" is always playing throughout some sequences in episode 3 of the show Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.

PLOT: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is a romantic comedy about kids at a sports academy who want to be Olympic athletes. It depicts their family's difficulties, love, and drive to achieve their goals. This drama is ideal for persons who are in the middle of their studies at university or high school, or who want to relive those memories. It's lighthearted, amusing, and full of youthful vigour.

Second 20s – Dope

The main couple sharing a sweet moment

A bunch of people demonstrate their dancing skills in this scene from the K-drama Second 20s, and the music they're utilizing is BTS's "Dope."

PLOT: Ha-Nora had a desire of becoming a dancer until she fell pregnant at the age of 19, forcing her to drop out of school and marry. Her life concentrated around being a housewife and mother for the following two decades. Nora, who is now 38 years old and on the verge of divorce, is diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and given a six-month life expectancy. As a result, she decides to return to school and embark on her first college adventure. Her own 20-year-old son Kim Min-soo and his girlfriend Oh Hye-mi are among the incoming students, who are scared to have Nora as a classmate. Her academic snob husband Kim Woo-Chul recently took a position teaching psychology at the same university, and her prickly theatre arts professor turns out to be Cha Hyun-Seok, who had a high school love for Nora.

School 2017 – Boy In Luv

the three friends in school unifroms

The Korean drama School 2017 includes the song "Boy in Luv." In this drama, Kim Jung-Hyun stars, and he demonstrated his dance prowess with this BTS hit.

PLOT: This drama is about high school students' struggle when the educational system makes their lives hard by ranking each student based on their exam scores and school corruption. Some of the conflicts have to do with the kids' everyday lives. This drama is well worth your time!

Hyun Tae Woon's character, Kim Jung Hyun, falls in love with Ra Wun Ho. The choreography for BTS's song Boy in Luv is then performed by Kim Jung Hyun.

Tunnel – Save Me

the three people in the tunnel

Yoon Hyun-Min, one of the characters in the serial drama Tunnel, was listening to BTS's "Save Me" while looking through paperwork when Park Gwang-Ho interrupted him.

The drama is set in 1986 and follows Detective Park Gwang-Ho as he tries to apprehend a serial killer. His pursuit of the serial killer leads him through a tunnel. When he emerged from the tunnel, he discovered that he was in the year 2017. It indicates that the serial killer has carried on with the murders he started 30 years ago. Detective Park Gwang-Ho worked with Detective Kim Sun-Jae and Professor of Criminal Psychology Shin Jae-Yi to track out the killer in the story.

This drama is exciting and nerve-wracking to see.

Life On Mars – “FAKE LOVE”

the people posing in front of a police car

This cameo threw the audience for a loop. Doctors utilize BTS's "FAKE LOVE" MV to try to bring the main character out of a coma in this scene set in the 1980s. The oddest aspect of this cameo may be the clip selections. The legendary moment when Jungkook reveals his abs is one of the two clips featured here. Nothing will bring you out of your coma if that doesn't work.

A crime investigation team is led by Han Tae-Joo. He has progressed quickly in his job and prefers data to people. He had an accident while researching a serial murder case. When Han Tae-Joo awakens, he is in the year 1988. He has no idea why, yet he has been assigned to a police station in a tiny town as a detective. Returning to the present, Han Tae-Joo is attempting to solve a serial murder case.

Goblin – “Boy in Luv”

the people posing while sitting on the sofa

BTS is mentioned in this scene during a chat between two characters. Duk-Hwa is given a list of "gifts young women prefer" by Secretary Kim. Secretary Kim tries to teach Duk-Hwa what BTS performs by doing a ridiculous imitation of the "Boy in Luv" choreography.

PLOT: Goblin is a fantasy romance about a modern-day goblin who seeks a human spouse in order to terminate his cursed immortal life. His existence is then entwined with that of a grim reaper who is unable to recall his history.

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes- "Answer: Love Myself"

The main couple sharing a sweet moment

In episode 4 of The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, the female lead's brother is talking to her colleague in the coffee shop. BTS' song "Anwer: Love Myself" is playing in the background.

In episode 5 of The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, while the Male lead is talking to his friend Jin's solo song Epiphany is playing in the bar. Loved it :D fans were so happy to the Drama had a BTS reference.

PLOT: Kim Moo Young is a fascinating, mysterious man with a buried past in this 2018 Korean drama. He meets and falls in love with Yoo Jin-Kang, and despite her first poor view of him, she gradually learns that Moo-young is innocent and attempts to understand his past life. Her older brother, homicide investigator Yoo Jin Gook, feels Moo-Young is more wicked than he lets on, naive to the fact that he is the key to both Moo-Young and Jin-linked Kang's histories. When Moo Young regains his memories, the scenario becomes more convoluted, leading him to uncover the truth about his father's death and more.

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