"Run BTS" by BTS Song Review

Through, "Run BTS" they'll continue to run resiliently forward past any hurdles - like they're bulletproof. Read the full article to know more.


BTS's "Proof" anthology album was released on June 10 and is now available for purchase and streaming. The three-disc collection contains 48 songs that span BTS's nine-year career.

While the album does not have as much new material as other new BTS albums, the release's stripped-down offering of three original songs has allowed fans to delve deeper into the lyrics than ever before.

So, while the group's devoted ARMY is analyzing "Run BTS" and "For Youth" in between looping the lead single "Yet to Come," the group's devoted ARMY is also analyzing "Run BTS" and "Yet to Come."

Fans are going crazy for "Run BTS" (not to be confused with their variety show of the same name), not only because it's an up-tempo rock/hip-hop hybrid track that they can dance to, but also because the lyrics — which are a mix of Korean and English — reflect on BTS's early days as a group and their never-ending drive for success. Check out the English lyric translation of "Run BTS" (via Genius) below, and keep reading to understand more about the meaning of the song.

Iconic Lyrical Parts From RUN BTS

BTS members RM, J-Hope, Jungkook, and SUGA all helped write "Run BTS", which explains why the song's message seems so personal and fits so well with the album's general concept of reflecting on the group's almost decade-long career.

Nonhyeon, 100m, our place
A call from the company after school (Yes, yes)
Ah, I'm coming right now
Please don't send me home

SUGA and Jungkook sing in the song, a clear reference to BTS's humble pre-debut days when they lived in a tiny dorm together in Nonhyeon-dong and worked long and hard hours preparing for their debut.

The first phrase also underlines the participants' ongoing anxiety about their uncertain futures (obviously completely clueless to the fact they were about to become the biggest band in the world).

"We from the bottom / I caught you, bae, bae"
"We're a bit fast, We seven mate, mates / Look closely, we got us"

Jungkook, Jimin, and V sing in the pre-chorus. These lyrics appear to represent how BTS members turned to one another as they navigated through the ups and downs of climbing from the bottom of a crowded musical landscape to rapid success. Regardless of the critics' opinions ("Tell me what you want," they sang), the members were always there for one another, supporting one another to keep going.

"Not losing our spirit," "Run bulletproof, run, yeah, you gotta run," and "With the ignorant faith, just run, with your two legs"

The lyrical throughline of "Run BTS" focuses on BTS's determination to never lose their spirit and avoid negativity (no matter how naive or foolish they may appear to outsiders).

Run bulletproof, run, yeah, you gotta run (Run, run) (J-Hope)

As BTS stands for "Bangtan Sonyeondan" which literally translates to Bulletproof Boy Scouts says a lot about this one lyric of the song.

The reason behind Bangtan's success? I don't know if there's something like that
All of us just run hard
No matter what, we just run
That's the answer, ha-ha-ha (Suga)

There is one thing very very obvious about Suga, he speaks three languages. Korean, English, and FACTS! BTS did not get lucky in any manner. BTS has achieved their current level of recognition and respect because they never gave up on their dreams. BTS has never disappointed at any moment in its career, from "No More Dreams" to "Proof."

Comfort, got them (Got them)
Principles, got them (Got them)
Good music, got them (Got them)
Good team? G*dd**n! (Oh, yeah)
You said you hot (You hot)
Oh man, you not (You not) (J-Hope)

Okay! Can we just say that J-Hope's verse is as perfect as him? Because even he chose to speak facts. The wordplay here is just too perfect. Good music, got them (Got them) Good team? G*dd**n! (Oh, yeah). Hoseok knows very well they have both "Good Music" and "Good Team". You said you hot (You hot). Oh man, you not (You not). Right there to the hater's face. You do you Hobiii!!!

Jiminie, V, hard work
Namjoonie, Hope, hard work
Yoongi hyung, Jjin, hard work
Jungkookie, everyone so thanks

Yes, J-Hope really made the song, even more, slay than it already was. This bridge was everything. It often reminded Army of the Dis-ease bridge and it makes all sense.

BTS hasn't lost the spirit they cultivated in that teeny-tiny dorm in Nonhyeon-dong after nine years, and like the lyrics of "Push BTS" suggest, they'll continue to run resiliently onward through any obstacles — as if they're bulletproof.

How Does Army Feels About The Song?

Well!! there isn't much we should say. These tweets here will give you the best view of how fans feel about the song and this comeback.

Stan twitter always gives the best reaction to every BTS come back and it's just beautiful and hilarious at the same time.

Make sure to stream Proof on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Shazam. But it seems like BTS is already breaking records. *Wink Wink*

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