BTS released “Permission to Dance”- Will it Break the records of Butter?

Will BTS “Permission to Dance” Surpass 108.2 M views of Butter?

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BTS is back with a bang! BTS’s new single "Permission to Dance" is out on July 9 2021 at 1 PM KST. Fans are excited ever since they released the teaser of the new song on July 6 2021. Fans are curious about what the new song is about. Are you ready to speculate and delve deeper into more theories and hidden details?

Then get on board and start streaming BTS Permission to Dance exclusively available on YouTube. BTS Kim Nam Joon, Kim Seok Jin, Min Yoon Gi, Jung Ho Seok, Park Jimin, Kim Tae Hyung and Jeon Jungkook are back to melt our hearts, but this time are they asking for permission from fans to dance?

Well, for sure BTS does not need fans’ permission and can dance to their heart’s content. One of the questions that most fans are curious about - will they break Butter’s record. Well, if it’s ARMY nothing is impossible for them

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BTS members

ARMYs stream BTS “Permission to Dance” and let’s break some more records. BTS released the new single on ARMY DAY, they surely cherish their fans so much. It’s like a gift from BTS to their fans worldwide to show their love and passion.

Fans are also extremely happy and excited about the new single. ARMYs and BTS had a happy 8 years together and fans can’t wish for more. The band is constantly bringing us new songs, new themes, new music and everything new to soothe our hearts.

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Can “Permission to Dance” beat BTS Butter Records?

BTS Butter has 431M views and in the first 24 hours Butter received 108.2 Million views and fans will have to beat this record to surpass Butter. Butter broke many records previously set by Dynamite. Good luck ARMYS! We Can DO IT!!! Let’s Break some More Records.

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BTS “Permission to Dance”

2021 is very special for ARMYs and BTS. BTS recently celebrated their 8th year Anniversary on 13th June 2021. With “Permission to Dance” releasing today on ARMY, fans can’t suppress their excitement and happiness. The BTS members are wearing Denim country style clothes which gives a very pleasant and calm vibe. In the MV, names of multiple cities are mentioned, could it possibly mean it's time for new BTS Tours in 2021-22?

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Stream BTS "Permission to Dance" available on YouTube!!!

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