BTS Memes: Top 10 Taechwita Memes That'll Make You Laugh Hard

BTS's V paved the way for memes during Muster 2021. The Taechwita memes brought tears laughing.

If you know Taechwita, you're eilte

BTS member Kim Taehyung, known by his stage name V has ways been known as one of the funniest people. His jokes and vibe check have always been on top. During BTS's 8th Anniversary, the group performed Agust D aka Suga's lead single "Daechwita" from his mixtape "D2" on the first day of muster. It came as a surprise for the ARMY as we got to see OT7 Daechwita Performance. V's attire and facial expressions became the highlight of the whole performance. It was so eye-catching and funny that ARMYs even made memes on it. Here are the Top 10 Taechwita memes that'll really make you roll on the floor.

Bang Si-Hyuk And Taechwita

We've all known how funny this duo is. Even Though "Hitman Bang" is their boss, they still are very close to him. This meme literally speaks volumes for all the ARMY out there. Bang Si-Hyuk and V's expressions are on point which makes it even funnier.

ARMY Entering Hybe Museum

Being an ARMY, we've all once imagined working for The Hybe Labels. This meme is just a depiction of it. OH, GOD!!!!!

TAE And Hoseokie

Everyone has once been through this situation in their life. When your mom takes your phone and takes decades to return it. This iconic photo of J-Hope is from the 3rd BTS Muster where they performed the skit.

Mom Catching You In The Kitchen At 3 am

Well, if this ain't true I don't know what is. The fact that V's expression matches yours is unbelievable. Everyone has been caught by their mom once in a while. Sneaking into the kitchen especially when you binge-watching your favourite show is epic and so is this meme.  

Tae And Relatives

Ugh! this daring situation is the most uncomfortable. We all find ways to escape this situation but somehow end up rolling into it. The caption got the highlight.

Baby Taechwita

Every day was fine but then one day, ARMY's learned to edit. This Taechwita meme had everyone laughing crazy. The fact that Taehyung's expressions are killing it in every meme but this is something crazy.

The Iconic Meme From The Cricket Match

Okay! But who even made this? How are ARMY's so smart and talented? It is very hard to spot the difference between the two images. Of Course! Taechwita one shines here.

Is Taechwita Arrested?

Taechwita is definitely arrested for being so famous. LMAO!! The caption is on the spot. They definitely are roasting V for these memes.

Stream Butter With Taechwita

Bang si Hyuk is telling you the stream the latest single

A very well-oriented promotion done by the beloved Army. BTS released their second All-English track "Butter" which broke numerous records. "Butter" even charted on the first spot in the Billboard Hot 100 charts for the fifth week. This makes BTS the only South Korean act to do so. BTS is known for breaking records like a daily routine thing. But the constant support of the ARMY's is what makes it possible for them.

The Most Relatable Meme

Taejoon is telling you to complete your pending assignments

If you're a student ARMY, this meme was made for you. Namjoon aka RM from BTS has always been very dedicated to their studies. A major reason he constantly reminds his precious ARMYs to study. BTS even wrote the song, Pied Piper, as a motivation for their fans to study. So, you better focus on your studies, or else Namjoon will shave your eyebrows. The bond between BTS and ARMY’s was always strong and pure and will stay this way. The fact that BTS never forgets to thank their fans speaks volumes. BTS will surely laugh at these memes if they see them.

Well! This is all for today's article. BTS is releasing its brand new single "Permission to Dance" on July 9th,2021. Stay Tuned for more updates!

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