Most Iconic BTS Members Hairstyles!

BTS can rock any clothing trend, hairstyle or hair colour and still look amazing. But which hairstyles are the most iconic ones?

The featured image displays the seven member group, BTS

BTS is highly known for their music and incredible performance skills. But models should really thank BTS for choosing music instead of modelling.

Every member of BTS needs to land a modelling contract ASAP because somehow there isn’t a look they can’t slay.

BTS can rock any clothing trend, hairstyle or hair colour and still look amazing.

One thing that really makes them rock each era is the hair colour they choose and somehow they really rock it.

Here we present you BTS member's most memorable hairstyles ever:

1. Jin's Purple Hair

Jin dyed his hair this soft purple shade for the LY Tour which calls back to the phrase "I purple you," a way ARMY members say "I love you."

Jin's purple hair was a result of his own failed attempt. Back in 2019 during the BTS Osaka concert, Fans get an entirely new look at Jin.

He then told that it failed as he wanted to have a bright purple colour.

He was scared at first and thought he messed up but this turned out to be one of his most iconic hair colours ever.

2. V's Teal Hair

V can do no wrong. How can he rock blue hair so flawlessly?

In 2019, V's Blue Hair left a drastic impression on World that blue hair only belongs to V.

He made the boldest choice and dyed his hair 'cobalt blue,' which is an exceptional colour. This hair can also be seen in the music video of "Boys With Luv".

3. Jimin's Pink Hair

Jimin shut the showdown when he arrived at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards sporting his coral locks.

The band performed "Boy With Luv" with Halsey that night.

4. RM's Platinum Blonde Hair

RM can do no wrong and you can throw this platinum-blonde hair into that category. He literally owned this hair colour even though it was for a short period of time.  

He showed off this look while at an interview with the Elvis Duran Morning Show.

5. J-Hope's Butter Hair

J-Hope really took smooth like butter seriously.  J-hope went vintage blonde for the butter era.

Not to exaggerate but he really pulled off the hair colour. J-Hope's butter-era hair has to be one of the best hair colours ever.  

6. Suga's Mint Hair

Suga knows how to steal the show. He donned this look in the music video for "DNA" and it did not disappoint.

Fans are still waiting for him to go mint hair again because obviously he really owned the colour.

7. Jungkook's Blonde Undercut

Jungkook really surprised by his blonde undercut which suited him perfectly. He definitely did not come to play with this hairstyle.

Jungkook debuted with this hair on MTV Unplugged when they performed Dynamite.  

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8. Jin's Fire-Blonde Hair

You say the best blonde hair Army's say Jin's Fire era hair. Jin really rocked the blonde hair, especially in the music video of Fire.

Jin with a simple pink t-shirt with sweaty blonde hair with a burning car behind him. YASS! that is it.

9. RM's Pink Hair

The most dramatic hair transformations in the butter era appear to belong to RM.

Despite saying he wouldn't go back to pink late last year, RM once again sported a cotton candy pink wash in his hair.

He tweeted some photos of himself and his dog, casually showing off the pink hair look.

10. Jimin's Rainbow Hair

One of the most exceptional colours ever seen in the history of hair colours was Jimin's rainbow hair during the butter era.

Despite being a unique colour, Jimin definitely pulled it off and managed to make the whole fandom go wild.

And why not? He really made people try the colour since he was looking exceptionally beautiful.

11. V's Red Hair

When it comes to bold hair colour choices V definitely takes it to another level. V dyed his hair in red colour two times since BTS debut.

The first time, V's red hair was shown in the BTS Fire era. And the second time in MAMA Japan 2018.

When he dyed his hair red for the second time he really pulled it off effortlessly.

12. Jungkook's Purple Hair

Jungkook purple hair made a comeback for their 2nd English single Butter released on May 21, 2021.

His hair went viral on social media as soon as the concept photos of butter and mv were released. What made this hair colour even more special was his hairstyle.

13. J-Hope's Red Hair

Red colour? Everyone will reconsider at least having hair in a bright red colour. But this doesn't apply to J-Hope.

J-Hope's red hair is one of the most memorable hair colours of BTS. He tried red colour during the BTS DNA era and definitely pulled it off.

14. Suga's Blue Hair

Suga had blue hair in 2017 in Love Yourself: Her era. How can someone be delicate and chic at the same time? It is definitely Suga.

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