Which BTS Member's MBTI Type Is Closest To Yours?

BTS recently uploaded a video on youtube talking about MBTI Types, discussing memes, and even took the test again. So is the MBTI type the same? or has it changed?

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MBTI Types have been well known for a long time since it is a kind of fun test that helps people learn more about their own personalities.

Besides that, MBTI Types can also be used to help us find our ideal type of partner, as well.

BTS recently uploaded a video on YouTube talking about MBTI Types, discussing memes, and even took the test again.

So is the BTS MBTI type the same? or has it changed? Make sure to check your MBTI chemistry with BTS.

In this article, we delve into the world of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality types and explore which BTS member's type is most similar to your own.

From the outgoing and charismatic RM to the sensitive and introspective Suga, we examine the traits and tendencies of each member and how they align with different MBTI types.

What Is MBTI?

MBTI is the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator where based on the answers to some questions, people are identified as having one of 16 personality types.

The goal of the MBTI is to allow respondents to further explore and understand their own personalities, including their likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, possible career preferences, and compatibility with other people.

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  • ISTJ – The Inspector
  • ISTP – The Crafter
  • ISFJ – The Protector
  • ISFP – The Artist
  • INFJ – The Advocate
  • INFP – The Mediator
  • INTJ – The Architect
  • INTP – The Thinker
  • ESTP – The Persuader
  • ESTJ – The Director
  • ESFP – The Performer
  • ESFJ – The Caregiver
  • ENFP – The Champion
  • ENFJ – The Giver
  • ENTP – The Debater
  • ENTJ – The Commander

BTS Members MBTI Types

In 2017, BTS took the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test to determine which of the 16 personality types they fall into.

Since then, much has changed for BTS  MBTI results. But since they took the test again let's see the differences from the old results.

Here are their original  MBTI compatibility types and their new ones.


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When BTS first took the test, RM was an INFP (Mediator), and then when they again took the tests around muster he had the same personality type as V, ENFP (Campaigner).

The idol reaffirmed his reputation again as a true ENFP, also called the "champion" personality type, since his findings remained unaltered.

RM is enthusiastic, warm, imaginative, flexible, confident, and proactive, according to the exam.

The outcomes demonstrate RM's exceptional leadership talents as well as his artistic abilities.

ENFPs are also defined by their Intuitive, Feeling, and Prospecting personality traits, but they are Extroverted.

These charming, highly sociable free spirits love making connections with people.

Many are leaders who inspire people with their big ideas and originality.

Jin (INTP)

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Only 3% of people are INTP (Logician), and Jin was the next in line.

For the second time, like RM, he was identified as an INTP, or Thinker personality type.

Jin is calm, logical, focused, and adaptable, according to the MBTI results, but he may also be sceptical, analytical, and critical.

Jin's personality is reflected in the results, since he is both calm and imaginative, as seen by his contribution to In The Seom.

They don’t like being “ordinary”, and they pride themselves on being inventive.

INTPs are highly intellectual people who mix creativity with intelligence, so it’s no surprise that some of the most famous INTPs are philosophers and scientists.

Their minds are constantly buzzing with ideas as they move through life with optimism and rationality.

Suga (ISTP)

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The results of group member SUGA were the first to differ from the prior test.

He switched from INFP to ISTP, which is the artisan, which was a tiny shift.

The results define SUGA as generous, efficient, and versatile, which appears to be accurate. ISTPs are also believed to be keen observers.

ISTP (introverted, sensing, thinking, perceiving).

People with ISTP personalities enjoy having time to think alone and are fiercely independent.

J- Hope (INFJ)

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J-Hope's personality type was ESFJ (Consul), and it’s defined by Extroverted, Observant, Feeling, and Judging traits.

J-MBTI Hope's findings showed a significant shift.

J-Hope has always come across as an extrovert, but his latest test results reveal that he is an INFJ or Advocate.

The rapper's personality traits reveal that he is well-organized, intelligent, and has strong morals.

Overall, this result appears to accurately reflect the group's lead dancer.

Jimin (ENFJ)

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Jimin in the previous test was a Protagonist (ENFJ): Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging.

Jimin's MBTI results have remained the same as ENFJ, the Giver.

Jimin's attributes of being lively and spontaneous fit nicely with the outcomes as one of the group's younger members.

When it comes to his performances, Jimin, like his group mates, is generous and realistic.

ENFJs are as warm and loving as they are strong-minded, and they’re known for being charismatic.

These confident, passionate leaders only make up 2% of the population.

They enjoy guiding other people toward becoming better versions of themselves, and they are very aware of their own feelings.

Authenticity, altruism, and compassion are all signature ENFJ traits.


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BTS' V has seen a significant change in his MBTI since the end of 2021.

His prior findings had him labelled as an ENFP, while his 2022 results have him classed as an INFP.

Idealistic, inquiring, flexible, and adaptable are traits associated with this personality type.

The INFP personality type is often described as an "idealist" or "mediator" personality.

People with this kind of personality tend to be introverted, idealistic, creative, and driven by high values.

INFPs also have strong interests in making the world a better place.

Jungkook (INTP)

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As of October 2020, Jungkook MBTI Personality was an ISFP (Adventurer).

ISFP personalities are defined by their Introverted, Observant, Feeling, and Prospecting personality traits.

ISFPs are spontaneous, vivacious artists, who love to do their own thing and refuse to be held back.

Jungkook, the group's maknae, has also changed his MBTI, and he is now an INTP or the Thinker.

Even in stressful situations, Jungkook, although the youngest, is focused, calm, and reasonable. Looks like Jin raised another version of him.

That's all for our MBTI chemistry with BTS.

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