BTS "In The Soop" Season 2 Returns This October.

Well, one of the best things given by BTS is back this October!!!!

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BTS posing on the sets of In The Soop
BTS In The Soop 

BTS is heading back to the forest again in another season of their hit series "In The Soop". BTS released a brand new series of "In The Soop" back on 19 August 2020.

Following their successful release last year, the global superstars announced that season 2 will premiere later this October.

What Is "In The Soop" about?

"In the Soop" was a "healing" series that features the group enjoying a relaxing time and doing whatever they never got a chance to do before. The label asked the BTS Members: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook to inform the label of what is that they always wanted to do. The group enjoyed a relaxing time painting, fishing, cooking, and kayaking.

Fans were already expecting this news after the official account of "In The Soop" took to Twitter and Instagram to post a very cute animation which would have been okay if it did not have the BTS logo on it. As soon as ARMY's discovered it, Twitter was taken over by ARMY who were suspecting a season 2 for "In The Soop". Well, it looks like they were right all along.

Just like other BTS' shows such as "RUN BTS" or "Bon Voyage", "In the Soop" left a deep place in the fandom. Still, fans have to wait for another month till the premiere of season 2.  

Till then you can binge-watch "In the Soop" season 1 on Weverse( with membership) and on Dramacool for free.

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