BTS: Iconic PTD Concert Hairstyles That Army's Were Swooning Over

What made these concerts even more special was their new looks. Army's were swooning over Yoongi's ginger hair, Jin's cute hair clips, and many more.

BTS performing on a yellow couch
BTS PTD Concert 

PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE is BTS's fourth global concert tour to promote their Dynamite Trilogy series, which includes their first English single album "Butter."

The tour kicked off with an online-only concert on October 24, 2021, followed by four offline and online shows in Los Angeles. March shows have been announced for Seoul.

BTS really gave their fans the best performances. But what made these concerts even more special was their new looks.

Army's were swooning over Yoongi's ginger hair, Jin's cute hair clips, and many more.

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Here are the iconic hairstyles from BTS's PTD on-stage concert.


For the online concert, RM had an undercut with black hair. RM's whole outfit matched so well with his hairstyle that he became the show's stopper.

The chain accompanied the outfit perfectly.

For the offline concert, RM had slight red hair which made him look even hotter than ever.

Every Army still can't get over how buffy and good he looked at the concert.

And not to mention the atmosphere he created with his vibe, made the concert even better.  


Jin gave one of the cutest hairstyles ever.

For the online concert, Jin had black hair. He had a green bow tied to his hair which made him look even cuter.

For the offline concert, Jin gave new looks each day. One day he had a little RJ on his head and the other day he had the squid game's doll pigtails.

Jin's Flower Look 

For the first day, Jin came up with this flower look which made him look very elegant in every possible way.

The squid game doll

On the second day, Jin came up with the squid game doll's hairstyle and Army's hoping to see him in the squid game season 2.

Well! It's a wish from Army's side nothing has been confirmed for now.

Jin's hair buns

On the third day, Jin came up with two cute hair buns and he is the most adorable creature on this planet.

Jin's RJ look

For the fourth day, Jin came up with his all-time favourite look. Jin's love for RJ is nothing new.

He really loves his BT21 character and it makes sense. Don't we all love it? Jin came up with the RJ look for the fourth and final day.


For the online concert, Suga had grey hair with an undercut. Whoever decided to give Suga an undercut deserves a raise because why not?

Suga is known for rocking undercuts and he really served looks.

Suga's Ginger Hair 

For the offline concert, Suga really left Army swooning over this "Ginger Yoongi". Suga had this ginger hair colour for the online concert.

The way Suga carried this hairstyle was a whole vibe and we would definitely like to see this again.


PTD Online Concert 

For both online and offline concerts, J-Hope had black hair. Black Bangtan is very underrated.

Black has its own charm and J-Hope really rocked the Black Hair colour. Yes! We live for this Hoseok.  

PTD Offline Concert 


Jimin in the PTD LA concert in black clothes and mullet
Jimin's Black Mullet 

For the online concert, Jimin had black mullet hair. The mullet yes the mullet.

For the offline concert, Jimin had black hair with silver highlights.

Jimin had these same highlights for the Billboard Music Awards and Late Late Show With James Corden.

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PTD Online Concert 

Even V had black hair for both offline and online concerts. Yet another day for BTS to rock black as it is.

V also gave us Squid game looks and if he would've been in the Squid games Web Series, every Army would've easily signed up for the game.

Squid Game Cosplay Taehyung 


Jungkook Mint Hair 

For the online concert, Jungkook made us nostalgic with his mint hair. He gave us HYYH Suga vibes and we live for it.

Jungkook Offline Concert 

For the offline concert, Jungkook had black hair and as always he never failed to amaze us.

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