BTS: How Many Armys Do We Have In Hollywood?

It is no lie that BTS has the biggest fandom in the world. so, Here is a look at some musicians who have expressed their admiration for the world's biggest talents.

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One of the most well-known bands in the world is BTS. The K-pop stars have captivated music lovers with their talents, earning them multiple Guinness World Records, two Grammy nominations, and nearly 20 songs on the Billboard Hot 100.

As a result, BTS ARMY, which stands for "Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth", has grown to include both ordinary people and famous people.

Although some singers, including Chris Martin of Coldplay and Megan Thee Stallion, have made it obvious that they support BTS, other well-known admirers and ARMY members feel the same way.

Here is a look at some musicians who have expressed their admiration for the world's biggest talents.

1. Steve Aoki

BTS and Steve Aoki collaborated on two separate tracks, "Mic Drop" from 2017 and "Waste It on Me" from 2018.

The septet received nothing but praise from the DJ, who noted that it has been incredible to watch them mature over time.

At the 2019 Brit Awards, he told Metro, "That's the nicest part, to root for your boys and then you watch them conquer abroad". Then you understand they are more significant than music.

It's cultural; it has great significance for Asians everywhere. They now feel they can make a difference because they are the role models for all these Asian children.

I think of them as being much more than just the music they create. It makes me happy and proud to work with them.

2. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez responded to queries from fans who wanted to know if she is a fan of the K-pop singers during a February 2021 Instagram Live. I love BTS," she gushed.

3. Max

MAX claimed that while creating their 2020 duet "Blueberry Eyes," he and rapper Suga bonded. In 2020, right before the pandemic, they even went to a Los Angeles Lakers game together.

According to the musician and former Nickelodeon star in an interview with Variety in October 2020,

"We really got to sit there together and bond one-on-one, which, if there were more people in the room, who knows? Perhaps it wouldn't have been the same. I had anticipated it to be a brief picture and discussion about our music, but we both jumped right in. We share a love of Korean barbeque, basketball, cuisine, and music; it was as if I had just reconnected with an old buddy from a long time ago."

3. Lizzo

Lizzo first encountered BTS music in 2019 while participating in a game of "Jam or Not a Jam" with CBC Music.

The "Rumors" singer joked that the septet's song might make her conceive before adding,

"If I could cooperate with BTS, I mean, that sounds great! Without engaging in sexual activity with each of them, I doubt I could get through the recording session."

The "Rumors" singer later showed her support for V and Jimin by creating a freestyle about their friendship, which she shared on Twitter on September 15.

Say I love you, you love me/ BFFs like VMIN, G, I love you, you love me, just as Jimin likes some V/ Gooey like that butter B/ Gooey like that butter B/ On September 28, she also made an appearance on BBC's Live Lounge where she performed a cover of "Butter" while donning a bejeweled "VMIN" top.

4. Lauv

Long before they ever met, Lauv was a fan of BTS, who covered his songs on their social media channels.

So when Lauv had the chance to attend BTS perform at Wembley Stadium in 2019, they first connected and later worked together on the remix of "Make It Right."

"I was freaked out when I saw that they had tweeted about and used my tunes in videos. In a Wild 94.9 interview from October 2019, he said, "And then I went to their show at Wembley Stadium in London and I met them for the first time.
After that, they said, "We should make a remix of 'Make It Right,' and you should do it...'" Are you kidding me, I said. That's nuts, man.

5. Laura Marano

Before the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, Laura Marano got to hang out with BTS. She tweeted a GIF of herself dancing with the fellas backstage. She tweeted, "Today Lowkey became the 8th member of @BTS twt."

6. Justin Bieber

For his September 2020 narration, Justin Bieber practised his voice-over techniques for E! News, raving about BTS' achievements in recent years.

BTS is the group that, according to Justin Bieber's voiceover, "knows how to make history".

The K-pop group has been breaking records in the international music business. They entertained at this year's virtual VMAs in addition to ringing in the new year in Times Square and singing along with James Corden in a carpool.

7. Jade Thirlwall

When playing the song "Make It Right" from BTS' 2019 album MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA during Little Mix's Superstar Playlist takeover of BBC Radio 1 in December 2019, Jade Thirlwall acknowledged that she was "a bit" of a fan.

"I'm really addicted to this music... I think that's the album I like the best," she said.

8. Halsey

Two years after meeting BTS for the first time in 2017 and declaring them to be "the coolest", the singer joined the K-pop group as a full-fledged ARMY member, working with them on their smash-hit single "Boy With Luv" in 2019 and joking that her "baby is ARMY" in 2021 while expecting.

Due to the epidemic, Halsey and BTS are unable to hang out, but the pop sensation said to Cosmopolitan in 2020 that she still keeps in touch with the K-pop stars and that they are still a part of her life.

We applaud each other when significant events occur for the two of us, they stated. "We're eagerly anticipating our next opportunity to hang out... I would collaborate with them a million times over.

9. Ed Sheeran

BTS and Ed Sheeran collaborated on the songs "Make It Right" and "Permission to Dance" twice.

"I really composed a tune that I believe they are playing around with. I recently heard this. I'm not sure. However, I think BTS are fantastic, as I truly adore them," Sheeran stated to Heatworld in 2018.

The "Shivers" singer and BTS haven't actually hung out together despite working together on the two songs, according to RM, who appeared with the group on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in July 2021.

10. DNCE

When a fan enquired about a potential collaboration between the two groups on a song, DNCE admitted that they are a part of the BTS Army.

The group retorted, "We LOVE @BTS twt." "We'd team up with them at any time."

11. Chris Martin

In October 2021, "My Universe" by Coldplay and BTS debuted at the top of the Billboard Hot 100. Chris Martin expressed his "gratefulness" for the chance to work with the septet after the song's debut.

"It's been such a joy, and we love them, too... It just feels so fantastic once we actually talk or do music together," Martin said to Apple Music 1. I sincerely and openly feel grateful for the song, the individual who served as its inspiration, and the group of people we sing it with.

In the 2021 Coldplay X BTS Inside 'My Universe' Documentary, the Coldplay leader also lauded the music of the K-pop group, adding,

I appreciate a lot of BTS' music, because first of all, it has fantastic production, and frequently quite strange structures and different melodies from the ones I hear... A song like "MIC Drop", for example. There is no way we could ever accomplish it. Therefore, I respect it because it requires a unique ability.

12. Charlie Puth

In March 2017, Charlie Puth and BTS exchanged tweets expressing their mutual respect for one another, with Puth writing, "I really appreciate BTS's music," and BTS replying, "We really adore Charlie Puth's music".

The K-pop trio collaborated with Puth to perform the song live at the 2018 MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards in South Korea after releasing an enhanced "Pt.2" version of the song featuring Jimin and Jungkook's vocals in June 2017.

13. Camila Cabello

BTS are "very talented and cool", according to singer Camila Cabello, who added to Teen Vogue in 2017 that "a lot of my fans are also their fans. In this particular interview, "Havana" was also discussed!

They worked really hard on their choreography and performance. And it's obvious they put in a lot of effort, which is something I greatly respect.

14. Ariana Grande

After watching a video of RM on the red carpet at the 2020 Grammy Awards, Ariana Grande gushed about the K-pop stars on Twitter. "Honestly…… It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen to watch them practice for something. I am not joking. I screamed."

In a tweet from January 2020, she stated, "I couldn't stop talking about it/still can't." (At the aforementioned rehearsal, Grande took a photo with BTS and shared it on Instagram.)

The mutual feeling exists. At the 2020 Grammys, RM said to Billboard, "We always want to cooperate with Ariana, she's the best and the one right now... Please join us in this, Ari!" (The partnership has not yet taken place as of 2022, though ARMY continues to advocate for it.)

15. Taylor Swift

Backstage at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, Taylor Swift and BTS had the opportunity to meet. After a brief talk, they posed for a picture. Swift later shared the picture on Instagram with the caption, "BTS... Wonderful to meet you! You are crushing it!

Swift began gushing about the group on Tumblr in August 2019 after a fan shared a screenshot of Jin's Spotify playlist, which featured the Lover songs "ME!" and "You Need To Calm Down". "Ok, but not at how BTS members continue to stan Taylor," the post in question stated.

Later, Swift reposted the article and added the words "LOVE THEM SO MUCH" along with heart and sobbing emojis.

16. Charli XCX

Like Marano, Charli XCX made light of the fact that she will join BTS as the eighth member. The singer captioned two pictures of herself with the septet in August 2017 with the phrase "First day as the newest member of @BTS twt". I adore you guys.

17. Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion and BTS worked together on the remix of "Butter", which was released in August 2021, but they didn't actually get to meet until much later.

The two ultimately got to meet in New York City in September 2021, where they posed for photos.

Later, a video of their meeting was made public, and Megan recounted fangirling when her manager informed her that BTS were aware of her.

"I had previously informed my manager. I had said, "I want to record a song with BTS", and when the opportunity arose, I thought, "They know me?" I was very happy, she stated in a video of their meeting in New York City.

Megan abruptly backed out of their joint appearance at the 2021 American Music Awards, but BTS offered her to rap on the "Butter" remix at the group's Permission to Dance - LA performances in November.

18. Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes stated that he adores BTS and would be willing to collaborate on a song with them, but that he has not yet had the opportunity to do so due to scheduling difficulties.

They have busy schedules. I don't yet have the lyrics of their song together. It will occur. Promise.

We haven't yet hung out and written a song, so I can't tell you a date, but it will happen. Because I adore them and, I believe, do their supporters. So I promise," he remarked in a Kiss 92.5 interview from June 2018.

19. Anderson Paak

On June 13, the singer-drummer of Silk Sonic participated in the live performance of BTS' "Yet to Come".

He revealed to RM after the 'Proof Live' performance that it was his kid who had first exposed him to the band's music and who had made him a fan.

I've been addicted and an ARMY ever since,". Paak proclaimed. Watch the interview and performance.

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