BTS's Proof: "For Youth" Song Review

For Youth is the newest BTS track that will leave you in tears. The lyrics feel like a love song to their beloved fans "ARMY". Read the full article to know more.

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BTS's Proof: "For Youth" Song Review
For Youth (A love letter for Army)

As BTS introduces new music to the globe, the best day of 2022 has arrived. The Grammy-nominated music group's recent album Proof has ARMY weeping as they reminisce over Bangtan's heritage while also enjoying the group's new equally gorgeous offerings.

For Youth is the newest BTS track that will leave you in tears. The song's heartfelt lyrics and exquisite vocals, mixed with Kim Taehyung's commitment to fans to stay together forever at the end, make it the best love letter BTS has ever written.

BTS' Proof album's song For Youth is included on CD3, along with a heartwarming greeting to fans at the conclusion.

The slow-paced song, which has beautiful vocals, begins with ARMY, not BTS, as the fandom sings, "Forever, we are young."

If your eyes are already welling up with tears, just wait till Jungkook, Jin, and V confess:

"If I Never Met You/ Oh! What Am I Like, Baby/ Those Words That Have Become A Habit/ (It's So True)/ Every Time I Miss You (Miss You)/"
"When I Opened My Eyes 10 Years Ago, I Was Watching Around Nonhyeon-Dong/ I Cried So Easily When You Laugh/ When I Just Looked Back After Many Seasons/ You Always Hеre With Us Together/ And Every Second Was Forever, Oh,"

V, Jin, and Jimin sing as they reflect on the previous decade.

With the second verse, RM sends shivers down your spine.

"Mind's Unmeasurable/ Mind's Unmeasurable/ Mind's Unmeasurable/ Mind's Unmeasurable/ Mind's Unmeasurable When Your Head Hits The Pillow/ My Life Was Slipping Now You Are Here/ I Didn't Want To Wake Up Tonight (Wake Up)/ I Didn't Want To Wake Up Tonight (Wake Up)/ I Didn't Want To Wake Up Tonight (This Is My First Home/ I'll be back whenever you want/ "Don't worry, baby/ This road we're on/ Everything will work out."
"One, Two, Three, Our Sun, Can't Forget Every Moment, Oh!" J-hope and Suga tell supporters. I Was Like Myself On My Spring Day, Thanks To The Flower Who Took Responsibility, Your Countless Words That Comforted Me."

With shatteringly beautiful vocals, V ends the song with a heart-warming promise to ARMY: “I’ll Be With You/ For The Rest Of My Life/ Oh! Oh!/ Rest Of My Life.”

This song feels like an open love letter to ARMYs. BTS's relationship with ARMYs is very pure and strong. ARMYs have always supported Bangtan through thick and thin and will do so till the end. You can listen to the song below.

For Youth 

BTS is a shining example of commitment. They used to hand out their concert flyers and invite people to come to see them perform for free.

They even push the 'Love Yourself' motto. BTS started the 'Love Yourself' campaign with UNICEF because they think that true love begins when you learn to love yourself (United Nations). They are the first band who were invited to the White House to have a discussion with President Joe Biden for Anti-Asian Hate.

They are the first Korean delegation to be invited to speak at the United Nations. BTS even surpassed The Beatles' previous record.

With Anthology 1, Anthology 2, and Anthology 3, The Beatles set their twenty-two-year-old Billboard record of three number one albums.

With Map Of The Soul: The Beginning, BTS shattered the Beatles' record in less than 11 months. Persona, Love Yourself: Tear, and Love Yourself: Answer are three different ways to love yourself.

BTS also serves as a brand ambassador for a number of international corporations, including Hyundai, Samsung, and Louis Vuitton. They also launched the BTS lunch in cooperation with the world-famous burger chain Mc Donalds.

Groups like BTS are crucial in today's environment because they consistently spread positivity and raise awareness about issues such as mental health, depression, self-growth, and, most importantly, following one's aspirations.

BTS is a source of inspiration for many people. Many ARMY members have stated that BTS has made a significant difference in their lives.

BTS has never given up on their ambitions. They also educate their Armys to never give up.

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