BTS: Did Permission To Dance Break Records of Butter?

Did Permission To Dance break records? Did Permission To Dance break record of Butter?

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BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan has taken the world by storm by releasing Permission To Dance on 9 July 2021 on ARMY Day. Did Permission To Dance break any records? Permission to Dance gives us hope and assurance that the pandemic will soon be over. Haters can hate the song, but the world needs the positivity right now, and It’s BTS who are giving that to us Fans all around the world.  Permission To Dance had more than 10 million views in the first hour of the song’s premiere.  Fans are excited and are streaming hard to break records of Butter. Did Permission To Dance Break records of Butter? BTS has set the standards so high, even ARMYs have trouble breaking their own records. BTS RM, Jin, Suga, Jhope, Jimin, V and Jungkook are back to entertain fans with Permission To Dance.

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Permission To Dance has over 100 Million views on Youtube in 48 hours. BTS Permission To Dance is now the second most Kpop Music Video to receive 1 million likes in less than an hour after Butter. In less than 14 minutes BTS Permission To Dance surpassed 1 million likes. Currently, the song has 11 million likes and 49 K dislikes. The 7 member Kpop band were seen in the music video what looked like a post-pandemic era. Fans are hoping the pandemic to be over soon, so the band can resume world tours. Fans have been waiting for BTS to tour all the global destinations! Let’s hope the wishes come true in 2021-22.

The 8th ARMY anniversary couldn’t be any more precious. After Life Goes On, Stay Gold, Dynamite, Butter and now Permission To Dance, BTS is spreading hope and positivity through their music. Permission To Dance is the 3rd English language song and fans are loving it. The song had diversity and inclusion as a concept and what can we say; BTS never stops to amaze us.  All the recent songs after the pandemic started to focus on positivity and coping during tough times. BTS gave fans a strong message through their songs and it feels like the Kpop band is encouraging and consoling the fans through their music.

Permission To Dance has a happy and comforting vibe. The diversity and inclusive concept where people from every section of society unite against the pandemic and stay strong is heartwarming and touching. Maybe, the multinational companies and the HRM should take notes from BTS!

2021 is all about BTS. BTS has a clean sweep in BBMAS 2021 where they were nominated in 4 categories. BTS won all 4 awards in BBMAS 2021. Butter had 108.2 million views in the first 24 hours and broke the previous record set by Dynamite.  Permission To Dance is a song we can enjoy and the concept used by BTS is once again phenomenal. Ed Sheeran has co-written the song Permission To Dance with BTS!  Permission To Dance reached #3 in charts in Apple Music charts globally! The song topped the iTunes chart in over 92 countries after the song was released.

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Permission To Dance ranks #3 globally in the Spotify stream with  6,213,782 plays. Even though Butter feels special and more pleasant than Permission To Dance, both the songs have one thing in common; it’s gonna be alright and soon our lives will be back on track. It was surprising that BTS used sign language in Permission To Dance and made the song even more special for everyone. BTS really thought about all the fans from different spectrums of society. A huge shoutout for Permission To Dance and let’s celebrate the feeling of calm and happiness with BTS. ARMYS and BTS Borahae! Enjoy Permission To Dance in YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and other music streaming sites! Don’t forget to stream Permission To Dance!