BTS Collaborates With McDonalds And As Global Ambassadors For Louis Vuitton

The global K-pop Icons and Grammy nominated group BTS recently partnered with McDonalds.Along with this, BTS are the new global brand ambassadors for Louis Vuitton. Lets find out more about the new step in the life of BTS.

V eating the chicken nugget at the end of the ad.

The global K-pop icons and Grammy nominated group BTS recently partnered with McDonalds. In this collaboration, BTS launched the ‘BTS meal’. The rollout of this new collaboration is available across 50 countries and includes India in the list where this special meal will be available.

BTS is a big fan of McDonalds. Food has been one thing that has always given them pleasure. Especially the eldest member, Jin, who is the biggest foodie among the seven boys. He even used to go live while eating food naming the live series as ‘Eat Jin’.

But What Does This Special Meal Include?

The purple box along with borahae cups
BTS Meal

The all special BTS meal includes, 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, Medium Fries, Medium Coca-Cola with Korean Sweet Chilli and Cajun dipping. The idea of adding these dipping was inspired by the popular recipes of South Korea’s McDonalds.

How Is This Meal Different From The Other Meals?

Well, the answer to this question is the packaging. The color purple is very significant to BTS, as well as, BTS ARMY’s. The band even has a phrase called ‘Borahae’ which means ‘I Purple You’. Over the years, it gradually became a meaningful phrase for ARMY’s and BTS. Purple is the last colour of rainbow. The colour purple for BTS and ARMY means that, 'I will trust and love you for a long time’. The special BTS meal packaging is different from the normal McDonalds packaging.

Cajun sauce and sweet chilli sauce
The Official BTS Meal

Instead of being red, the BTS meal has a purple packaging. As the BTS meal has already been launched in several countries, we’ve had a look at the packaging. Let’s hope we get the same one in India, as it's beautiful and meaningful.

The official chart from Mc donalds
Countries where the special BTS Meal Is Available

So Indian ARMY's get ready for June 1 as it is a short period meal. BTS meal will be available on every store in every Country.

BTS: Global Ambassadors For Louis Vuitton

Along with this, BTS are the new global brand ambassadors for Louis Vuitton. The group were always a big fan of Virgil Abloh, the American Designer and Artistic director of Louis Vitton’s menswear collection since 2018. In an interview with Apple Music, J-Hope even mentioned that for them fashion is as important as music. It plays a very important role in their life, so they’re very happy to be the brand ambassador for such a prestigious and well appreciated brand. In another interview RM mentioned that it was great that they got an opportunity to work with him. Their collaboration took place online due to covid restrictions. They talked back and forth and now we have BTS, the biggest group on the planet as global ambassadors for Louis Vuitton.

Weverse official photo
BTS Global Ambassadors For Louis Vuitton 

Since all seven members have seven unique styles and apart from their beautiful voices and soulful songs, they are known for their fashion. Both the collaboration and most importantly, all the records BTS have broken and are still breaking through their beautiful music and positive influence, further reiterates their importance in today's world.

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