BTS Butter Breaks Their Own Record Of Dynamite With 113 Million Views!!!!

BTS Butter Breaks Their Own Record Of Dynamite With 113 Million Views!!!!

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BTS, the popular South Korean Band is back with another catchy and amazing brand new single Butter. Butter was released on 21st May 2021 at 1 PM Korean Standard Time on YouTube. The new single Butter broke all the records. BTS Butter becomes the fastest music video to get 11.04 Million views in just 13 minutes on YouTube. Butter  Broke the record of Dynamite which had 7.78 Million.

How many views does BTS Butter have in 24 hours?

The K-pop Band BTS set a new record with Butter with 113 Million views in 24 hours. Previously, they had the record under the belt with Dynamite. Butter also had the biggest live audience of 3.89 million views while the song was launched. BTS holds the #1 & #2 spot for the biggest Premieres in YouTube till 2021.  Butter became the fastest MV in YouTube history to reach 30 Million Views in 2 hours & 20 minutes, released by BigHit official. BigHit is now HYBE labels. Currently, Butter is trending in #1 in many countries and has reached 141,515,736 views with 13 Million likes on YouTube. They have broken all the records of Dynamite.

As BTS comebacks with new single singles, ARMY breaks all the records. New memes are circulating how ARMYs will have to break their own record in the next comeback. So, the question arises, if you’re still unaware of who BTS is, maybe now’s a good time to find out!

Who is/are BTS?

The popular South Korean Boy band BTS or Bulletproof Boy Scout is also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan. BTS consists of 7 members Kim Nam Joon, Kim Seok Jin, Min Yoon Gi, Jung Ho Seok, Park Jimin, Kim Tae Hyung, and Jeon Jungkook. BTS debuted on 13th June 2013 and ever since then, they have continued to dominate the world. The journey was not easy but the Fans – ARMYS & BTS together have made it possible. They proved that Teamwork is the Dreamwork.

BTS – World Wide Popularity

BTS is immensely popular to portray strong messages to society and influence change positively. They have partnered with United Nations to end Violence. BTS was invited to deliver a speech twice in the UN which is a big feat in itself. BTS has over 100 awards which is another reason why they are so famous. Their hard work, dedication, positive message through music is touched fans globally. BTS has proved that the language barrier means nothing through their strong and motivational music.

Stream BTS Butter !!!

ARMYs let’s do it!!! Hope BTS continues to breaks records and give us more new concepts. BTS Butter is the second English Single. BTS songs are in Korean, and even though not in English, the band is extremely popular in over 120 countries, The band as a group and Individual members have a huge number of achievements under their belt. Fans around the world are crazily streaming, and if you’re a fan- ARMY stream till your heart’s content. Let’s hope Butter reaches 200 million in 48 hours. BTS is the only group to have 541 nominations and 363 awards. Kim Nam Joon is the leader of BTS. They have received Billboard Music awards from 2017-2020. BTS also were nominated for Grammys twice in different categories! ARMYs around the world Fighting!!! Let’s stream and reach 200 Million views in 48 hours! You can stream Butter on YouTube, Spotify & Shazam.

Watch Butter on YouTube! Happy Streaming!