BTS And Megan Fans Unites To Raise Over $100,000 For Charity

Yes, this is why the BTS Fandom is the most considerate fandom ever!!!

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BTS And Megan Fans Unites To Raise Over $100,000 For Charity

The world's biggest group BTS's fanbase, Army, is known for many things such as supporting the group and the donations they make. A recent one being the “Covid Relief India by BTS Army”. The fans of the group raised over £20,000 in less than 24 hours to help India combat its second wave of coronavirus. Now, it looks like Army’s are all for BTS and Megan Thee Stallion this time.

The ARMY Fund Project 

Megan Thee Stallion is signed to label 1501 Certified Entertainment, which has a history of exploiting their artists to rip off all profits from the artist ultimately leading to the artist being mistreated and underpaid. In 2020, 1501 tried to stop the release of Megan's album 'Suga' and this was taken to court where Megan got a TRO (temporary restriction order) against 1501. 'Suga' went on to become her second highest-selling album contrary to 1501's belief.

Following that, in June, BTS's team reached out to Megan to make a deal for a no-fee feature. In a no-fee feature, both artists feature on each other's track and the royalties from the feature go to the artist rather than the label. After the initial contact via email, Megan agreed to the feature and sent her part by July and the track was set to release on August 27 but her label suddenly backed out stating that the label CEO Carl Crawford and partner J. Prince held their approval of the track and tried to stop the release of the remix with vague reasoning that it won't be beneficial for her career.

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The real reason on the other hand is assumed to be that the label doesn't want to let Megan release something that doesn't profit them but only her since in an attempt to settle 1501 asked for a fee of $100k to let the remix be released.

Source: TMZ 

Ultimately, these terms being clearly anti-artist, 1501 was not paid $100k rather Megan took the issue to court filing for an emergency TRO wherein a two-hour hearing the court ruled in her favour. All this did cause a delay in the release process but the remix was still released as scheduled.

Source: TMZ

Since Megan has a TRO against 1501 and 1501 claimed that the remix was harmful to her career while Megan believes that it will help her reach a more global audience, she had to pay $110k upfront to the court in form of a TRO bond. According to its terms, if the remix which was released on August 27, does not bring in as much revenue to her as promised, the $110k go to the label as compensation for the loss. Apart from this, it could also have a negative effect on Megan's TRO against 1501.

Source: TMZ

Following the odd way in which both Army (BTS fanbase) and the Hotties (Megan's fanbase), there was a lot of disappointment on Twitter and the Army planned to raise $100k dollars in a way to avenge the mistreatment Megan went through and still goes through and along with that donating to a valuable charity. The fundraising officially began under the name of #TheeARMYFund, the goal of raising $100k dollars was met in a single day after Armys announced it and the Hotties joined in to support Megan and BTS. The donations will be split between 'Woman for Afgan Women', 'Black Women for Wellness' and 'Houstan Food Bank'.

Megan showed his gratitude towards this step taken by Army's and Hotties. 

The remix was released on August 27 at 1 PM KST and has since bagged #1 on iTunes in 80+ countries with an all-kill in Latin America and recorded over 17 million views on the visualiser video in the first 24 hours.

TheeARMYFundcurrently has raised over $113,000 and will remain open 'as long as it is possible.

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