Boku No Pico: Why you shouldn't watch this anime?

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Boku No Pico is a critically acclaimed anime series(OVA) that has won awards. Surprisingly this doesn’t go well with Anime and Manga fans.

Boku No Pico is an OVA series that is produced by the Madhouse Studio.

The studio is responsible for producing many great shows which include Death Note, Hellsing Ultimate, etc.

There are many manga and anime which are very hyped and they deliver up to their reputation.

But sometimes there are exceptional cases too, and Boku No Pico is such an example of overrated anime series.

The writer of this series is Hiromu Arakawa who also has written Fullmetal Alchemist.

This series is directed by Nakamura Kenji the one who also directed Big O, Serial Experiments Lain kind of shows.

Boku No Pico comprises of three episodes, I have no clue how the writer has linked these three together.

At one moment there is a certain character in the series and in the next moment, the character vanishes..

The plot of this story is very poorly written and the story is about three little boys getting intimate and having a physical relationship.

Yes, it’s bad, It also includes a manga chapter.

The official game of Boku No Pico is on the way to release it was announced quite a long time ago.

The series also has highly acclaimed music by the singer Yoko Kanno, which is quite popular in Japan.

Boku No Pico involves quite a high production cost due to which characters were product tested quite a lot.

The show tries to explore many philosophical contents like existentialism, loneliness, and the struggle which every human faces in once a while in adjusting in the changing world.

But this show only tries but in reality, it doesn’t deliver so.

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In Boku No Pico, although all the sex is male/male, the tone is drastically different from yaoi anime, which is geared towards women.

Boku no Pico is probably at its most “male gaze”-y whenever the boys crossdress only to do something that shows off their winkies.

The anime series despite having a lot of flaws like unnecessary explicit scenes, low grades, and poor character development, is a bit light-hearted.

The ending is considered bittersweet by a lot of reviewers. The anime series takes a lot of examples fromAnglo-Spanishh wars andFranco-Prussiann Wars.

The setting of Boku No Pico is quite normal, the main character is working in a cafe with his grandfather and the setting of the series has taken an example from the critically acclaimed series “Sound of the Sky” which is definitely worth watching and is set a post-apocalyptic kind of world.

Is there any plot in Boku No Pico Plot?

Here arrives the plot of Boku No Pico which can be said to be the main weak point of this anime series.

From the starting, it can be observed that the series is rushed characters are unnecessarily added and removed as if nothing happened.

Like the thing that happened with Tamotsu. He is shown in the first episode but after that god knows where he went and how Pico is another child.

Pico is working in a cafe with his grandfather when suddenly one-day Tamotsu arrives after getting dissatisfied with the broken binoculars which were placed around the beach.

In the cafe, he met the grandfather of Pico who told him to become friends with Pico out of nowhere like he trust this guy a lot even if he had met him for the first time.

Pico went with Tamotsu for playing with him as he don’t have any friends.

Where he came to know that Tamotsu is actually the captain of a Private Military Company which works and plans to overthrow the current working government in power.

After that, he gets intimate with Tamotsu as they get drenched in rain.

So, in order to not take the relationship forward Pico trims his hair and ran away from the home.

Boku No Pico Icecream scene explanation

From the first episode, you will realize, this show is just ain’t normal.

Because in one of the earlier scenes in the first episode, Mokkun (the pedophile) gave some ice cream to Pico.

In the car, whilst Pico was seductively eating the ice cream as Mokkun was watching, it dripped on him which is resembling to something erotic.

In the next episode, no one knows what happened to Tamotsu and Pico meets another boy Chico near the river with whom he became friends easily and they both started to play with each other.

They also started to develop intimate and sexual relationships. Grandfather Pico doesn’t seem to be bothered by all this as it is completely normal.

Pico play with Chico quite a lot and they become friends. Chico’s Onesaan or his sister lives alone with Chico.

So, Pico and Chico often play with Chico’s sister's cosplay outfits and often spy on his sister.

In the final episode of Boku No Pico, they met a girl named Coco whom Pico saw last night who is the main female protagonist of this story.

As time went on the three of them starts to form a kind of relationship with each other.

She lives in a hidden base in the underground tunnel.

But after the incident, Coco began to distance herself from Pico and Chico but in the end, they all meet at Tokyo Tower with help of the power of friendship.

After this, a lot of twists and turns unnecessarily happen which makes this anime series very rushed and doesn’t make sense. The end of Boku No Pico is very bittersweet.

The main highlight of this whole series is the explicit series on which the writer put the most emphasis.

In one scene characters are seen talking and in the next, they are getting intimate. They are sitting normally and suddenly get nude.

This series is really a letdown.

Main Characters In Boku No Pico


He is the main character of this story after we found out that Tamotsu is not the main character.

He is new in this town and doesn’t have any friends. He works with his grandfather in the cafe. He is forced to wear a lot of embarrassing attire.

He ends up in a military conflict meanwhile he met with Tamotsu with whom he gets intimate and he gets to know that he is working as a captain of some Private Military Group trying to overthrow the government.

He is a very kind boy overall.


At first, he is considered to be the main character in Boku No Pico, as the story starts with him watching some beautiful scenery.

He is actually a captain of some sort of Private Military Group who is trying to overthrow the current government He came to this town to sign a contract with an employee in order to start the operation of overthrowing the government.

At first, he didn’t know that Pico was a boy he thought Pico is a girl due to his feminine features anyone cannot identify Pico as a male.

He gets intimate with Pico at one point and soon realizes that Pico is a boy after he got embarrassed but soon they both become good friends.

He is very good at both using guns and knives, he can slowly charge toward the enemy and ambush them.


He is the grandfather of Pico and often makes Pico wear embarrassing attires all the time. He runs a large bar kind of cafe that he named Bebe.

He is very careless and he doesn't mind sending Pico with a stranger.

When Tamotsu arrived at the cafe Pico’s Grandpa told him to make Pico his friend as he seems trustworthy after that he didn’t care where Pico went or why he had not returned back home.

Pico came to his grandpa during holidays and help his grandpa as a waiter.


He is the one who is very close to Pico. He has brown hair and is the one who provides some comic relief in Boku No Pico.

He lives with his sister in a secluded area in a large house.

The story gets weird when Pico suddenly starts to live Chico without his grandfather even knowing about this.

His grandfather doesn’t seem to be worried by the fact Pico has gone for quite a long time.

Well, Chico is quite a good character but he is younger than Pico and doesn’t do work properly. He can’t even lay the traps properly.

Chico’s Sister

Chico’s Sister is quite a good character in this series.

She was the one who took care of Chico until now but as gets sick now she is not able to do so.

Due to which there is shortage of money.

So, in order to obtain money as Chico’s Sister is very sick to do any sort of work Chico decided to Join Mokkun’s Private Military Company, which will pay him a good amount of money.

After which he can properly treat his sister. As she is his only family member that is left in this tough times.

Coco Hekmatyar

She is the daughter of a global shipping magnate. Coco’s personality is quite cheerful and always remains happy.

She is the one who is in charge of delivering weapons to Makkun’s Private Military Company despite her being childish.

Character Development in Boku No Pico

Character Development is the least focused subject in Boku No Pico. As it is not shown whether Mokkun loves Pico or not.

Is he manipulating Pico or is Pico simply following him? Don’t know what happened with Mokkun’s character but he can’t be found after the sudden ending of the first chapter.

Pico too is shrouded in mystery with his grandpa as his grandpa made him wear embarrassing attire and after Pico left home he doesn’t seem to be caring.

Pico is a different character as he visits his grandpa to enjoy the summer holidays but after a while, he runs away for no reason, which is quite weird.

Flaws In Boku No Pico

If you cannot finish this anime series you cannot call yourself a man as it is shown as a test of your masculinity.

Boku No Pico is the ultimate test of masculinity. It is a hoo scotch of a lot of things.

If you like BL then you might enjoy it. Boku No Pico will check your masculinity from time to time and there are a lot of ejaculation-foreshadowing scenes involved in this series. Mind you, there is no scarcity of disturbing scenes.

Boku No Pico involves no romanticism considering what the whole series is about.

There is Makkan having sex with an underage boy whom he misunderstood as a girl. I feel the writer wanted Boku No Pico to be Super unique but failed miserably.

This is simply torture. The only good thing about Boku No Pico is the sound effects, You can hear and feel the sexy sound in a very detailed manner.

I felt that there was no romance but serious lust in the series. There is not a single rose used in this anime series to confess love or have romance.

What is there is simply getting intimate with each other and after that story suddenly moves forward don’t know what happened and again this torture starts.

Pico is even made to wear girlish clothes at first but he began to enjoy wearing this attire. In every episode, Pico can be seen wearing girlish attire.

Which is very weird as at first he finds it quite embarrassing but now he suddenly began to enjoy it out of nowhere.

There are a lot of underage explicit scenes which are very hard to digest and on top of that, these intimate scenes are shown very normally.

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