Blood Of Zeus Characters Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

A perfect series for someone who is interested in Greek Mythology as this whole series is set in the world of Greek Mythology. The series is about Heron, son of Zeus who is seen to be trying hard to save Olympus and Earth.

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Blood of Zeus is an American adult anime series which is created and written by Charley and Vlas Parlapanides and is streaming on Netflix. A perfect series for someone who is interested in Greek Mythology as this whole series is set in the world of Greek Mythology.

The series is about Heron, son of Zeus who is seen to be trying hard to save Olympus and Earth. This series has a lot of important characters but that doesn't mean they all are equally strong! Let's dive into the article to see who all are gonna be on this list.

10. Hephaestus


Can we all thank him and his blazing mold, because of him every warrior in the team of Zeus was strong enough to beat anyone that came their way? The very noticed thing in the anime is that every character in this anime is shown to have a fundamental tool that makes them more powerful.

Hephaestus is shown to be kind and respectful. He hides in the background of the whole story while supporting his friend with weapons crafted by himself for the battle. As you all are aware of the fact that having a weapon crafter on your side would do wonders.

9. Ares


Ares is one of the Greek gods.  He is the son of Zeus and Hera. He was an antagonist in the first season of the anime. He won viewers' hearts early in the show by giving Hera the evidence of Zeus' disloyalty. To be very honest, Hera's falling into madness is proof that he may have acted more in a selfish way than originally thought.

He had the advantage to move the war in whatever direction he wanted and also ensure that the war between the Greek gods lasted for a long time. Though it is still confusing to the viewers if he was truly helping Hera or was gaining power himself.

8. Artemis

Artemis with other characters

Goddess of the hunt. Can we say that she was shown very less in the anime series and still had the potential to attract viewers? Also, the only reason why Zeus reconsidered the position in front of Hera was because of her very cold eyes and glowing hands.

The main question that arises here is what does she hunt? Can we say she hunts virginity, the moon, childbirth, and everything related to this?

7. Athena

Athena wearing a gold crown

Look who is here. The Goddess of Wisdom, warfare, and strategy. Sadly even though she wasn't given the screen time she deserved to show off her ability, she was like a magnet in attracting the viewers.

Though there is not much shown about her in the series, people can assume her power easily by seeing how her strategy got Hera way too close to the Throne even though she seems equally disgusted by Zeus’s action. We can also say that she is someone who god and man is forced to respect.

6. Apollo

apollo relaxing with other characters

Can we say that he fits perfectly in the saying “beauty with Brains”? Apollo literally proves that he is as beautiful as he is powerful. He has this immense power and fire-related abilities that no other god is capable of having.

For instance, we saw in the series that while riding over the battlefield in a chariot which was headed by two horses. Apollo let the sun fire rain down on his rival, this is when we saw his strength as a swordsman and also his capability to fight at a range no one can.

5. Demeter

dementer with other female characters

The one and only goddess of Agriculture and the sacred law is Demeter. She is the only goddess that was on Hera's side as soon as we saw that Zeus broke the law. I have seen that there are many questions that question Demeter about why she helped Hera.

According to me, she was just trying to do her job well by helping Hera. There are many instances in the story that showed us that she used to always attend to her job before doing anything else. Like the look, she gave to Heron when Zeus was trying to bring Olympus.

4.  Poseidon

Poseidon strangling other character

The whole episode eight is about him. Poseidon is the brother of Zeus and is also known as the god of the Sea. Like Demeter, he was also there for Hera when she first confronted Zeus. he is also very caring towards his brother and supported Hera throughout because he didn't want to see his brother doing wrong.

We can say that he wasn't the most loved character because he doesn't want to see his brother doing Hippocratic stuff. Which can surely be seen as a plus point too.

3. Hades


Hades is the brother of Zeus and Poseidon. There is not much shown about him in the series even though it is very much visible how powerful he is as he appears to be a man who compliments Seraphim.

He compliments Seraphim for using his Bident very well after his recovery was done. He promised him freedom from his opponents in the underworld in exchange for loyalty.  A very neutral god which was never seen to be a part of Hera’s war plan.

2. Hera

hera caring her pets

The goddess of marriage. The main antagonist in the first season of the series Blood of Zeus. She is also known as the queen of heaven and wife of Zeus. As of this, she commands great power and respect from all the gods and men.

In the series, we have seen the length to which she can easily go to get her revenge is shocking. Her power makes it really difficult for the opponent as well as the other goddesses to justify their actions.

1. Zeus


Throughout the seasons of this series, we have seen that Zeus did his best to win viewers' attention. Known as the god of thunder. The only reason why all the drama in the series started was because of Zeus only.

It is true that Zeus was a good god and saved Electra from an abusive marriage and helped her to raise her son but we can't overlook the fact that he was not loyal to Hera.

Not to forget in episode 3 of the series we saw that Zeus demanded that other gods should allow him to live above his own made law. Even though he has kept humanity over everything would never help the viewer to neglect the fact that he was not a good husband.