Blind Kdrama | Who is the Killer?

Blind Kdrama shows the Joker murder case while Sung Joon, Sung Hoon and Eun Ki chase the real killer. Is Yoon Jae alive?

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The ongoing TvN Korean drama Blind starring TaecYeon, Ha Seok Jin and Jung Eun Ji has made us curious. The suspense and thriller drama has focussed on solving the Joker Murder case and the past of Hope Welfare Center.

Due to the involvement of Yeom Ki Nam (Police chief) and Baek Moon Kang, the mysterious serial killer case escalated and Ryu Sung Hoon (Ha Seok Jin) became the target of the killer.

Ryu Sung Joon (TaecYeon) and Jo Eun Ki (Jung Eun Ji) were working today to catch the killer. What is the identity of the real killer? Who is responsible for the gruesome killings?

What is the ‘Joker Case’?

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Baek Moon Kang's daughter was targeted and killed as revenge for a grudge. A jury trial was formed to render the order. However, the judge and the jurors ordered judgement for the wrong culprit.

Things became seriously wrong when the jury members started becoming the target of the killer. The first death was that of Cocomom, Yeom Hye Jin, who also participated in the jury.

It was a calculated motive for murder as Yeom Hye Jin was Yeom Ki Nam’s daughter. The second victims were Kang Young Ki and his bridal daughter. The Joker killer brutally killed both of them on the wedding day.

Who killed Yeom Hye Jin?

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One of the jurors, Choi Soon Gil, the taxi driver who killed Yeom Hye Jin. The matching DNA found belonged to Choi Soon Gil.

However, driven by blind revenge and misguided notions, both Yeom Ki Nam and Baek Moon Kang were convinced that Jung Yoon Jae was alive and exacting revenge on their families.

Due to grave misconceptions, they thought Sung Joon was Young Jae and wanted to kill him. Both of them framed Sung Joon as the murderer. Thanks to Sung Hoon and Eun Ki, Sung Joon was cleared of the charges.

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Blind Kdrama showed that Ryu Sung Joon was adopted. Sung Joon was convinced he could be Young Jae from the Hope Welfare Centre.


It turned out that it was actually Sung Hoon who was adopted and he was Child number 11. The children were referred to as numbers instead of names. Sung Hoon was digging to find the real killer.

Even Juror Ahn Tae Ho was from the centre and he betrayed them in the past. Ahn Tae Ho killed Choi Soon Gil but he lived only to be killed later. Ahn Tae Ho suffered a brutal death because the real killer targeted him and punished him for the betrayal.

The shaman Kwon Kyung Ja was a juror as well. She was related in the past as she saw the kids but didn’t help them.

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Eun Ki’s mom was also related to the centre. She contacted a broadcasting station personnel to cover the story. Unfortunately, the show was axed and the truth never came out. The person who covered the news was Bae Chul Ho who has now become a target. He was kidnapped and is now currently missing.

The real killer tried to kill Eun Ki as part of revenge but  Sung Hoon saved her just in time. Sadly, someone else became the target. Kwon Yu Na was closely related to Eun Ki became the innocent bystander and next victim of the Joker Killer. Currently, the suspects are Sung Hoon, Charles and Jung In Sung. Both Charles and Jung In Sung were the jury members with Eun Ki.

Potential Spoilers ahead!!!

Who stabbed Ryu Sung Hoon?

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The Joker killer stabbed Jung Hoon in a deserted place. It’s quite likely that Sung Hoon found out who the real killer was. Even Yu Na left a dying message for Eun Ki which Sung Hoon was trying to figure out.


It was revealed that Jung In Sung was the lost child of Kim Sook Hae. Sung Joon regularly visits the restaurant and has a close relationship with Sook Hae. 

It was revealed that Jung In Sung is her lost child. Even more shocking moment was that he was Child number 12 in Hope Welfare Centre.

It is quite possible that Jung Yoon Jae could be alive. Somehow, the police (Sung Joon) retrieved the murder weapon from Charles’ Sushi restaurant.

As Sung Joon pointed out, maybe, Charles wanted the police to find the murder weapon at his place. It’s plausible that Charles is aware of the real killer.

The real killer


In a shocking twist, it was shown that Jung In Sung is the killer. Jung In Sung stabbed Ryu Sung Hoon. It’s possible that he killed Kwon Yu Na as well. Sung Joon figured out that Jung In Sung was Jung Yoon Jae.

How Charles, Young Jae, In Sung and Sung Hoon are interconnected will be revealed in the next episode of Blind. Blind Korean drama is a perfect series this season, so do check it out!

Let’s hope Sung Hoon can escape death as it looked like the killer was in his hospital room trying to kill him. Meanwhile, Eun Ki and Sung Joon could have figured out the real killer as well. Let’s see how Young Jae and Charles’ elder brother fit in the scenario.

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