Blind Kdrama Ending Explained | Who was the Mastermind?

Who is the Real Mastermind?

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One of the best suspense thrillers of 2022, Blind Kdrama ended up after the big plot twist and revealing the identity of the real killer.

Ryu Sung Joon had to deal with most of the aftermath and even had his identity brainwashed because of Yoon Jae.

The real killer was revealed but the mastermind was yet to be caught. Who was behind Yoon Jae? How did the mastermind affect Ryu Sung Joon?

Why did Jung In Sung push Ryu Sung Joon?

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Ryu Sung Joon and his team were trying to solve the case but the lack of evidence was making things difficult. Thanks to Ryu Sung Hoon, Jung In Sung aka Jung Yoon Jae disclosed where the evidence was stored.

Unfortunately, Yoon Jae was too bothered by the fact that Sung Joon was getting on his nerves. The constant taunt and increasing discord between Yoon Jae and the mastermind were too bold and confident that they would never get caught.

Well, things didn’t go as planned as Sung Joon mocked Yoon Jae that he was “betrayed” and left to take all the blame. Irritated by the taunt, an angry Yoon Jae pushed Sung Joon as part of “shock therapy”. This made Sung Joon remember the past he forgot.

What happened to Sung Joon’s memory?

It was sad to see Sung Joon had to go through a lot of manipulation and hurt as a child. Yoon Jae pushed him when they were kids which caused Sung Joon to lose his memories. Sung Joon believed that he was Yoon Jae and that he was adopted from the Hope Orphanage.

Who is the Real Mastermind?


It was revealed that the real mastermind behind everything was Sung Joon’s elder brother Sung Hoon. 

Sung Hoon or Number 11 manipulated Sung Joon as a child and made him believe that he was Yoon Jae just for his goal of revenge. 

Sung Joon was badly manipulated but he still has faith in his elder brother. Unfortunately, Sung Hoon used Sung Joon for revenge.

Sung Hoon planned everything with Yoon Jae and Charles. Initially, their method of revenge didn’t involve killing everyone. Sung Hoon wanted to do things his way but Yoon Jae involved Sung Joon in the mess and started killing people.

Sung Joon was trying to catch the real killer and the mastermind of the case. Little did he know that the truth would be so disastrous.

Yoon Jae is a psychopath who didn’t care much about revenge. He enjoyed killing everyone in the process; Yeom Hye Jin, Baek Ji Eun and Kwon Yoo Na. Yoo Na was never part of the plan, but Yoon Jae wanted to get back at Jo Eun Ki and killed her.

What happened to Yoon Jae?

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The crimes came to light and Sung Joon procured all the evidence. Yoon Jae was sent to prison but luck didn't help him much. Baek Moon Kang was in the same prison. They had a mutual fight and both Yoon Jae and Moon Kang died as a result of injuries. Charles committed suicide as well after hearing about Yoon Jae.

What happened to Ryu Sung Hoon?

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Sung Hoon wanted to expose both his adoptive parents. He left some evidence with Jo Eun Ki and later Sung Joon submitted the evidence. Sung Joon reached on time when his father started shooting Sung Hoon. He arrested his father on the spot and later Sung Hoon was arrested as well.

The crimes of commissioner Yeom Ki Nam and Minister Na Gook Hee came to light and there was no escaping from it. Yeom Ki Nam was arrested as well.

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A jury trial was held. Both Ryu Sung Joon and Jo Eun Ki’s mother Jo In Suk testified the truth about Hope Welfare. The jury and the court found Sung Hoon guilty of crimes and sentenced him to life imprisonment.

Hearing the news of Yoon Jae’s death, Sung Hoon was dispirited. Sung Hoon tried to commit suicide but was unsuccessful. Jo Eun Ki later confronted Sung Hoon as well and asked whether Yoo Na was part of the plan. Sung Hoon didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth and said yes. Eun Ki was extremely heartbroken but accepted the truth.

Ryu Sung Joon has faith in his brother till the end but was angry when Sung Hoon tried to commit suicide.

Both Eun Ki and Sung Joon tried to bring the truth to the public and in the end, everything was exposed. Blind Kdrama has 16 episodes and has finished airing.  The Kdrama was quite underrated but was one of the best suspense/thriller dramas of 2022.

The ending was realistic and quite bittersweet. Although Sung Hoon never killed anyone directly, he didn’t stop Yoon Jae’s madness either. This made him equally responsible. Their methods to pursue justice were too heartbreaking.

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