Bleach Ending: One Of The Worst Manga Endings?

Bleach Manga contains one of the worst manga endings which received a mixed reviews from the readers which makes it bittersweet.

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By Akash
Bleach Ending: One Of The Worst Manga Endings?

Bleach is one of the most popular anime to be ever created. It became one of the most liked anime shows to be produced. But the ending of the manga of the Bleach got mixed reviews by the viewers. Most of the die hard fans of the Bleach didn't like the ending of their favourite manga like this.

After more than 15 years Bleach got its ending which was long due and much anticipated by the viewers like us who have waited for a long time. It have been a part of Top 3 in many viewers list. But the ending left a bittersweet impact on the viewers.

Bleach Ending: One Of The Worst Manga Endings?

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The author of this manga is called Kubo, stated in one of his interview that he was actually forced by his publishers to finish the ending on a short notice. So, that is the reason ending came so bittersweet. And the result of this fast pace result is such a bad ending which we can see for ourself. The other arcs of the Bleach manga contains such a huge ending which makes the viewers to see more about what is about to come next.

Why i and many more viewers say that this manga have a bittersweet manga is because just see the Fullbringer arc which was not on par with any of the arcs before and it contained such a good ending. On the other hand the last arc which deserved a good ending ended on a bad note.

The final arc is called the 'Thousand Year Blood Arc'. There is a lot of action present in this arc as we can see many captain level shinigami fighting against strenniters which took a lot of months to finish. All these fights lead to a final showdown between our favourite character Ichigo and Yhwach and what we get finally? A merely two chapters final battle which was not at all enjoyable as the other fights.

This arc doesn't contains that much emotions which usually Ichigo used to contain after the end of every battle. He used to reflect on himself which gave those memories the perfect emotions.

So, now coming on the final arc. Spoilers alert!

After finishing with the final blow there comes time-skip. The next thing that we see is that Ichigo invited all of his friends at his house and he invited Ryuki and Renji which are couples. The fact that they became a couple came as a shock to many readers certainly. After their entrance we gets to see glimpses of various characters in the manga and there is only about 1-2 panels alloted to them.

As we know of the contemporary Bleach manga this arc doesn't delivers so. This arc left a lot of unanswered questions which we didn't get to know.

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By seeing the condition of this arc we can say that Kubo should have taken more time like he should have taken an year or so to finish the arc with a perfect ending which it definitely needed. He should not have rushed the things and delivered the ending which the fans were eagerly waiting for.

Main reason is publishers they control over all the things but they can't force an author to produce an end result quickly as Bleach manga publishers did and Kubo could have done justice with the ending.

There is a lot of hatred towards Kubo even if it is not his complete fault. Main fault was of publishers. We can see it definitely from the panels of the last 2nd chapter that Kubo felt very irritated of the publishers and he reference it in this  panel where someone says to that Commander please pick up the pace! which can be linked to Kubo's frustration.

Whereas there are some people who are not happy about whom Ichigo ends with. They can't see Ichigo with Canon. As they are not there preferred couples. But the thing is we can't do anything about whom our main protagonist ends with as it is entirely in author's hand as it is his storyline he can do whatever he wants.

The thing escalated to the point that some fanatics started to burn the volumes of the manga and even the discs of the anime. I mean how can someone do so if you are genuinely loving the content don't try to burn it if it have been delivered badly. We readers can only feel or say what is good or bad.

And the other thing that would be mentioned is that Ichigo-Orihime couple would have maken more sense instead of Ichigo-Rukiya as we have always seen from the starting that Orihime and Ichigo have a romantic angle. They were always there to help each other whenever they were in need. So, makes more sense and i was glad Ichigo ended with Orihime.

Human and Human couple soumds more interesting rather a women who is 100+ year old shinigami. But i was more amazed to see that Renji at the end finally matched with Rukia it ws the factor which was in the shadow for a very long time as no one seems to care of this angle. But we know from the start that Renji have feelings for Rukia.

But the funny thing is Ishida is not married even now after all the things happened he is still single which is quite sad for the readers who had like Ishida from the start.

Bleach Ending: One Of The Worst Manga Endings?

And finally Juha Bach coming after more than 10 years later suddenly makes the story quite stupid. As how can he suddenly appeared. But the most tragic thing was Captain Ukitake's futile death and how he died in vain. We never get to see or know about how his bankai how it looked like or such.

So, there are lot of things which made the ending  received mixed reviews from the viewers.