Bleach Anime Return in 2021!!! Thousand Year Blood War

Anime Apr 8, 2021

Bleach series created by Tite Kubo is a famous Japanese manga and anime. Tite Kubo created Bleach manga in  2001 and soon after, in 2004, anime started airing. Bleach became immensely popular and to date, there are 16 seasons of Bleach anime. The anime series was suddenly canceled when the manga was still ongoing. The sudden cancellation left the fans sad and hopeless. The news of Bleach anime return has given the fandom immense pleasure and everyone is eagerly waiting for it. Will bleach anime return soon? What should we expect from it? Let’s find out whether if Bleach anime return in 2021!!! Thousand Year Blood War will be back and we can see Ichigo back in action!

What We Know So Far…

Bleach anime has 16 seasons, 3 anime movies, and a live-action adaptation. The anime series ran from 2004 to 2012. The final manga arc “Thousand Year Blood War” was still ongoing in 2012. Thousand-Year Blood War ended on 22 August 2016. With the manga ended, fans were hoping for bleach anime return but the fans were left dejected. 

Bleach anime return - Ichigo

When all hopes were lost for bleach anime return, on the 20th anniversary Project of Bleach, it was announced that the anime series will be back soon in 2021 hopefully. The fans were ecstatic and thrilled. Starting from volume 55 to 74, the series will be animated. If you haven’t read the manga and want to read start from chapter 480 to catch up on the missing action!


Bleach Information

Bleach anime return 2021

Season 16 Episode 366 was the last Bleach episode that aired on  27th March 2012.  Are you excited for bleach anime return??? It’s the perfect time to binge-watch the famous Shonen series. 15 seasons of Bleach is currently available on Netflix so don’t forget to catch up or re-watch for old-time’s sake.  Watching the series will always be a guilty pleasure and to see Ichigo, Rukia and the gang in action is such a feast to the eyes. 

Thousand Year Blood War 2021

Bleach will return soon in 2021 with Season 17. The series will revolve around the Wandenreich and their slaughter of the soul society. Will Ichigo manage to save soul society again? Who are the new radical groups? Can soul society cope up with the new threat? Will Uryu betray Ichigo? Will we finally see Grimjaw again?  To find out more, read the manga soon.  


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