Black Clover| Why Black Bulls May Secretly be the Best Squad

Anime Feb 20, 2021

In the Clover kingdom, magic is everything. The most powerful wizard of all is the Wizard King, a highly respectable and sought out position, more so than the Emperor himself. The kingdom has magic knights divided in 9 squads, Black Bulls being the apparent worst of them all. At Least that was the case in the beginning. 

Black Bulls 

  • How Was Black Bulls Formed
  • Is Black Bulls The Worst Squad
  • Asta and the Black Bulls
  • The future of Black Bulls


How Was Bkack Bulls Formed

Magic Knights in Clover Kingdom are usually appointed through annual magic knight exams. Most knights however get a backdoor entry as a result of coming from a noble family. Julius Novachrono, the current Wizard king, wants to change this unfair system. In his days of knighthood he appointed Yami Sukehiro, a foreigner, as a magic knight. 

The Black Bulls worst
The Black Bulls

When Yami was promoted to being a captain and having his own squad, he decided to do things unconventionally. He recruited several unorthodox people and peculiar peasants in his squad. The Black Bulls are discriminated against for not following the tradition of having a nobles only squad. The unruly and destructive behaviour of its members has earned them the title of the worst magic knights squad.

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Is Black Bulls The Worst Squad

All squads work under the order of the Wizard King. They are awarded stars by the Wizard King according to their performance. In the beginning of the show, The Black Bulls were at the bottom of the barrel with -31 stars. They have been ranking last consistently in the past as well according to Yami.

Black Bulls squads worst
Yami Sukehiro

We see the squad members when Asta comes to their base for the first time. Through his eyes we are introduced to Luck and Magna fighting, Vanessa drinking booze in her underwear, Charmy being lost in her world of food, Gordon mumbling incoherently and Gauche weirdly obsessing over his younger sister. Not to mention, Finral introduces himself as a distractable ladies’ man and their Captain Yami constantly swears and drops death threats to his own squad members.

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Although capable, the squad members often end up causing more harm in terms of collateral damage than the threat of the missions that they are sent on. Their rogue behaviour does not help their overall image either. We can safely say that Black Bulls indeed were the worst magic knight squad. However, all that changed after Asta joined the infamous squad.

Asta and the Black Bulls

Our protagonist Asta has no innate magic powers in a world where magic is valued above everything else. In the Magic Knight exams, Yami is intrigued by Asta’s brute strength and grit and invites him to join The Black Bulls. Asta gladly accepts as this is the only squad that would have him at all. Along with Noelle, another newcomer to the squad, he acts as a force of change to the Black Bull’s outlook and image.

Black Bulls magic knights kingdom squads

With his “You don’t lose until you give up” attitude, Asta is able to inspire all his comrades, Captain Yami included. The squad takes up on several dangerous and important missions earning them 101 stars in the span of a year. They even participate in saving the Clover Kingdom and its citizens on several occasions, earning the respect of nobles and commoners alike.

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The Future of Black Bulls

With the Anime entering its last arc, our journey with the magic knights might come to an end soon. We have seen our beloved rowdy squad grow into powerful dependable wizards. However, there’s no rest for the wicked. With a new threat at the horizon and Captain Yami being a target of a very powerful and sinister enemy, it will be interesting to see how The Black Bulls survive yet another calamity.

magic knights kingdom

The abrupt announcement of the beloved anime ending has come as a shock to the viewers. Whatever may be in store for the future of the Clover kingdom as the final pages of the story are turned, we can count on more epic magical fights and the charmingly rogue antiques of the Black Bulls.

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