3 Reasons Why The Wizard King Is Mightiest of the Mightiest

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The Wizard King of the Clover kingdom is considered to be the strongest mage of the Kingdom. As of writing, the current Wizard King is Julius Novachrono.

He is the 28th Wizard King of the Kingdom who is a user of time magic.

There are a lot of things that set him apart from the crowd and being a royal isn’t just one of them.

He truly wants to see no discrimination among the citizens of his kingdom.

Many moments prove he’s the best of the best in the kingdom. Let’s have a look at them.

1. The Wizard King has super powerful and unique time magic

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The Wizard King is the only mage we see in the series to use this unique form of magic.

This attribute allows its users to steal time from its enemies and use it further for their own good.

This magic allows him to use the time taken from the enemies to accelerate, decelerate stop or reverse the flow of time.

Spells like Chrono Statis and Chrono Statis Grigora can restrain any powerful enemy and their magic spells.

Not only his magic but also his grimoire is a pretty unique one. A coverless grimoire of separated white pages.

2. Handling politics and looking after his subordinates

The wizard king, being the most important person in the kingdom never disrespected King Kira.

Although, King Kira is a self-centered person who loves to hear praise from the citizens, and tries to steal credit from Julius on every occasion that he can.

Despite this, Julius maintains his calm, and any bad decision taken by Augustus Kira such as executing Asta and Yuno for disrespecting the king is handled smoothly by the wizard king.

Julius’s main goal is to eliminate the discrimination between royals and commoners.

He is the reason why many powerful magic knights were motivated to become magic knights in the first place.

Two of them would be Captain Yami and Captain Vangeance, both with extraordinary magic.

3. His precise predictions and assumptions

Wizard King predicting enemy moves

Although he is having a time magic attribute, he possesses a quick wit and sharp senses which makes him accurately predict the near future.

His decisions are extensively thought.

The wizard king at a certain point did think that the leader of the midnight sun is none other than William Vangeance.

Even when he lost his adult body and became 13 years old physically, he still had sharp intelligence.