Evolution of Noelle Silva In Black Clover

Noelle Silva is the youngest member of the Silva family, one of the royal families in the Clover kingdom

Noelle Silva

Noelle Silva is the youngest member of the Silva family, one of the royal families in the Clover kingdom. She has a rough childhood as she is mocked and bullied by her older siblings. The young child faces bullying because of her lack of control over magic. Belonging from a royal family creates a lot of pressure on her.

Although she has a great amount of potential, that is overlooked because of her lack of control. She is also blamed for her mother’s demise. When she turns 15, her older brother Nozelle strikes a deal with the Black Bull’s captain. Without entering the magic knight’s competition, she gets into the Black Bull by using the back door.

Although her brother is the captain of the group Silver Eagles, he denies entry to her. Throughout the series, Noelle evolves and progresses a lot. Noelle Silva at the beginning When Noelle gets into the Black Bull, she has very poor control over her magic. She is seen to be the victim of her own magic. This is when she was practising her magic on the first night after entering into Black Bulls.

Asta saves her using his anti-magic sword. From then she goes on to missions sometimes life-threatening. As she gets more and more practice and along with that she feels loved by her teammates. She starts improving.

Noelle Silva

Noelle uses the sea dragon’s nest for the first time on her very first mission. Unable to cast any offensive spells, she gets this new spell from her grimoire. She wanted to protect a young girl and other villagers and use this spell to protect them.

She goes on to protect Mimosa against Mars, the diamond kingdom soldier. During the invasion of the royal capital, Captain Vermillion sees her hesitation. He encourages her to work harder to become stronger. The squad starts Improving Noelle Silva’s improvement starts during the seabed temple arc.

When she encounters Kahano who is the granddaughter of the high priest of the sea temple. She manages to acquire a new spell- the sea dragon’s cradle. Even Captain Yami acknowledges that she is improving day by day.

Noelle Silva

When she fights Vetto, a member of the midnight sun, she acquires another new spell. The new spell -sea dragon’s roar is one of her first offensive spells. From here on, she learns to use mana skin due to Mereoleona Vermillion and improves further. Noelle Uses Valkyrie Armour.

Valkyrie armour

Noelle could use the Valkyrie Armour while fighting a member of Golden Dawn who she was possessed by an elf. She uses this form to defend and save all three of her siblings. This vast improvement wins her an apology from her eldest brother, Nozel.

He also acknowledges that she has become very strong. Following this, she works hard for six months along with the mages of Heart Kingdom. With the help of Undine, the water spirit, she improves further and uses a mermaid form of the Valkyrie Armour which increases her speed. As of writing this article, Noelle is yet to fight while ‘going past her current limits’.

When that fight happens, it is going to be a captivating one.

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