5 Reasons Why Yuno Can Be The Next Wizard King

Yuno, vice captain of the Golden Dawn and the secondary protagonist of Black Clover is an enigmatic character.

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Can Yuno Be The Next Wizard King?

Yuno, vice-captain of the Golden Dawn and the secondary protagonist of Black Clover is an enigmatic character. He was an orphan left under the care of a church in Hage village of Clover kingdom along with Asta. They grew up together as brothers and rivals dreaming to become the next Wizard King of the Clover kingdom.

While the anime series is set to air its final episode on March 30th, the manga still has a long way to go. Let’s weigh the scales and see if our meal-saving prince has any chance of realizing his dreams.

*Spoiler Warning for Spade Kingdom arc of Black Clover*

1. The 4 leaf grimoire

The 4 leaf grimoire

Yuno owns a 4 leaf clover grimoire. As the legend goes, grimoires with 3 clover leaves represent faith, hope and love.  Incidentally, this is the most common grimoire received by mages of Clover kingdom.

Wizards with exceptional abilities are chosen to be the owner of a 4 leaf clover grimoire. It’s fourth leaf represents good luck. It was held previously by the first Wizard king. This makes Yuno a pretty good contender for being the next Wizard King.

2. Yuno is Strong

Yuno using mana zone

Yuno is a hardworking young man, and he possesses a ridiculous amount of mana. People in Hage village had great expectation from him since his childhood. He has only gotten stronger as the show has progressed due to his intense rivalry with Asta.  His wind magic is phenomenal and overpowering. He mastered the mana zone in a very short amount of time, something only a handful of magic knights are capable of.

Yuno and Sylph

Sylph, the wind spirit serves Yuno, which is a rare feat even for the most accomplished Magic knights. Apart from sheer magical strength, Yuno is able to stay calm and collected in the heat of a battle and is exceptionally intelligent. This makes him a formidable foe to be up against.

Yuno became the vice-captain of the Golden dawn, the best magic knights’ squad of the kingdom, within an year of joining it. This is a testament to his strength and abilities as a Magic Knight.

3. He is Kind

protecting the village

Yuno is a sensitive person however he isn’t very expressive. People often mistake his quiet nature for arrogance. However we know Yuno is very protective of his friends and comrades. He is dutiful as a Magic knight and is ready to lay his life in the line for the protection of the Clover Kingdom.

On one occasion, one of his caretakers from the church in Hage village, Sister Lily was under threat. Yuno left midway against the order of his superior during their mission to rescue her.

He keeps his calm during any battle however intense and priortises the lives and safety of those around him, over victory. These are the makings of a capable and deserving Wizard King.

4. He is a secondary character

as a secondary character

For the same reasons that Vegeta can’t surpass Goku and Sasuke did not become the next Hokage, it is very unlikely that Yuno will become the next Wizard King. Shonen very rarely deviates from this one trope. The protagonist always achieves their one childhood dream. Hence, Asta is the one most likely to become the Wizard King in the future.

Poor Yuno may suffer the fate of a secondary protagonist. Even so, whatever is in store for his future, we’re sure it is worthy of one of the strongest mages of Clover Kingdom.

5. Yuno is Royalty

spade kingdom revel

As revealed recently in Black Clover, Yuno is secretly royalty! This was revealed in one of the latest episodes of the Spade Kingdom arc. Yuno was born to Loyce and Ciel of House Grinberryall, the ruling family of the Spade Kingdom.

One day, the Zogratis siblings suddenly attacked the Spade Kingdom. The Mage defense force took an infant Yuno across the kingdoms, to Hage village in order to protect his life. With this latest reveal of his affiliations to the Spade Kingdom, it might be difficult for Yuno to become the Wizard King of another kingdom.

Do you think Yuno could beat these odds and become the next Wizard king?