Big Mouth to Big Mouse | Will Park Chang Ho Survive?

Is Park Chang Ho “Big Mouse?” What is Park Chang Ho trying to do? Who is Big Mouse? Can Park Chang Ho survive?

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2022 is seriously going to rock now that Lee Jong Suk has made his comeback. Back from his active military duty, Lee Jong Suk made a comeback after 2 years in 2022 with Big Mouth Kdrama.

Slaying the role of “Big Mouth” Park Chang Ho, Lee Jong Suk’s character has all types of ups and downs, without knowing what went wrong! Who is Big Mouse? Can Park Chang Ho survive?

Big Mouth “Park Chang Ho”

The Kdrama revolves around two people - Big Mouse and Big Mouth. Park Change Ho is nicknamed “Big Mouth”, a lousy lawyer with a less than 10% winning rate. He’s talkative and overestimates his abilities.

Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk) is married to Go Mi Ho (Lim Yoon A). Go Mi Ho is a nurse and plays an active role to support her husband both financially and emotionally.

Due to a case, the couple get swindled and faced hell when they lost the lawsuit, earning the wrath of other people as well. The family dynamic was sweet as Park Chang Ho’s father-in-law works with him, Go Gi Gwnag Ajusshi supports him more than his daughter.

Is Park Chang Ho “Big Mouse?”

Things get twisted due to a murder case involving NR Forum. The mayor approached Park Chang Ho to handle the murder case but he seriously overplayed himself.

Is it bold or mere stupidity, Park Chang Ho’s greed led him to deal with Kong Ji Hoon, the hidden accomplice in the case?

Unfortunately for him, he got into a car accident, got drugged and the police recovered gold and drugs from his office. Big Mouse is a criminal, a swindler, a name that has been holding terror whom the police and prosecution are trying to catch. Whether it’s fate or someone’s trap, Park Chang Ho became the suspect as he gets dubbed the infamous “Big Mouse” and ended up in prison.

Go Mi Ho, his wife is the only person who truly believes in his innocent and has vowed to clear his name. Meanwhile, his father-in-law and friend Kim Soon Tae are trying to help him, but things aren’t clearly working out.  

Everyone is suddenly wary, scared or conscious of the possibility that Park Chang Ho could be the Big Mouse.

What is Park Chang Ho trying to do?

Lackie #1 Warden Park Yoon Gab, under the payroll of NR Forum, tried to test Park Chang Ho. Park Chang Ho is consistent and kept denying even when the prosecution tried to do a lie detector test on him.

The results are not working in his favour, clearly. An enraged  Park Yoon Gab and his bosses beat the hell out of Park Chang Ho.

Adjusting to prison life, things were life-threatening for Park Chang Ho. One of the best things was to see Jerry (Kwak Dong Yeon), the number one fan of Big Mouse cater to Park Chang Ho.

It was precious to see Jerry trying to be the protector and caretaker of Chang Ho in prison. The guy sure knows how to find his idol in prison life. They better not kill Jerry, his previous rodeo was quite painful as the actor died in Vincenzo Kdrama. Let him be alive with his newfound idol!

Park Chang Ho’s life took a serious 180 degrees when the prison mates are hell-bent on beating him up due to his identity rumoured to be Big Mouse. Park Chang Ho clearly has different plans. He wanted to divorce Go Mi Ho and die in the prison.

Park Chang Ho was trying to rile everyone and get killed. Clearly, his approach is something. Previously, Yang Chun Sik beat him up but Chang Ho was trying to leverage this fact.  

Without even his knowledge, he went to pick a fight with him and surprised when people thought he would lose, he knocked his opponent out cold.

This earned him more fame and people started spewing stories about how dangerous Big Mouse (Park Chang Ho) is and to steer clear of him. Welp, even Park Chang Ho didn’t see this twist coming.

Things were quite funny when Park Chang ho riled up the psychopath Tak Kwang Yeon but ended up slapping him. Even worse, the psycho ended up crying.

This solidified the story of Big Mouse being the brutal individual even making the psycho cry. After hearing the story from Jerry, Park Chang ho planned his fake escape only to be killed on spot by the shooter.

Park Chang Ho is determined to die in prison, but there are people who won’t let him die so easily. Life at the prison is quickly changing for Big Mouth as he slowly transformed into Big Mouse.

Whether Park Chang Ho will survive as Big Mouth or Big Mouse is a tale for the future. Meanwhile, his wife is trying to switch jobs, clearly to secure some evidence.

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