Big Mouth Kdrama | Real Identity of Big Mouse Revealed!

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With so many twists and unexpected betrayals, cliffhangers and shocks, Big Mouth Kdrama has kept one question struggling for fans. What is the real identity of Big Mouse? Park Chang Ho’s life went upside down because Big Mouse trapped him in such an elaborate trap, no pun intended. With so many suspects who could possibly be Big Mouse, the real identity of Big Mouse wasn’t all that shocking.

Is Warden Park Yoon Gab Big Mouse?

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This may seem confusing, but Warden Park Yoon Gab is part of the inner circle. When Park Chang Ho escaped previously, he was let off the hook by police.

This means that Big Mouse is not just an ordinary criminal, he/she is highly influential and has well-built connections even with the police.

Park Yoon Gab confessed that he was Big Mouse to Park Chang Ho. Even previously, Park Yoon Gab said he was the “Big Mouse in Prison”, he rules.

Clearly, Park Yoon Gab is not the real Big Mouse and only the puppet placed in prison.

As Park Chang Ho said, he’s being controlled by his owner, the real Big Mouse. Moreover, Park Yoon Gab didn’t recognize the tarot cards when Park Chang Ho showed them to him.

Is Kong Ji Hoon Big Mouse?

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This was quite clear from the beginning that the real Big Mouse has some kind of grudge against Kong Ji Hoon and the NR forum. A lot of money was at stake. Kong Ji Hoon isn’t the Big Mouse.

Quite surprisingly, he had nothing to do with Dr. Seo’s death. Interesting, isn’t it? All Kong Ji Hoon cares about is the unpublished paper that controls some sort of evidence that can be detrimental to them.

Is Jerry the real Big Mouse?

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