Big Mouth Kdrama | Which Character is likely to be 'Big Mouse'?

Who are the likely suspects genuinely worthy of being the real Big Mouse?

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The 16-episode MBC drama starring Lee Jong Suk and Lim Yoo A is buzzworthy with the uncanny story and suspense element. The entire plot is centred around Big Mouth Park Chang Ho who falsely gets accused of being “Big Mouse”, the notorious criminal and gets incarcerated. While Park Chang Ho’s life is on the line, the transition from Big Mouth to Big Mouse is pretty unravelling.

Even in his wildest dream, Park Chang Ho couldn’t have fathomed that Big Mouse could save his line, at least right now fewer people are trying to kill him in prison.

While Park Chang Ho is trying his best to be the Big Mouse, could he really be the actual identity or is it still a pretence? If Park Chang Ho isn’t Big Mouse, Which Character is likely to be Big Mouse? Why did Big Mouse trap Park Chang Ho? What is the endgame? Who are the likely suspects genuinely worthy of being the real Big Mouse?

Yang Chun Sik

Well, the well-famed scary gangster Yang Chun Sik can’t be ruled out from the list of suspected characters as Big Mouse. Yang Chun Sik is serving in the prison, is well connected and even the warden can’t touch him. He has money, resources, men and even the loyalty of the three stooges of NR Forum.

The reason why Yang Chun Sik can be Big Mouse was because of his extreme hostility towards Park Chang Ho when he first came to prison. Yang Chun Sik tried to rile Park Chang Ho and even gave him a little prison hazing.

Well, ofcourse the tables have turned when Park Chang Ho beat the crap out of him and KO’d him, but what’s stopping Yang Chun Sik from controlling the things from the background? Pretty suspicious especially after the last betrayal.

No Park

The leader of Park Chang Ho’s room, No Park was pretty suspicious from the get-go. He may appear as a good person and kept trying to help Park Chang Ho, but something about No Park just screams a red flag.

No Park provide future readings and said he doesn’t do Tarot cards, but when Park Chang Ho showed him the Tarot cards, he could perfectly decipher them. Well, it’s kind of suspicious when someone says they don’t have the knowledge and can actually give a pretty accurate reading.

Another thing that makes No Park a likely suspect of Big Mouse is that he willingly got stabbed for Park Chang Ho. The warden was scared and panicked and immediately stopped the fight. Warden Park Yoon Gab didn’t want things to get out of hand or maybe he’s truly scared of Big Mouse. Can’t rule No Park out of the suspicious list!

Hyun Joo Hee

Honestly, Hyun Joo Hee is the least likely character who can be Big Mouse, not because she’s a woman, but mostly because she’s the prestigious Gucheon University Hospital’s head.

Hyun Joo Hee was least interested in the lost Professor Seo Jae-Yong’s paper and by no means have any need to commit all the crimes. It would be a very unpredictable twist if she ends up becoming the Big Mouse. Well, you never know.

Kong Ji Hoon

The psycho from NR Forum, Kong Ji Hoon lost a lot of money because of Big Mouse. What if that’s a facade to launder money and hide it from the Elder of NR Forum? Blaming it on Big Mouse is the easiest thing, especially if he’s the Big Mouse himself. Kong Ji Hoon had animosity toward Park Chang Ho from the beginning and even has a hidden agenda for the missing paper of the late Professor Seo.

Warden Park Yoon Gab

One of the top suspicious candidates on the Big Mouse list is Warden Park Yoon Gab. Park Yoon Gab is literally the king of the Gucheon Penitentiary. He himself said that in there he’s the Bog Mouse and Park Chang Ho is nothing but an ordinary rat.  

Park Yoon Gab has the audacity to control his golden eggs aka prisoners to extort money from them in the form of bribes.

What’s stopping him from scamming big clients when he plays the role of Big Mouse? Who would even suspect a prison warden of such crimes no? Such a perfect cover for his double life makes him seem such a genius.

Choi Do Ha

The Mayor Choi Do Ha screams the definition of Red Flag in Big Mouth Kdrama. He is one of the hardest characters to read. His motivation and end goals are quite unclear.

It was Choi Do Ha who dragged Park Chang Ho into this mess in the first place. Moreover, Choi Do Ha is quite motivated to make Go Mi Ho suspect her husband trying to sow seeds of distrust and confusion between the marital couple.

Choi Do Ha wasn’t quite interested in helping Park Chang Ho with the list but maybe wanted to mess him up realising things can get messy if Park Chang Ho dies. To him, Park Chang Ho alive is more useful; who knows?!

Park Chang Ho

It would be the best Kdrama twist if Park Chang Ho is revealed as the infamous Big Mouse. Park Chang Ho’s actions have been quite dubious.

To add more to the suspect list, Park Chang Ho’s reaction to the lie detector test was quite surprising. He shockingly removed the test and didn’t answer when the prosecutor asked him whether he was Big Mouse.

Park Chang Ho threw a fit and the test ended abruptly, although creepily confirming the suspicion. Not only that, although it’s an act, Park Chang Ho quickly transitioned into Big Mouse inside the prison in such a short time. It feels as if he has a split personality or his method of acting is way too accurate.


The cute-looking low threatening character always ends up being the main suspect but people fail to notice their presence because they are never on the radar. Jerry’s actions have been quite off and suspicious since the beginning.

In one of the scenes, Jerry remarked saying Park Chang Ho was his idol/ideal hard to interpret. Not only that the nickname Jerry seems quite related to Big Mouse although it’s a Tom & Jerry reference.

Well, have you ever seen Jerry lose to Tom ever? Most likely never. His tattoo of mouse/Jerry could be very symbolic. Just because he acts like a dimwit, clueless idiot all the time, what’s to stop Jerry from acting a certain persona trying to hide his real super evil self? Beware of Jerry, it’s hard to dismiss him from the probable suspect list!

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