Big Mouth Kdrama Ending Explained | What Happened to Park Chang Ho?

Can Big Mouse get No Park’s vengeance?

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The finale of Big Mouse Kdrama that everyone has been eagerly waiting for is now revealed. With Park Chang Ho battling Choi Do Ha in the Mayoral elections, Go Mi Ho had some unsettling news to share. Can Big Mouse get No Park’s vengeance? How did Big Mouth Kdrama end? Did Big Mouth Kdrama have a happy ending? What happened to Choi Do Ha?

Park Chang Ho vs Choi Do Ha

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Choi Do Ha never shies away from using any means to mean, be it even a smear campaign to win decimate Park Chang Ho. With the Elder killed by Choi Do Ha, he conveniently changed his will.

Kong Ji Hoon ended up with nothing but the mutual relationship was over. At least, Kong Ji Hoon was less evil in comparison to Choi Do Ha.  He helped Park Chang Ho with intel and now it’s upto him to set things straight.

With the TV debate where Choi DO Ha was determined to kick Park Chang Ho from the race by any means necessary, it was Go Mi Ho’s turn to save the day.

What happened to Go Mi Ho?

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Along with Jerry and others, Go Mi Ho went to expose Choi Do Ha. It turned out that Go Mi Ho was not suffering from Leukemia but from exposure to radioactive materials causing Acute Stage 4 Lymphoma. (It’s a type of cancer).

Unfortunately, Go Mi Ho might not survive, and even worse, neither her father nor Park Chang Ho is aware of this development.

The raid on the so-called Fish Farm led Go Mi Ho and Jerry to expose Choi Do Ha.  Go Mi Ho prepared the ultimate trump card to save Park Chang Ho but well, Choi Do Ha walked away without a shred of guilt or regret.

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Kudos to the actor, Kim Joo Hun for such brilliant acting to show the version of Choi Do Ha who is unapologetic and an evil manipulator. His role was quite different from The Model family.

Moving on, while Kong Ji Joon plans to drag the chairman’s son from Texas to exhume his body, there’s more than what we know. It was quite surprising because the drama mentioned Chariman’s psychotic evil serial killer son. He was mentioned but didn’t make the appearance.

Wonder why, but now we know that Tak Kwang Yeon was serving time in place of someone else.

Unfortunately, he passed away. At least Go Mi Ho knows the truth but this wasn’t even used in the plot. Quite clear what was the significance, maybe for a future season 2, who knows?!

What was Choi Do Ha’s fate?

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Unfortunately, Park Chang Ho lost the election. Choi Do Ha emerged victorious. His wife Hyun Joo Hee tried to help Park Chang Ho’s side, but she was locked up.

It was quite sad how the show never addressed Jang Hye Jin’s death and disappearance as if she didn't matter at all. So many loose ends which weren’t tied at all.

Choi Do Ha turned the tide and was acquitted from the trial. We saw that coming, so it’s not even surprising. The only thing keeping Park Chang Ho sane was Go Mi Ho. Sadly, she passed away.

Choi Do Ha had worse in store for him. He did win the election and had the riches and control of the NR Forum but at what cost? He locked his wife away and became a true monster.

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Like Park Chang Ho said that law exists to render fair judgment and prevent each other from killing. It was ironic and maybe a poetic justice how Choi Do Ha’s fate happened.

In the same way, he created radiation and disposed of industrial waste in groundwater, he died from the same radiation water. Park Chang Ho came one last time to see as Choi Do Ha’s life withered away right in front of his life.

In conclusion, Choi Do Ha died at his luxurious house due to the radiation wastewater. A very fitting end to the character.

What happened to the Other Characters in Big Mouth?

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Kong Ji Hoon and his wife saved Hyun Joo Hee from the ward she was locked up. Professor Seo’s paper was found and Joo Hee testified at the court. Kong Ji Hoo got what he wanted the ownership of NR Forum.

As for other characters, the three stooges received 10 years prison sentence. Warden Park Yoon Gab returned to his kingdom Gucheon Penetentionary where Lee Du Geon, Jung Chae Bong, and Han Jae Heo were awaiting hell.

Did Big Mouth Kdrama have a happy ending?

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Considering how everything was wrapped up, everyone received justice. The only people who didn’t have a happy ending in Big Mouth Kdrama were Go Mi Ho who died untimely. Jang Hye Jin was killed brutally and Tak Kwang Yeon passed away with false charges. Other characters had a good ending.

What happened to Big Mouse?

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Go Mi Ho wanted Park Chang Ho to become a good Big Mouse. After Go Mi Ho’s death, Park Chang Ho became the real Big Mouse. Choi Do Ha’s death and how he announced to him that he was the “Big Mouse” was the endgame. Overall, Big Mouth Kdrama is one of the best dramas of 2022, from start to end. Have fun streaming Big Mouth Kdrama.

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