Best 15 Zombie Kdramas & Movies To Binge Watch

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Keep reading if you want to scare up your watch time with zombies and want to consider Korean zombies, as we have all of the possibilities listed below!  

Some of these films are scary Korean zombie films, while others are comedic, but which is the best?

Train to Busan is an obvious standout because it is popular with audiences, but is it better than Seoul Station, its famous animated prequel?

15. Flu (2013)

The cast was fantastic, and we were all smitten by Soo Ae. Park was adorable, and we laughed and cried at the character's behaviour in the first act.

Fans were dissatisfied that Ma dong didn't have enough screen time, but that was to be expected.

The happy ending was a nice touch. The key story element, though, was the dread that erupts from your screen and becomes ingrained in your consciousness.

14. Kingdom (2019)

" Kingdom " did not disappoint as one of the most anticipated films of the year. Let's start with the aspects of this South Korean zombie film that viewers did not enjoy.

First and foremost, the film aimed to be too much of an anime live-action, resulting in over-the-top performances in various situations.

Furthermore, the film's conclusion was not as magnificent as the rest of the movie implied. However, because the story leaves some topics unexplained, there is still room for improvement.

Regardless, the zombie film Korean was a lot of fun. The acting was excellent, and the action scenes were well-choreographed and amusing. The CGI was also excellent, and the story flowed at a breakneck pace that suited the film's tone.

13. Dark Hole (2021)

If you liked Sweet Home, you'll enjoy this one as well. The plot piqued fans' interest, and they wanted to know what was in the dark hole and what was behind it.

The suspense in this show is maintained throughout. This play on Korean zombies was a hit with the audience!

12. Sweet Home (2020)

Fans enjoyed the twist on the zombie genre, thus there will be a positive review.

Fans enjoy the Korean culture twist, which many can identify with, as well as the recognizable faces from previous cast members.

Bringing the firefighter girl into the story was a terrific concept; she played a part that felt like she belonged there, and I enjoyed how she wasn't in the source but was added and made such an impact.

11. Zombie Detective (2020)

This drama is similar to other Korean zombie dramas, with the distinction that the zombie in this drama is far more advanced than the zombies you normally encounter.

He can run faster, has emotions, thinks like a person, can manage his appetite (to a degree), speaks, and so forth. I appreciate the plot, and the drama's director, like you, will notice some interesting elements.

The main protagonists and supporting characters have done an excellent job of keeping us entertained.

Even as an audience member, you'll be able to participate in the puzzles that our zombie detective is putting together with the help of our female protagonist.

The female information in this drama was well-received; unlike others, she is not a damsel in distress and knows how to solve difficulties.

10. Doomsday Book (2012)

Three short films are shown in a feature-length format. Each narrative is more engrossing than the one that preceded it.

There's a zombie film at the start, a religious robot story in the middle, and a young girl who buys the end of the world online at the conclusion.

I'd never seen anything like it before. All of them were beautifully shot and intriguing.

The second story about the Buddhist Robot was my favourite. Doomsday Book is recommended for fans of horror and science fiction.

This Korean zombie movie consists of a Sci-Fi film in three segments:

9. Horror Stories (2012)

The plot of this Korean zombie film begins with a girl being kidnapped by a man in his 30s, who may or may not talk.

It was a filthy environment with girls' clothing and shoes, implying that the man is a proficient kidnapper or serial killer.

The killer/kidnapper begs the girl to tell him a terrifying story to put him to sleep, but if the story isn't complicated enough, he must taste blood.

This Netflix Korean zombie film is made up of four separate stories, each helmed by a different director.

8. Train To Busan (2016)

Get yourself in this thrilling zombie thriller and forget about the everyday. If you like thrillers and zombie flicks, this Korean zombie Netflix film will take you on a wild ride.

This film contains the hero arc, character development, tremendous action, relentless suspense, drama, tear-jerking humour, fantastic effects, fantastic cinematography, and, most importantly, fantastic pace, and not to forget Gong-Yoo.

Congratulations to the Korean film industry for having this masterpiece. From the Korean zombie film list, this is a terrific flick.

7. Alive (2020)

This zombie from Korea Netflix is really relevant and relatable, especially in light of the current pandemic.

The loss of a family member, depression, suicidal thoughts, full solitude driving one insane, scarcity of food and the importance of every drop of water, the desire for a human connection, and the drive to survive Despite this, the action and horror in the film were well-represented.

It was simply two people attempting to make it through the night. On Netflix, there's a fantastic Korean zombie film!

6. The Peninsula (2020)

It is a zombie-themed fictitious film set on the Korean Peninsula. Many individuals try to flee Korea, but the country has been isolated for four years by the rest of the world.

The personalities of the characters are hardworking and upbeat. People never lose hope and finally figure out a way out.

The plot of the film is also great! The Korean zombie film was more affecting and understandable since it reminded me of COVID 19 when nothing is predictable and no one knows what will happen.

Despite the fact that the zombies are a work of fiction, the acting was extremely genuine.

Their expressions, the blood coating their mouths, and the scream they made were all so perfectly conveyed. Overall, Peninsula is a film that is well worth your time watching.

5. Rampant (2018)

This is possibly the best Korean zombie film ever made. It's everything the Kingdom series got right, condensed into two hours of thrilling action, engaging people, and terrifying undead.

The protagonist is a fierce badass who has a satisfying growth arc. The antagonist is a crafty, scheming lunatic who refuses to die.

And then there's the undead. The undead, oh my gods. Now is the time to see this Korean zombie film with some popcorn and a friend who is also a zombie nut.

4. Seoul Station (2016)

It's just a prequel to Train to Busan, which is where it all started. Except for this time it was done in anime style.

There were certain inconsistencies, which were determined to be considerably different from this spin-off, for example, at the comparison.

The zombies are far more powerful and aggressive, swiftly overwhelming every human, yet in the film, it takes a swarm to kill the main to significant players, implying a retcon.

Another thing that needs to be pointed out is that when you are infected, it takes hours for the person to reanimate, although, in the film, it only takes a second for them to turn like in World War Z, it's just perplexing, or should we say amusing, to watch now.

3. The Wailing (2016)

Another Korean zombie film has become an instant mystery thriller horror classic. The story begins in a rural location where strange, unexplained murders occur.

A terrifying tale of black magic surrounds the small community, and a foreign Japanese monk lives deep within the forest, which is said to be cursed by rumors.

The pacing is superb; the plot is given in a logical and easy-to-follow manner, and the world buildings and mystery around it are well-presented.

The story gradually develops, and the unexpected effect and twist wowed me. Now I strongly advise everybody reading this review to see it.

2. All Of Us Are Dead (2022)

This drama left everyone wondering about a season 2. If you enjoy zombies, you're in for a treat.

The plot of "All of Us Are Dead" revolves around students trapped in a high school and awaiting rescue from a shambling undead onslaught.

Furthermore, it has all the trappings of an angsty teen drama. What's not to like about that?

"All of Us Are Dead is yet another masterpiece of a show created by South Korea," one viewer said. "Throughout the 12 episodes, it seamlessly blends drama, comedy, horror, thriller, and action."

It's also been compared to 2021's Netflix mega-hit Squid Game; Korea appears to be on a roll. "All of Us Are Dead is intense but so good," said one Netflix viewer.

"You should watch it if you liked Train to Busan, Squid Game, 28 Days Later, or any horror movies." "All of Us Are Dead, Squid Game, and Sweet Home just proves that Netflix Korea is on a whole different level."

1. Happiness

Fans are still wondering where is happiness in the drama "Happiness". Happiness focuses on how humans can be the most dangerous creatures on the planet, even more, terrifying than those plagued with madness.

Simultaneously, it demonstrates how humans will go to any length for their loved ones, whether in a favourable or negative way.

Fans appreciated that the show didn't take the easy route of focusing solely on survival and killing zombies; Happiness included a pinch of brutal realism.

Every character, from the lead to the supporting cast, has its own distinct hue. The show has elements of romance, crime, and drama. Happiness is worth your time, even if the ending felt rushed.

Happiness stands apart from the bulk of zombie episodes because it portrays the disease as a real disease that the characters treat as such.

The fact that the infected actually revert back to humans/only it's a transitory state means that there won't be any of the normal stuff like massacring hordes of zombies that we see in shows with the infected motif, which I think is a lot more intriguing!

Furthermore, following the entire pandemic experience we had/are still having, one can certainly conclude that despite the frustration some of the characters caused viewers, they were 100% accurately written.

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