5 Best Weapons In Genshin Impact

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Among so many weapons, which one should you opt for your favorite character?? Don't worry we have sorted out a list of the best 5 weapons that can impact your account and character value. The following ranking is made based on utility, team value and passive providing maximum benefits.

Best Weapons in Genshin Impact

5. Primordial Jade Cutter

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It is a sword that belongs to the Primordial Jade series. It provides a very high crit value in the form of a crit rate which makes it a valuable option for most DPS character.

Level 1   - 44 base attack and 9.6% CR.

Level 90 - 542 base attack and 44.1% CR.

Weapon passive: Protector’s Virtue

HP increased by 20%. Additionally, provides an ATK Bonus based on 1.2% of the wielder’s Max HP.

Recommended category : Main DPS and Sub DPS
Recommended characters : Keqing, Xingqui, Bennett, Ayaka, Albedo, Alhaitham, Kazuha.

4.Mistsplitter Reforged

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A sword that blazes with a fierce violet light. The name ''Reforged'' comes from it having been broken once before. It belongs to the Inazuma weapon series with a very high base attack and crit damage.

Best on slot for the characters that use elemental infusions on their attacks, giving them a bonus elemental damage.

Level 1   - 48 base attack and 9.6% CD.

Level 90 - 674 base attack and 44.1% CD.

Weapon’s Passive: Mistsplitter's Edge.

Gain a 12% Elemental DMG Bonus for a character's Elemental Type. At stacks 1/2/3, Elemental DMG is further increased by 8/16/28%. Each stack has an individual duration and are gotten through.

Recommended Category: Main DPS and Sub DPS with elemental infusion attacks.
Recommended characters : Ayaka, Ayato, Xingqui, Bennett, Keqing, Alhaitham, Kazuha.

3. Wolf’s Gravestone

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A longsword used by the Wolf Knight. Originally just a heavy sheet of Iron given to the knight by a blacksmith from the city, it became endowed with legendary power owing to his friendship with the wolves.  

One of the best claymore that provides a very high attack as a main and sub stat. It can be seen as the mechanism triggering the Boreas boss fight in Wolverdom, Mondstadt.

Level 1   - 46 base attack and 10.8% attack.

Level 90 - 608 base attack and 49.6% attack.

Weapon’s Passive: Wolfish Tracker.

Increases ATK by 20%. On a hit, attacks against enemies with less than 30% HP increases all party members' ATK by 40% for 12s. Can only occur once every 30s.

Recommended Category: Main DPS and Sub DPS
Recommended characters: Diluc, Razor, Dehya, Beidou, Eula, Chongyun

2. Aqua Simulacra

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The signature weapon of Yelan, is also one of the best bows used by a main DPS.  Its color is unpredictable. Under the light, it takes on a lustrous, watery blue color. Providing a very high crit value on the basis of crit damage.

Level 1   - 44 base attack and 19.20% CD

Level 90 - 542 base attack and 88.2% CD

Weapon’s Passive: The Cleansing Form

HP is increased by 16%. When there are opponents nearby, the damage dealt by the wielder of this weapon is increased by 20%. This will take effect whether the character is on-field or not.

Recommended Category: Main DPS
Recommended characters: Yelan, Ganyu, Yoimiya, Childe, Tighnari.

1. Staff of Homa

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A mysterious staff made out of firewood that was once used in ancient and long rituals of the dead. Currently it is the signature weapon of Hutao, it can be used on a variety of characters as well.

It provides great utility on a team with a high base attack and crit damage. Characters with very high HP can utilize the most of it.

Level 1   - 46 base attack and 14.4% CD

Level 90 - 608 base attack and 66.2% CD

Weapon’s Passive: Reckless Cinnabar

HP increased by 20% Additionally, provides an attack Bonus based on 0.8% of the wielder’s max HP. When the wielder's HP is less than 50%, this attack bonus is increased by an additional 1% of max HP.

Recommended Category: Main DPS
Recommended characters: Hutao, Zhongli, Xiao, Cyno, Raiden(recommended only if you have very high Energy Recharge on artifacts)

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