22 Of The Best Quotes From Little Witch Academia MC's

Little Witch Academia is a Japanese anime series created by Yoh Yoshinari and produced by Trigger.

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22 Of The Best Quotes From Little Witch Academia MC's

Little Witch Academia is a Japanese anime series created by Yoh Yoshinari and produced by Trigger. Little Witch Academia is a series that takes place at a magical academy named Nova Magical Academy. One of the main themes of the anime is basically around Akko trying to live up to the expectations of the ideals by showing the world that magic is still a thing that attracts others!  

To be very honest it is really hard for me to put into words why I love this anime so much, like when I first saw this was the same as the other manga series but trust me it's just more than this will really teach you many things. Honestly, this is one of the very impressive and expressive anime series in recent years. Let's look at some of the most famous quotes in the anime.

Sucy Manbavaran Quotes

Sucy  Manbavaran is one of the main protagonists of the show Little Witch Academia. At the start of the show, she is shown to be aloof, calm, and a very sarcastic character.

In the show, we have seen that many girls in her vicinity are jealous of her because of the way she manages each and every situation in different way. And there are many things she said that truly make her different from others!

“Don’t pay any attention to them. They’re gonna eat our dust.”


“It’s finally finished! My super-energy potion made from an obscene amount of ingredients extracted from ultra-rare magical mushrooms! If I drink this, it will increase my magic power to the max.”


Atsuko Kagari quotes

Atsuko Kagari also known as Akko is also the main protagonist of the anime Little Witch academia. She is said to be a first-generation witch from japan. Her ideal is a shiny Chariot. Akko has well described as cheerful though also an impulsive and determined girl. The most attractive thing about her is that she is always up for challenges. She would do anything to pursue her dreams. A girl of her words.

“I don’t care about ancient history, I didn’t come here to become one of those moldy old witches. It’s no fun at all. I wanna be a cool witch like Shiny Chariot.”
 “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I was only thinking about myself, I never thought about your feelings.”        

Amanda O’Neill quotes

Amanda O'Neill is a young and very strong witch from the United States and one of the protagonists of the show. She was very first introduced as the enchanted parade.

Also known as the leader of the three troublemaking girls. As shown in the show she is described and shown as i Rebel. A fun-loving child who is only interested in herself and has little to no respect for authority. And this is so much seen in her quote stated below.

“The name’s Amanda. Considering the two of us are both rebels, I think we’ll be friends.”


Diana Cavendish Quotes

The main character of the anime series. Diana is from a noble family of witches from Great Britain and has a serious, arrogant nature that stems from the aversion to Shiny Chariot. She is occasionally responsible for magic disasters at school and often works with Akko to correct them, developing a grudging respect for her persistent personality.

“Real magic is cultivated by traditions and countless hours of intensive study.”


“Yes, Akko. I’m a descendant of a prestigious family of witches and wizards with a history dating back to ancient times. Don’t compare me with someone like you, who came just because you fell for some tasteless magic show. There’s no way we can get along.”


“Magic is sacred, using it to show off is an extremely stupid idea and should never be condoned.”


“Witches are supposed to be feared. How could you be afraid of this place? Besides, my magic is invincible. We have absolutely nothing to fear.”  


“Shiny Chariot was a fad once, but that’s all. She had so much power, and yet she couldn’t change anything and then she faded into history.”          


Croix Meridies Quotes

Croix Meridies, the main antagonist of the anime, is a new teacher of modern magic in Luna Nova Magical Academy and a very close friend of Ursula. She is clearly an intelligent woman, having pioneered the field of Magitronics. She's a highly logical person who plans her actions carefully. In the past, she was shown to be kinder and more considerate, but seeing her dream stolen by Chariot led her to become a selfish and calculating person.

“I can’t comprehend incompetent witches who do nothing but chase after unachievable dreams.”


“Outdated magics burdened by their dark history are quickly falling out of relevance in today’s world. I firmly believe that magic must reinvent itself to retain its place in our times.”


Ursula Callistis Quotes

An instructor at Luna Nova. She has bluish-grey hair and wears glasses. The stage name is Shiny Chariot. She changed her identity to Ursula Callistis, because of the pressure to please them which led to her downfall.

“You don’t get the things you dream of, you get the things that you work for.”                                  
“Even if I can never shine again, I will protect Akko!”                        
“If Chariot was here, she might say something like this: Don’t compare yourself to others, do what only you can do.”              
“It has been a while. Quite a few years have past since we last met, Professor Woodward.”          


“Stop right there! You may see Miss Kagari as just a poor student unable to use magic if you compare her to her classmates. But she has learned to understand fish language, and although she has yet to master it, she’s continuously improving her metamorphosis magic! You should not be comparing her to other students, but to how she was on the day of her enrollment!”
“Akko! Didn’t you learn to be patient? Even if the road is winding, you must work hard at what you can do now. That is the kind of witch you must become.”


Shiny Chariot Quotes

Ursula Callistis also known as Shiny Chariot is the main character of the series Little Witch academia. She is the magic astrology teacher and an inspiration to mostly the witches out there. Her natural charm and personality really do attract people around her easily. And the way she expresses herself is very impressive!

“I want to bring fun to all! I want to make everyone in the world forget their sadness and hatred with a smile!”                          
“No matter how much I may fail, I still want to give people a fun and exciting time. It was that feeling that kept me going. And then, as I stayed true to my belief, a staff of seven stars appeared before me. If I could revive the seven words with that staff, I would obtain the world reconstruction magic, Grand Triskellion. I had no doubt it was a fantastic magic, able to bring joy to people’s hearts!”


Lotte Yanson Quotes

Lotte Jansson is also the main protagonist of the show and also the roommate of Akko and Sucy. My total favorite. A very shy, caring, and calm witch and is nowhere near any type of anger issue. There are many instances when she really gets angry, for instance, in the enchanted parade her patience in helping Akko was literally tested when the accidents totally ripped off the sheet of Lotte’s ancestral song.

“Akko would not run away! She’s pouring everything she has into making what she believes in happen! She may be stubborn, but that’s what makes her Akko!”


“I know the reason why you wanted to become a witch. It was because you saw Shiny Chariot’s magic, and she inspired you to become a witch when you were little, right? That’s why I think you should have this.”


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