Unlocking Tarantino: Essential Films for a Binge-Watching Marathon

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Unlocking Tarantino: Essential Films for a Binge-Watching Marathon

With his own style and identifiable voice, Quentin Tarantino has become a master of cinematic storytelling. In his three-decade-spanning career, Tarantino has produced some of the most recognizable and memorable films in contemporary cinema.

Best Quentin Tarantino Movies

Tarantino's films are a real testament to his genius, with his signature nonlinear plots to the dexterous use of language, music and visuals. Here are the top 10 movies directed by Tarantino that you could start binging right away.

10. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

a young girl flirting with a mature man

A love letter to Hollywood in the 1960s, this film follows a fading actor and his stunt double as they struggle to succeed in the industry as it changes. The actors give superb performances, led by Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, and the recreation of 1960s Hollywood is done with amazing attention to detail.

9. True Romance (1993)

a women driving his injured friend back

Although Tony Scott directed this film, Tarantino wrote it. This criminal romance goes like this – a comic book store clerk and a call girl fall in love, but when they accidentally steal a suitcase of cocaine, they are on the run from both the police and the mob. Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette star in this film.

8. Death Proof (2007)

feet on the dashboard

In this movie, which is a love letter to the exploitation films of the 1970s, a deranged stuntman, acted by Kurt Russell, uses his "death proof" car to terrorize a group of young women a group of ladies are being pursued by a psychotic stuntman.

7. Jackie Brown (1997)

Jackie Brown centres a middle-aged flight attendant (Pam Grier) who is caught between the police and a dangerous arms dealer (Samuel L. Jackson) when she is asked to help smuggle money into the country.

6. The Hateful Eight (2015)

a man holding his weapon

This movie is set in Wyoming shortly after the Civil War, and it revolves around a group of strangers who get stranded in a remote cabin during a blizzard and then suspicion and violence erupt as they realise not everyone not everyone is who they claim to be.

5. Inglourious Basterds (2009)

an officer threatening an enemy soldier with knife

Inglorious Basterds is a revisionist history tale set during World War II. It follows a group of Jewish-American soldiers who team up with a theatre owner to kill Nazi leaders in an occupied France.