10 Most Adorable Naruto And Hinata Moments

There are plenty of small adorable moments between Naruto and Hinata throughout the series but I have chosen the ten which captured my heart.

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There are plenty of small adorable moments between Naruto and Hinata throughout the series but I have chosen the five which captured my heart. Them becoming a couple was something that fans had been hoping for since the start. So, when it finally happened in the Last Naruto movie, fans were overjoyed. However, during that time, and even before that, there were moments that made us all hope for it to happen soon. Here are the 10 most adorable Naruto and Hinata moments that captured everyone's hearts.

1. Hinata Vs. Neji in Chunin Exam

characters during chunin exams

Hinata was talented enough in her own rights, but she still couldn't compare to her cousin Neji Hyuga. So when the two were about to fight for the Chunin exams, she couldn't be more terrified. However, Naruto's words gave her the encouragement she needed the most.

It was due to the support she received from him because of which she fought bravely till the end. At the end of the fight, she also takes up the same mantra as that of Naruto in her life. She worked hard and didn’t go back on her word, this became her ‘ninja way’ too.

2. Hinata Giving Naruto the Ointment

hinata giving ointment

The Chunin Exam was full of excitement with lots of amazing fights. However, that wasn't the only highlight of the Arc. There were several short and sweet moments in the series. One of them was when Hinata was giving him the ointment. She was someone who gets extremely shy in Naruto's presence.

So, you can only imagine how much courage it took for her to go up to him and offer him her help. Naruto and Kiba both got hurt while battling each other so she gave them both the special ointment of the Hyuga clan. Naruto gets confused and wonders why she is giving it to him since he wasn't her teammate.

3. Hinata Coming to Naruto's Rescue

naruto struck between rods

While Naruto was pinned to the ground and held by the rods, it was Hinata who came to the rescue knowing already that she was no match for Pain. She manages to break one or two rods in her first attempt but is quickly thrown further away. She claims that it was Naruto who saved her many times from taking the ‘wrong path’.

The wrong path in this context is to give up if the goal does not seem to match up to your inherent capabilities. She tries to confess her love to Naruto but shortly just before Pain uses his Shinra Tensei. However, she is thrown up in the air and then on the ground due to which she starts bleeding profusely. This dreadful scene enrages Naruto and he lets Kyubi take over him.

4. Neji’s Death During Fourth Great Ninja War

hinata condoling the mc

After Neji’s demise, Naruto was unable to process the grief and the loss of a close friend. He could no longer see the purpose of fighting and was about to give up when Hinata Slaps him. She makes him realize that ‘I will never let my comrades die’, the conviction behind the statement was true. And that everyone on the battlefield including Neji felt the same conviction in their heart.

If Naruto gave up at that moment, then Neji’s death would mean nothing. It was her who brought Naruto back to his senses. She encouraged him in the middle of the battle to not give up. This scene portrayed that both of them could rely upon each other in turbulent times.

5. Their First Meeting

both the characters in the snow

Hinata was bullied on the very first day of school at the Konoha academy because of her Byakugan. The bullies made fun of her saying she was a freak with white eyes. Although Naruto comes to her defense he was beaten up by the three bullies and his red scarf was destroyed by them.

Since then, she keeps observing Naruto while staying hidden. She always found him to be a kind person and could empathize with his troubled childhood. The scene was shown in the Last Naruto movie and it also described why Hinata was so keen on making a scarf from her hands.  

6. Naruto's Confession

both the characters during the night

This moment was very different from what the fans were hoping for a long time. When Naruto and the others ended up on the moon to rescue Hanabi, he started realizing his feelings for Hinata. He saw Hinata knitting a muffler and complaining about being a terrible big sister.

So, Naruto did his best to comfort her. But he somehow ended up confessing to her and expected the same from her. Sadly, Hinata was in a dilemma to save everyone from Tonari. Unlike what Naruto and even the fans expected, Hinata wasn't the least bit happy after hearing it. Just then, Tonari came to pick her up and she went with him. Tonari also told Naruto that they will marry each other, leaving the latter devastated.

7. Naruto Asking for her Muffler

hinata making a mufler

The muffler Hinata was knitting for him held a special meaning to her since it resembles the same one Naruto was wearing when he first met her. However, when she did decide to give him the muffler, she realized that Naruto already had one. Not only that but throughout the entire movie, she was upset over the fact that Naruto was treasuring it as someone important gave it to him. So, she couldn't muster up her courage to give it to him and it was also destroyed when she was attacked by Tonari's clones.

After that, she continued knitting it again even after going with Tonari. And when Tonari destroyed it, she kept the broken piece with her. By the battle ended with Tonari, Naruto had already realized that she was knitting the muffler for him. He asked for that broken piece and said he would treasure it forever. In the last scene of the movie, Naruto and Hinata were shown to be married with two kids, and she was knitting the same red muffler.  

8. Their First Kiss

characters kissing each other

This long-awaited moment was just as special as Naruto's confession. This moment led to a wave of relief over an audience that waited patiently for that moment. Naruto and Hinata ended up floating in the stars above the moon as they share their first kiss. It was a cinematic moment that was worth the wait. After the battle ended, the team decided to go back home and the two were together the entire time. While jumping to the sky, Naruto asked her to not let go of him.

9. Naruto's Memories of the Past

the letter

During their search for Hanabi, Naruto and his team were trapped inside of a Genjutsu that makes people see their past memories. Inside of the Jutsu, Naruto saw his memories with Hinata. One of them was when they were kids. Iruka sensei was taking a class and asking them to write down the name of the person they would love to spend their last day on Earth. While Naruto was throwing tantrums in the class that nothing like this would happen, Hinata wrote his name on the sheet of paper.

Naruto never knew about this till he watched her doing that from the Genjutsu. Also, he saw the moment when Hinata rushed towards his rescue during his battle with Pain and realized that she wanted to confess to him. It was the moment when he was fully aware of her feelings towards him. And he realized his own love for her.

10. Naruto and Hinata's Wedding

marriage day of the couple

Naruto and Hinata’s wedding takes place in the final episode of the series. They are joined by their friends and family which makes this day more special for them. Just before the wedding, Naruto was thinking about his parents. Meanwhile, Hinata was thinking about Neji and how much she wished for him to be there with her. Although the wedding is not completely shown in the series a certain moment is shown at the end of The Last: Naruto the Movie.

Overall, there are many small adorable moments between both of them but the above ten are the most memorable ones. And every one of them holds a special memory to the fans.

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