Most Thoughtful Quotes From Kakegurui

The popularity of the Netflix original series Kakegurui has continued to rise despite its short time on the platform.

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Most Thoughtful Quotes From Kakegurui
Best Most Thoughtful Quotes From Kakegurui

Kakegurui, a Japanese television series, didn't need to be available on Netflix for long before it became wildly popular with Western viewers. It's impossible to turn away from the high-stakes, no-rules world that thrives behind the walls of Hyakkaou Academy. Each character in the series is powerful, determined, and equipped with a unique set of nuanced reasons that, on occasion, not even the protagonist himself can fully comprehend.

It's no surprise that a series with a major focus on highly intelligent characters influencing one another's minds would have a lot of memorable quotations. There are other members of the academy who are given the opportunity to shine as well, even if Yumeko does steal the show with her outrageous personality and uncontrollable gambling habit.

10. "I dislike situations where I know for sure if I'm going to win or lose. Because it's not really gambling." -Yumeko Jabami

Every character in the series gambles for a variety of reasons, from pure enjoyment to absolute necessity. Yumeko is an exceptional instance since she gambles just for the enjoyment of gambling; she is unconcerned with the results, even if they deny her fundamental human rights due to the academy's housepet system.

It's natural to think that Yumeko stated this to someone who was trying to influence the outcome in their favor. A gamble simply isn't a gamble if one knows for sure they're going to win or lose. The fact that this comment was aimed at Midari, who was at the moment deliberately wanting to lose, makes it particularly notable because it demonstrates her disapproval of match-rigging, even if it works in her favour.

9. "As they say, the less you know, the better you sleep." -Runa Yomozuki

Hyakkaou Academy doesn't exactly have the best reputation among all high schools for its academic performance. The president, Kirari, planned it to resemble her personal fish tank because she wanted to observe the pupils' battles for survival. Within the walls of the school, there are many secrets, and depending on what is wagered, losing students may forfeit their freedom or even their lives.

This comment from council member Runa is particularly unsettling because of that. It particularly contrasts with her extremely adorable appearance and speech pattern.

8. "Someone controls your life, so what? Put some wins under your belt and turn the tables. It's no reason to give up your ambitions!" -Itsuki Sumeragi

Kaede wagers his entire life in a one-sided wager against Yumeko and loses such a high-stakes wager. Itsuki, a girl who had feelings for Kaede before he turned against her, is the recipient of his life plan, according to Yumeko, who claims that Itsuki would use it far better.

Even then, after getting her comeuppance, she still has feelings for him and uses this memorable phrase to encourage him to move forward. It serves as a helpful reminder that even when something in your life is out of your control, there are still things you can do to try and change the situation.

7. "The amount of money one owns ultimately decides the victor. It's a rule that forms the basis of capitalist society!" -Yumeko Jabami

Although not all aspects of life are determined by one's financial situation, it undoubtedly affects the type of experience students enjoy at Hyakkaou Academy. It also applies to who has the most authority in society, as it is typically the richest and most "influential" individuals.

This comment demonstrates Yumeko's intelligence, demonstrating she is much more than just a mindless, gambling-obsessed maniac. She is aware of the level of influence she already enjoys within the academy as a result of the absurd sum of money she owns.

6. "All according to plan then, huh? But you know, every time things look like they're gonna go well, there's definitely always trouble moving in the background." -Runa Yomozuki

Runa takes on a different position than most of the other characters that fans are familiar with because she is the head of the Election Committee, which is in charge of ensuring that matches are conducted impartially. She frequently watches contests of all kinds that take place in the academy as a result, and she has seen luck change from good to bad in an instant far too often.

She learned a painful life lesson that belies her childlike appearance: Usually, when one is most at ease in life, the rug gets cruelly ripped out from under them.

5. "I despise people who move the goalposts because they think they can't win." -Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko never lets hazards intimidate her, no matter what dangers may be in her path. No matter how well-known or seemingly unbeatable her adversaries are, she is able to see through their plans.

She naturally becomes frustrated with those who pass up possibilities in their own lives as a result of this. Before their competition is done, she tells Yumemi this chilling phrase after she concedes defeat to one of her childhood idols.

4. "My life is mine! They can't have it!" -Mary Saotome

Although Mary first appears to be a very tsundere-like side character, she grows into one of the series' most powerful characters. She falls from the top of the food chain at the academy to the bottom, but she manages to claw her way back by figuring out a way around one of the games' regulations.

The academy drafts a life plan for her while she is at her lowest point, which she quickly rejects. She rips it apart and shouts angrily, saying that even if the plan meant she would never have to deal with uncertainty, she would never entrust her life to someone else.

3. "To make your ambitions come true, you have to take risks." -Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko is incapable of experiencing any kind of fear. That she doesn't feel terrible about wrecking other people's life through gambling and that she never fears for her own is not an exaggeration; she acknowledges this at one point.

She is fully aware that one must put something on the line in order to win or even achieve the success they desire. Yumeko compares it to how professional sportsmen must forego their childhoods to devote themselves to training and says that this principle applies to pretty much everything in life and isn't exclusive to gambling.

2. "They say humans are irrational creatures... gambling doesn't get them anything, they only lose something. But even so, we still gamble. We do that because we enjoy the risk." -Kirari Momobami

The fact that there shouldn't really be a reason for people to want to gamble, at least not sensibly, is part of what makes something like gambling so fascinating to see. Most people are perfectly aware that the house always has the advantage and that their entire savings could go overnight without them ever seeing a penny of it again.

The fact that people continue to go to casinos in spite of this is what drives Kirari. Even if it's a completely absurd choice, she understands that people will still decide to take a chance, and she finds it really amusing to observe how things turn out.

1. "You're finally granted a chance to get even! And if you don't take it... then you're no better than a puppy who cowers when someone takes the leash off." -Yumeko Jabami

The two of them observe a school bully tormenting a girl called Nanami and compelling her to provide him with information out of fear while playing two against two with Mary. She is given the chance to not only avenge him but also triumph over him in the standings of the match, but she holds back.

Yumeko cannot support this, which sets up a line of hers that is incredibly memorable. Although it seems harsh, it also forces Nanami to defend herself and realize how satisfying it can be to do so.

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