Best Moments in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie!

Who's the new Red Ribbon Army? Goku vs Vegeta: Who Won?

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie is a 2022 movie next on the installment released worldwide. The Dragon Ball series is famous for good fight scenes, uncanny and dark sarcastic humor, good and bad characters, and of course, it would be incomplete with the legendary Saiyans.  

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero focused on the revival of the Red Ribbon Army under the banner of Magenta from Red Pharmaceuticals aided by the genius Dr. Hedo.

Although shady and a near villain character, you can’t instantly dislike Dr. Hedo, even when he has very ambitious destruction projects only at the glimpse of charades “The Superhero” like ideologies.

Gohan and Piccolo are back with the star focus on Pan. Pan, the next Saiyan in training under Master Piccolo is Goku’s granddaughter and daughter of Gohan and Videl.

It was reminiscent to watch the entire star cast of the Dragon Ball series make an appearance. Here are the best moments in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie!

In terms of re-watch value, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero definitely can be watched multiple times.

The Road to Enemies: The Red Ribbon Army

main characters in the movie

In the history of introducing negative characters, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero beat the rest. Rather than a cliche entry, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero quickly provided a brief recap of Red Ribbon Army, and how Goku defeated him.

The first few minutes of the narrative focus on a short recap in case fans weren’t updated with the existing or previous series. We saw cell, Majin Buu, and Frieza all getting obliterated tasting defeat. With quite a cinematic effect Magenta and Dr. Hedo were introduced.

In the list of villains, Dr. Hedo might be on the opposite side but is brimmed with the confidence and ideologies of a superhero. The misunderstood genius researcher was just a tad bit short (of cash/ research funding) to create the ultimate androids.

Who’s the New Saiyan in training?

pan in training

In case you aren’t updated with the series, Gohan married Videl, Mr. Satan’s daughter. Gohan and Videl have a lovely daughter, Pan. Under the guidance of Mr. Piccolo, Pan was earnestly training.

One thing’s for sure Piccolo does favor Gohan a lot and he even has a stronger bond with him, in many aspects even more than Goku.  Piccolo is very much like a father figure in Gohan’s life.

It was quite pleasing to see Piccolo train a 3-year-old Pan, almost acting like a grandpa/godfather/Master. What’s more interesting is Piccolo commented that Pan is better in terms of learning than her father, Gohan.

Piccolo might seem like a meanie at first, but underneath it all, he is just a cutie and a softie. The cute and soft side of Piccolo in  Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was worth watching.

Piccolo was seen literally picking up Pan from school because Gohan and Videl are too busy doing god knows what. (Gohan was busy with his research!) The cute amassed plushies at Piccolo’s residence and the smartphone were quite a nice addition.

Piccolo vs Gamma 2

Gamma andoriods talking

A new danger was brewing when you least expect it. Piccolo paid Gohan a visit only to find him submerged in his research on some glowing ants. While a not-so-happy Piccolo left Gohan alone, he was met with surprise in the form of Gamma 2, Dr. Hedo’s latest creation.

It was quite a nice fight between Gamma 2 and Piccolo where the former emerged victorious, or so he thought.  A proud Gamma 2 returned back to the hidden location while Piccolo followed him back. Way to go Mr. Piccolo! Need to say, Gamma 2 is chatty, bratty, and quite cute. You just can’t hate Gamma 2.

You don’t just Kidnap Pan!

Gamma androids making scheme

It was endearing to see Dr. Hedo and Magenta make plans to overthrow Capsule Corp with Bulma and other Saiyans. Somehow Magenta convinced Dr.Hedo that Gohan and others were the baddies.

To challenge Gohan, they hatched a plan to kidnap Pan only to be witnessed by Piccolo. As if Mr. Guardian Namek Piccolo will ever let his granddaughter Pan get kidnapped.

Not only that, although young, these goons are just no match for Pan. Gamma 1 is introduced who seemed very much like a twin sibling of Gamma 2. The chitter-chatter and bickering of Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 is something you will enjoy! Piccolo convinced Pan to get kidnapped and ended up at the Red Ribbon HQ.

Gohan, Mr. Orange Piccolo, and Dragon Ball!

orange piccolo ready to fight

Lucky for them, Bulma has a store of Dragon Balls tucked away to make 3 wishes. While Bulma wastes her wishes away on botox and cosmetic surgery, the woman sure is crazy about looks and remaining youthful (beautiful).

Piccolo asked Shenron to unlock his inner potential, and therefore Orange Piccolo. With Gohan lured away to fight the Gamma androids, it was nice to see them exchange fists and beat each other up.

The scenes were pretty anti-climatic with Cell Max brought back to life, but nothing to worry about.

The Dragon Ball Squad Yo!

fusion of trunks and goten

It was pleasant to see Goten, Trunks, Krillin, Android 18, and Bulma gather to fight the new threat. The fusion of Goten and Trunks was quite surprising. A truly hilarious moment.  

It was nice to see Dende in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero when Piccolo went to visit him earlier. The squad fought off Cell Max with Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 teaming up with the heroes.

Of course, Gohan ends up saving them all from the wrath of Cell Max but Orange Piccolo was successful to draw out his inner hidden power. As Piccolo said, Gohan had the potential to become the Earth’s strongest warrior if he wanted to. We do get to see Pan finally learn to fly!

Goku vs Vegeta: Who Won?

Perhaps one of the best moments in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The movie would be incomplete if we do not see Goku and Vegeta. Of course, there is Lord Beerus, Broly, Whis, and others.

Broly felt like a super fanboy admiring Goku and Vegeta as they battle it out. Goku and Vegeta spar and finally the moment everyone was waiting for perhaps. Vegeta managed to defeat Goku, finally. Both Brolly and Lemo watch awestruck and cheer like true fanboys!

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