20 More Chinese High School Romance Dramas To Watch

High school romance dramas have always had a deep connection with the viewers. It's all worth watching because of the charming sensitive age, happy love, and teenage romance. Here, we present you with the best high school romance dramas.

2 couples standing together

Who doesn't enjoy a good Chinese romantic comedy? Particularly if they take place in a school. The expectation of a high school relationship has always been high.

It's all worth watching because of the charming sensitive age, happy love, and teenage romance. The funniest popular Chinese dramas set in school or college are featured on this list. Read below:

20. Beyond Light Years

The plot centers around Li Yu Chen, a computing major who excels in using probability to solve issues.

He is highly clever, courteous, and helpful, but he comes out as cold and uncaring.

He meets Xia Xiao Ci, a happy girl from a normal household, and they have instant hate for one another.

19. Back In Time

The emotions and life experiences of those born in the 1980s are shown in this drama.

It is the final year of the twentieth century, and it shines brightly in the hearts of adolescent boys and girls. Qiao Ran, Chen Xun, and Zhao Ye.

Three young lads squander their seemingly limitless youth time as much as they can, fall out of favour, quarrel with Teacher Big Horse on the street, and play video games madly.

However, the boy who is more naive might still sense that the bottom of his heart yearns for first love while being influenced by the particular rhythm of youth.

Qiao Ran turns his gaze to Fang Hui, the girl he believes assists the teacher in dealing with him and the other students.

Zhao Ye seeks to make friends with Jia Mo, a girl who enjoys basketball, and Rukawa Kaede (The Character from Slam Drunk).

Meanwhile, it appears that Chen Xun and Fang Hui have an unspoken feeling for each other. And before I knew it, a moment that should have lasted forever had passed me by... Jiu Ye Hui's novel of the same name was adapted into a film.

18. About Is Love

This drama does not take place in a school. The plot centers around a company president and an 18-year-old art student.

The film About Is Love portrays the narrative of Wei Qing, who suffers from a severe form of OCD that has a negative impact on his life.

He is unable to interact with women in any way. He does not, however, give up in his search for a woman who can save him.

Years pass, yet he realizes that he gets along with Zhou Shi, an art student, just well.

If you enjoy romantic films and want to see a fantastic tale with great chemistry between the performers, don't hesitate to check out this series.

Each of the three couples in the novel has a compelling story to tell, so you'll be invested in them as well.

17. Love At First Sight

This series is based on Qiao Yi's novel "I Don't Like This World, I Only Like You", which was published in China (which is also based on the true story of its author and her husband).

The drama "Love at First Sight" depicts the story of two high school classmates who fall in love at first sight.

They are two people that are very different, but they have a close affinity. They make a vow to one another to study abroad after graduation, but they don't follow through.

Their preparations are thwarted by an unexpected event, and they lose contact. They are reunited some years later. Will they be open to admitting their feelings for one another?

You will cry, laugh, and learn a lot from this Chinese high school play. Make sure to have a look!

16. A Love So Beautiful

"A Love So Beautiful" begins with two high school buddies who are also neighbors.

They go to school together every day, and over time, they build mutual affection. When a new boy arrives at school, though, everything changes.

If you're looking for a good, pleasant Chinese drama with a basic plot, this is the one for you. This is also your cup of tea if you enjoy dramas set in a high school setting.

15. Accidentally In Love

Chinese romantic comedy Accidentally in Love depicts the story of a wealthy family's daughter.

She prefers to shun arranged marriages and find genuine love on her own. So, on the day of her wedding, she enrols in the college where her parents both attended!

The girl is interested in learning more about how they died. She strives to blend in with her new classmates, despite her new appearance and identity.

Will she be able to find genuine love there?

If you want to watch something pleasant, hilarious, romantic, but not too tragic, add this drama to your watch list.

14. Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me

"Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me" is one of the top Chinese school romance dramas on the list, based on a classic novel by Jin Xia Mo.

Is it a coincidence or fate that brings a milk delivery lady and Prince Charming together?

A tragedy strikes out of nowhere, leaving the girl orphaned and destitute.

Her mother's dying wish was that she be taken in by the Han family until she was old enough to attend university.

The family not only grants the wish but also insists on the girl attending the family's expensive private school.

Numerous squabbles happen as a result of the fact that not everyone in school likes their new classmate.

Furthermore, the family's heir, the Master Devil himself, dislikes her the least. Is it feasible that the girl will not be scared off by the new environment?

Is it possible for her to make friends? Or possibly change her and Master Devil's harsh rivalry into something far sweeter?

Do you want to see a romantic comedy-drama? Congratulations! You've discovered the ideal partner. This one is fun to watch, lighthearted, and addictive.

13. The Endless Love

A love story about a gifted painter fine arts student and a bright young girl who is like a beam of sunlight.

Gu Ye Bai is a creative genius, but he faces a psychological setback just as he is about to submit an application for a major competition.

He becomes progressively worried till Lu You Yan enters his life and assists him in achieving his goals.

Lu You Yan gets an opportunity to fly to Paris just as their lovely romance is starting to develop, and their relationship encounters its largest obstacle on top of the real-life problems that seniors face as students.

12. My Fairy Girl

This is the drama that will captivate you in every way. "My Fairy Girl" narrates the story of devils who have been around for 2000 years.

They are on the verge of reaching immortality. However, they are assigned a mission to perform before that happens.

Within 100 days, they must both travel to the human realm and find a human who will marry one of them.

Only then will they be able to enter the world of immortals. So, if you're seeking a romantic comedy with a twist, this is a fantastic pick.

11. Proud Of Love

The story centers around two college students in Proud of Love. One of them is a dance major, while the other is a reserved engineering student.

Can you imagine what would happen if these two persons exchanged souls?

There's nothing impossible in this series, after all. Our two main characters' souls are swapped one day while looking in a weird mirror.

As a result, a dancer finds herself in the body of a student of engineering, and vice versa. Isn't that insane?

Give this series a try if you want to see an amusing, short, and funny Chinese drama that will make you laugh out loud.

The show isn't too serious about itself. Until the conclusion, the comedy becomes better and better.

10. Dragon Day, You're Dead

"Dragon Day, You're Dead" is based on a novel by Xiao Nizi, a young writer, and tells the story of a top student and a school devil.

Give this Chinese drama a try if you're searching for a cheerful, hilarious romantic story.

It's not without a few tears, but it's not one of those shows where every episode makes you cry and tears your heart out.

9. Love O2O

Two college students fall in love on campus, but they have no idea that their avatars in an online game's virtual world have already married.

You'll also get to meet Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang, two of China's most promising young performers.

8. My Huckleberry Friends

My Huckleberry Friends is based on Ba Yue Chang An's trilogy of books.

You'll want to see the spinoff if you've read the books or watched With You. Yu Zhou and Lin Yang, who meet on the first day of primary school, become friends.

Lin Yang's parents, unfortunately, no longer allow him to see his pal due to rumours.

The girl runs away from him and her many classmates once she starts high school.

After some time has passed, Yu Zhou runs across her old friend. Is she supposed to be glad or unhappy about it? What difficulties do they have in store for them?

The series reveals a lot about how Chinese pupils are raised. However, there is one difference between With You and My Huckleberry Friends.

The second season focuses more on the student's lives outside of school.

If you enjoy drama about student relationships, this is the drama for you.

There are also many of their academic successes and failures, personal trauma issues, and social standing.

7. Never Gone: So You Are Still Here

Never Gone is based on a novel of the same name and tells the life of two high school classmates.

They are polar opposites in every way, not just in terms of personalities.

Their family histories are also distinct. As a result, even when they do start dating, the relationship doesn't survive long. They meet up again a few years after their separation.

The powerful and obstinate characteristics of the main characters, who appear to be total opposites, will appeal to you.

Throughout the series, you'll see how their perspectives and goals evolve. It's fascinating to watch the personalities grow. Give this series a try if you want to go on an emotional roller coaster.

6. Addicted

At the same time, in the same household and in the same class?! Bai Luo Yin (Timmy Xu) grew up with his grandmother and father, Bai Han Qi, who was divorced (Song Tao).

Luo Yin learns that his mother, Jiang Yuan (Liu Xiao Hua), remarried the high-ranking government official Gu Wei Ting when he is 16 years old (Wang Dong).

Wei Ting's son, Gu Hai (Johnny Huang), becomes Luo Yin's new stepbrother, and he also happens to be in the same class at school.

Will Luo Yin and Gu Hai establish a different kind of bond than being mere brothers with the help of their classmates You Qi (Lin Feng Song) and Yang Meng (Chen Wen) as intermediaries?

5. I Won't Get Bullied By Girls

This drama follows Ye Lin, a troublemaker who was harassed as a child by a girl.

He refuses to be bullied anymore, so he works on himself and matures into a fine young man.

He learns several years later that the girl who bullied him has transferred to the same school where he is enrolled.

Ye Lin becomes cold-hearted and indifferent to her after being terrified by her deeds in the past.

At the same time, the girl discovers she has had a crush on him since she was a child. It's not simple to win his heart now, though.

I Won't Get Bullied by Girls will be an interesting movie if you're seeking a drama about love, friendship, and high school life in general.

It's a bit cheesy, but it'll be an excellent watch for people looking for something light.

4. One And Another Him

A 17-year-old girl falls in love with her high-IQ math teacher, who is a genius.

Unfortunately, she only finds heartache because she recognizes that love is impossible. After some time has passed, our heroine has learned to let go of the past.

However, she still remembers her heartache and is unable to love someone again.

Well, she believes so until she meets another academic - a dashing and brilliant math teacher! She's dragged into a new (kind of) relationship.

Give this one a try if you're searching for a fun Chinese school romantic drama.

Watch "One and Another Him" to figure out why one genius's body contains both a cold, brilliant soul and a friendly soul.

3. Go Ahead

The plot centers around three damaged teenagers who find solace in their shared experiences in order to create the best family possible for each other.

Three unconnected individuals who grew up in troubled houses treat each other like family as they search for the love they can't get at home.

Ling Xiao, He Zi Qiu, and Li Jian Jian, the youngest sister, grow up together, sharing life's joys and sorrows while supporting each other's chosen paths.

Ling Xiao and He Zi Qiu return to their own homes after graduating from high school.

The three are reunited nine years later, but the heartaches from their convoluted family background remain a persistent shadow.

2. Put Your Head On My Shoulder

On the verge of graduation, an accounting major in search of a job ends up living with a brilliant physics student, who throws her daily routine into disarray.

Situ Mo is a recent graduate. She is unsure about her future and lacks the bravery to make a decision for herself, having grown accustomed to having her entire life mapped out for her.

Gu Weiyi, a physics major, comes into her life because the school districts have amalgamated.

They collide on a regular basis, oblivious to the fact that they are steadily walking into each other's hearts.

They find up having to live together by mistake, much to their astonishment.

1. When We Were Young

A nostalgic story set in 1996 that centers on high school students.

Yang Xi is injured by a lab explosion while pursuing a bike thief during the summer, rendering her unable to compete in a long-distance marathon.

When school starts, she discovers that the person responsible for her tragedy has transferred to her class and is now the class president.

Hua Biao is a science department genius who is hot-blooded, rash, and talented.

Hua Biao's arrival sets his classmates on edge, and he must show himself in order to be welcomed. Later in life, people have many ups and downs.

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