20 Best Chinese Drama To Binge-watch in 2023

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There is a simple reason why everyone loves C-dramas. C-dramas are so simple and realistic that we just can't help but binge-watch them.

The amazing cast, well-matched OST, and realistic stories give us every reason to watch our beloved C-dramas.

Here, we present you the 20 Best C-Dramas ever for you to Binge-watch. Enjoy

20. Use for My Talent (2021)

Gu Ren Qi, a secret clean freak, owns a robot cleaning company that employs the charismatic and outgoing Shi Shuang Jiao.

As the two slowly fall in love and realize that artificial intelligence cannot replace humans, they devise a plan to bring high-end cleaning services to ordinary people in order to improve everyone's health and quality of life.

19. Secret of the Three Kingdoms

This Chinese drama, based on the 14th-century historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, takes place in the late Han dynasty when they had already ruled for 400 years.

While the novel covers more than a century, the TV drama only covers 20 years, from 200 CE to the end of the Han Dynasty in 220 CE.

The Secret of the Three Kingdoms depicts major historical events accurately, albeit with some liberties.

Even if you are familiar with the history, the drama will take you by surprise at every turn.

Give this series a shot if you're looking for a good story. However, if you prefer highly emotional dramas, this one might not be for you.

18. The Endless Love

The story of The Endless Love revolves around a young man who is a gifted painter. He does, however, have colour blindness caused by trauma.

He meets a cute girl who helps him heal his emotional wounds and fight for his dreams during this difficult time in his life.

This drama isn't particularly serious, but if you're looking for a good, light watch with likeable characters, The Endless Love is just what you're looking for!

17. Legend of Fuyao

If you're looking for a memorable and exciting Chinese drama to watch over and over, Legend of Fuyao is for you!

It has many political plotlines, but it also has compelling relationships and emotional stories.

Fu Yao, the main character, grows from a young and stubborn slave girl to a powerful woman who discovers her true strength and courage in order to make the world right.

Legend of Fuyao is based on Tianxia Guiyuan's novel Empress Fuyao and takes place in the universe of five kingdoms led by the Imperial City of Wuji.

Following a series of tragic events, Fu Yao, a slave girl in the Taiyuan Kingdom, sets out on a journey across all of the kingdoms in search of a way to lift the curse that has plagued her life.

During her quest, she meets the crown prince of Wuji and develops feelings for him.

There will be plenty of action, court intrigue, adventures, and, of course, an epic love story!

16. Bloody Romance

Bloody Romance is based on a novel of the same name and follows a beautiful woman who is thrown into a chaotically cruel world and has no choice but to learn how to survive.

The woman, the poor daughter of a herbalist, was duped and sold into a brothel. Furthermore, she discovers that the person responsible for this arrangement is someone close to her.

She becomes a cold-blooded assassin after escaping death.

She encounters dangerous psychopaths and sociopaths in her new life, and she must summon great courage and intelligence to prevail.

15. Lost in 1949

If you enjoy spy dramas, here's a good one for you. Lost in 1949 is set in Communist China.

It's about two people who meet by chance and fall in love. They are both willing to devote their lives to serving their country.

The plot revolves around a man who is unexpectedly released from prison and a woman who is a Communist agent assigned to gather valuable information for the Party.

When she returns home to visit her husband's grave, she runs into the newly released prisoner and they take each other's briefcases.

The agent meets an intelligent, kind person while looking for her briefcase, which contains an important transmitter.

14. Here to Heart

The drama Here to Heart is based on An Ning's novel The Warm Chord. Give this drama a shot if you want to immerse yourself in a world of love, hate, and vengeance!

This is a story about profound and eternal young love. Due to a tragic accident, a young couple has been separated.

Their wounds haven't healed even after a decade. They have each found new friends, but they are still lonely at heart.

Will one of them take the first step toward rekindling their true love? Their love is like a war in which neither side wants to give up.

The man announces his intention to marry another woman.

13. Love Till the End of Summer

Love Till the End of Summer is another novel-based Chinese drama; it is adapted from Guo Jingming's novel of the same name.

This 10-year-long series follows a group of young and ambitious school friends whose paths diverge after graduation.

Everyone is pursuing their dreams, but each is confronted with obstacles such as struggles, departures, imprisonments, betrayals, or the deaths of loved ones.

Each friend is changing, and they begin to doubt each other's friendship.

This drama shows us what we know to be true: that life is not a bed of roses. It's not always smooth, and it's not always as easy as we would hope.

Despite this, true friendships play an important role in our lives, as this series demonstrates.

12. The Rise of Phoenixes

Do you enjoy seeing magnificent thrones, peacock feathers, and opulent costumes on screen?

Well, The Rise of the Phoenixes is a visual feast. It not only has stunning cinematography, but its characters will captivate you from the start.

This historical romance is loosely based on Tianxia Guiyuan's novel Huang Quan (Phoenix Rise).

Although not all of the historical facts are completely accurate, the story is still inspired by history.

Everything a history buff enjoys can be found here: rebellion, corruption, assassinations, and much more.

The main plot revolves around the Qiu family's illegitimate daughter, who is falsely accused of a crime. As a result, she is expelled from her home.

To survive, she disguises herself as a man in order to attend a prestigious academy. She excels at the academy and soon becomes a royal scholar and politician in the court.

She is loyal and honest there until she is duped into believing that the current dynasty is built on the corpses of her loved ones, those of a fallen kingdom.

Will she seek retaliation?

11. Love Me If You Dare

Adapted from Ding Mo's Close Your Eyes, Stay Close to Me, Love Me If You Dare will take you inside the minds of violent criminals.

The main character, a man, is a brilliant criminal psychologist.

After working on a serial killer case in America, he returns to China to work in the police department as an analyst and advisor on the most difficult cases.

They delve into the criminal mind with the assistance of his assistant.

If you enjoy mystery/crime, Sherlock Holmes–style dramas, you should definitely watch this series.

It also has a romantic and humorous tone, so you won't be bored. However, if romance is your primary interest, you will most likely be disappointed.

There is some romance, but it is not the main focus of the series.

10. Love O2O

If you're looking for a light and refreshing love story, Love O2O is a breath of fresh air.

This charming story is about university life and online gaming. With a unique plot that will make you smile, you'll want to binge-watch the entire series!

The plot revolves around the most popular boy on campus, who also happens to be a gaming expert and a stunning computer science major.

He falls madly in love with this stunning woman the first time he meets her in an internet cafe (where she was playing with another gamer).

Soon, she will discover that he is drawn to her not because of her beauty, but because of her gaming abilities!

9. Falling Into Your Smile

The all-male ZGDX OPL team is unrivalled in the ultra-competitive world of e-sports.

Army after army of adoring female fans follows the team wherever it goes.

When one of the team's stars players suffers a hand injury, ZGDX captain Lu Si Cheng, who is tall, handsome, and notoriously difficult to please, will not rush to find a replacement.

Meanwhile, the petite, lollipop-obsessed Tong Yao is a budding amateur gamer who is obsessed with OPL.

Her abilities are exceptional, but she is adamant that love is a no-no in the male-dominated world of professional gaming – despite the fact that her ex-boyfriend was a gamer.

When the ZGDX team manager learns of her abilities, he contacts her in the hope that hiring her as the scene's first female player will help them score a major PR coup.

Lu Si Cheng initially dismisses her but eventually agrees to accept her as a substitute – a decision that divides the team's fanbase.

But, as they get to know each other better, could a stronger bond form between them?

8. My Little Happiness

Cong Rong has long wished to be a lawyer, but her mother is adamant that her daughter study finance abroad.

Cong Rong's mother will not accept "no" for an answer, hoping that her daughter will successfully settle down somewhere overseas.

Cong Rong has no choice but to do as her mother wishes because she has been unable to persuade her mother to allow her to pursue her dreams. Is that correct?

Cong Rong secretly returns home to begin work as a legal intern after successfully convincing her mother that she has left for distant lands.

Cong Rong meets her childhood friend, Wen Shao Qing when she takes on her first case.

Shao Qing, who is now a surgeon, is not only Cong Rong's client; he is also her landlord and next-door neighbour.

Despite their best efforts, Cong Rong and Shao Qing find themselves drawn closer together by the ever-tightening strings of fate.

The childhood friends may fight against the ties that bind them in a never-ending battle of wits, but how long will they be able to resist the inevitable?

7. The Day Of Becoming You

After switching bodies, the leader of a boyband and an entertainment reporter is forced into a series of outrageous situations.

Jiang Yi is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. He is the distant and cold leader of a popular boy band.

In reality, he has struggled to express himself since his parents divorced when he was a child.

Meanwhile, Yu-Sheng Sheng has evolved into an entertainment reporter who is constantly bumping up against a brick wall at work.

Their paths were not meant to cross, but an accident results in the two exchanging bodies on their birthdays, which happen to coincide.

The sudden change catches them off guard and with only each other to turn to for support in the days and nights that followed, Jiang Yi and Yu Sheng Sheng gradually fall in love.

6. Go Go Squid

Han Shang Yan, a CTF cyber-security esports legend, had long retired to establish his own esports club, K&K, to train a group of young teenage boys as professional esports athletes.

Han Shang Yan walks into an internet cafe to relax one evening after a K&K loss in a CTF competition.

Tong Nian, a computer science genius and part-time online singer, was helping her cousin run his internet cafe one evening when Han Shang Yan walks in and she falls in love at first sight.

She finds herself wanting to get close to him despite being brave, and outgoing and having tens of thousands of followers from singing covers online. She makes several clumsy attempts to do so.

A series of coincidences and misunderstandings bring the two of them together, and as Han Shang Yan gradually begins to warm up to her.

Tong Nian finds herself becoming involved in K&K's activities and the world of professional esports, even uncovering the past of Han Shang Yan and the reason for his sudden retirement from the esports world.

5. Skate Into Love

A short-track speed skating girl crosses paths with their school's ice hockey god. Despite getting off to a bad start, they embark on a journey to pursue their dreams.

During elementary school, the timid and cowardly Li Yu Bing had to put up with constant bullying from his seatmate Tang Xue.

Despite this, they have one thing in common: a dream on the ice.

When they finally meet again at Lin Da University, Li Yu Bing has become the school's ice god, while Tang Xue's future is unknown.

Li Yu Bing pulls a few strings in order to turn Tang Xue into his helper in order to exact revenge for everything she did.

The more time they spend together, the more Li Yu Bing notices Tang Xue's positive characteristics.

Tang Xue herself inspires his bravery on the ice, he realizes. In turn, he assists Tang Xue in rediscovering her passion for speed skating.

When past misunderstandings catch up with them, problems arise. Yu Yan, a figure skating prodigy, enters the picture.

Tang Xue's first love, Bian Cheng, also returns, all while school beauty Zhou Ran causes havoc.

As they face roadblocks from disapproving parents and fierce competitors, they arrive at a fork in the road that will determine their athletic career.

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4. Love Scenery

Liang Chen is dedicated to bringing good music works to listeners, expressing the concept of being kind, genuine, and perfect.

Lu Jing is passionate about computer and big data research.

He is well-known in the academic field for his research into complex human behaviour and psychology, and his solid speciality in literature has influenced his classmates.

They are strangers at first, but big data brings them together, and they become closer on the journey of pursuing dreams.

3. Put Your Head On My Shoulder

On the verge of graduating, an accounting major looking for a job ends up living with a brilliant physics student who shakes up her daily routine.

Situ Mo is a recent graduate. As someone who has grown accustomed to having her entire life planned out for her, she is unsure of her future and lacks the courage to make a decision for herself.

Gu Weiyi, a physics major, walks into her life because the school districts have merged.

They collide repeatedly, oblivious to the fact that they are slowly walking into each other's hearts. To their surprise, they find themselves forced to live together.

2. When we were Young

During the summer, while pursuing a bike thief, Yang Xi is injured by a lab explosion, rendering her unable to compete in a long-distance run.

When she returns to school, she discovers that the perpetrator of her misfortune has transferred to her class and has even taken her position as class president. Hua Biao is the science department's hot-blooded, rash, and gifted genius.

Hua Biao's arrival immediately raises the ire of his classmates, and he must prove himself in order to be accepted by the class.

Later in life, they experience many ups and downs.

1. Go Ahead

Growing up in dysfunctional families, three unrelated blood individuals treat each other like family as they yearn for the love that they cannot find at home.

Ling Xiao, the eldest brother, He Zi Qiu, and Li Jian Jian, the youngest sister, grow up together, sharing life's joys and sorrows while supporting each other's chosen paths.

Ling Xiao and He Zi Qiu return to their original families after graduating from high school.

The three are reunited nine years later, but the heartbreaks from their complicated family past remain a constant shadow.

Can they finally resolve their personal issues so that they can become better versions of themselves?

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