BTS's Best Choreographies Ever

When it comes to dancing no one does it like BTS. Make sure to check out the full article.

group of men practising on the dance floor

It’s the norm for K-pop choreography to be so on point that idols typically put in a potentially harmful amount of practice. Less generous characterizations have often pegged dancing in the Korean pop industry as “robotic” and “mechanical.” But BTS consistently resists those descriptions as their approach to dance is both precise and colourful.

The seven members each offer unique strengths to the group. Of course, the dance line -- J-Hope, Jimin and Jungkook -- is the most adept at bringing their choreography to life. But while RM and Jin often joke that they’re not good dancers, they manage to master the group’s steps every time.

Check out BTS top 10 Best Choreographies(in no particular order) ever...

1. Fire

The boys of BTS dancing on their song 'fire'

BTS outdid themselves when it came to back-breaking intensity. Not to mention the song truly is fire. They really did justice to the song with such a power-pack performance.

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2. Dope

The boys of BTS dancing on their song 'dope'

The choreography lived up to its title. Starting from its dope moves to perfect synchronization it is still one of the most memorable choreographies of BTS.

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3. Blood Sweat Tears

BTS from their music video 'blood, sweat, and tears'

The boys pulled off a dark and sexy concept during this comeback with the help of some artful formations and mean-mugging. The whole video is a piece of art. From the storyline to the outfits to the slick moves, it was one hell of a performance.

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4. DNA

BTS in their music video of 'DNA'

Colourful outfits, with a colourful set, and of course the cram-packed moves all along. Well, guess what dancing is in the DNA of our boys.

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5. ON

The music video of 'On'

This is one of the best choreographies of BTS. Both the music video as well as the On Kinetic Manifesto Video is full of power-packed choreographies.

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6. Black Swan

The MAMA choreography of black swan

As powerful as the lyrics are of this song, so are the dance moves. The music video adds up to the choreography.

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7. Fake Love  

The boys of BTS dancing on 'fake love'

Fake love is one of the best-considered choreographies of BTS. The formations, the moves, and each and every moment in the choreography were executed so well.

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The chair scene from Idol music video

Talking about BTS power pack performance and not including this masterpiece will be an injustice. The ending just adds so much more energy to the whole choreography it's so amazing.  

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9. Dynamite Dance Break Version

Dynamite Dance Break Version

Well, one of the most memorable BTS live performances ever. This special version of Dynamite was prepared for MAMA 2020 Awards where BTS performed Black Swan, Life Goes On, and Dynamite Dance Break version. Suga was not a part of it since he was under surgery.

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10. I Need You

bts i need you

As good as the song sounds, the choreography is eye-catching as usual. Each and every part of the choreography explains the song so well.

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11. Butter  

BTS butter

The song that broke every record this year obviously had an amazing choreograph. It was really smooth like butter.  

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12. Butter 3J Version

Butter 3J Version

After the release of Butter, a remix was released feat. Megan Thee Stallion. The dance line of BTS i.e. J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook released a special performance for the rap part. This performance really proved BTS has the best dance line in the K-pop industry.

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13. Permission To Dance

permission to dance bts

When the music video for "Permission To Dance" was released, one thing was very clear "Music Brings People Together".

Fans were blown away by the choreography of the song. After seeing the MV fans discover the use of sign language.

The choreography incorporates international sign language that means 'fun', 'dance', and 'peace'. Scratching their body while raising their thumbs and slightly bending the rest of the fingers means 'fun'. Moving two fingers from side to side on top of the palm of the other hand as a stage means 'dancing' and lastly making the 'V' sign means peace.  

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14. Mic Drop

mic drop by bts

As the song clearly gives diss track vibes, so BTS proved themselves to every hater behind that diss track. The choreography added a lot more power to the song.

If you're a new Army, definitely check these choreographies out. Bet you won't be disappointed.

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