10 Anime Recommendations With a Female Protagonist

Sometimes we need a change. And change is necessary and a consistent part of our life. So, what about changes in the protagonist? Sometimes, it may be difficult for you to find an anime with an excellent female lead

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Sometimes we need a change. And change is necessary and a consistent part of our life. So, what about changes in the protagonist? Sometimes, it may be difficult for you to find an anime with an excellent female lead. But there are surely many anime out there that have strong female protagonists like Silent Mobius, the Ghost and Sailor Moon are few of them. So, let me suggest to you some of the most famous not male but female leads of all time.

10. Ryuko Matoi

ryuko with her weapon

The main protagonist of Kill la Kill. A Japanese anime produced by Trigger. It is seen that she is the main protagonist of the show and was transferred to Honnoji Academy. She was searching for a twin of her Red Scissor Blade and also the murderer of her father, Isshin Matoi.

As the story goes on, we see that she is the daughter of Soichiro and Ragyo Kiryuin. The story revolves around her, and the producer has given her the proper importance throughout the whole series.

9. Tohru Honda

tohru in the kitchen

Tohru Honda is the main character of this manga series. She is the only daughter of Katsuya Honda. A student of Kaibara municipal high school. She loves to cook and describes herself as an excellent housekeeper. The story is all about her handling the secret of the Sohma Family. When you see the series, you will know that she is the most-liked and famous anime female lead.

8. Akane Tsunemori


A female protagonist of one of the very famous anime Psycho-Pass. She is shown to be shy and natural in her recruitment. She has agonized about her existence which is strange and different from all the show's characters. You guys must have seen them very humble in the series when she tells Yayoi Kunizuka that she was too much considered when Enforcer said she would put her in her hands.

7. Saya Kisaragi

blood c anime official poster

She is the main protagonist of the anime Blood-C. An unrelated character from the very start of the anime. Saya is shown to be an innocent and clumsy girl who acts as the shrine maiden at her father's shrine. The only thing permanent in her life was to go out at night to hunt as her sworn duty.

6. Revy

revy shooting other character

She was also known as Rebecca Lee. The main female protagonist and the main gunfighter of the whole manga series. Revy is the one who is said to be very troubled and loud. A person who doesn't believe in good and doesn't even have faith in god. The only thing the anime fans like about her is that she is free and does most of her stuff independently.

5. Aoi Miyamori

aoi giving a curious look

Shirobako is an anime series written and illustrated by Tsutomu Mizushima. He has given the correct amount of importance to the main character of the manga series, Aoi Miyamori.

The only thing that attracts a person to each other is their personality. Aoi has a bright, cheerful, and energetic personality. A person who always tries to be positive no matter how difficult the problem/ situation is. A hardworking and caring person throughout the manga series.

4. Sekai Saionji

sekai with other female character cheering

One of the two main heroines of one of the most famous anime, School Days. A visual novel was put into an anime series produced by TNK. the series. She is a cheerful girl who cares for everyone and helps everyone in need. There are times in the manga series when she is shown to be selfish. And to know this, you have to watch the manga series on your own.

3. Re-L Mayer

fan art of re-l mayer

Ergo Proxy is a Japanese anime television series. Produced by Manglobe and directed by Shuko Murase. The most famous and the main protagonist of this anime is Re-L Mayer. The story revolves around her as she was attacked by two monsters when she was an investigator in a Buero. The story is all about her and the way she handles the situation.

2. Saki Watanabe

saki crying

The main protagonist of From the New World. Daughter of Takashi Sugiura and Mizuho Watanabe. She is shown to be very sensitive and timid. Also, a new student at the Saint Academy. We see that she is friends with Mamoru, shun, and maria.

1. Mireille Bouquet

mireille posing on the street

The main protagonist of Noir. She can be trusted as the most trustworthy character as an assassin that one can hire. Even Though it is seen that she is very confident, she is somehow driven by a tragedy in her past. But she is seen to protect herself from the harsh reality of the past. This shows that she is powerful and doesn't need any man for support.