12 Best Anime Tuxedo To Be The Heartthrob, The Sexy & The Wild

The male anime characters can rock almost any dress and design, but nothing comes closer than a tuxedo! Let’s check out this random anime tuxedo list.

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Anime Tuxedo

Anime characters look good in any dress. But nothing looks cooler than an anime tuxedo! The male anime characters can rock almost any dress and design, but nothing comes closer than a tuxedo! Let’s check out this random anime tuxedo list. Guess which characters are the heartthrob, the sexy, and the wild.

Of course, we have innocent, naïve, and cute characters in the tuxedo! These characters are sure to seduce your brains out, so tread carefully!!! Do note, that this is a randomized list, so we’re not doing any comparison or ranking. Enjoy the anime characters in the tuxedo List!!!

1. Hijikata Toshiro


The Shinsengumi demon chief looks unarguably hot in his work uniform. It’s not a tuxedo, but Hijikata Toshiro can make even a Shinsengumi uniform look like an anime tuxedo! Check him out.

2. Kurosaki Ichigo


The human-turned Shinigami needs no introduction. He looks stylish in everything. He makes anime tuxedos look so hot and wild. His sexiness is oozing out! Check out Ichigo and his dashing tuxedo.

3. Takumi Usui


Who can forget the shoujo anime’s leading man?! Takumi Usui and his gaze can melt your heart. Check him out in an anime tuxedo! Now, this is what you call appealing and stylish. This heartthrob anime guy will make the ladies go gaga over him.

4. Yorozuya Gang

Yorozuya Gang

The Yorozuya members definitely come in a set. The Gintama characters are rocking it in the tuxedo. Don’t they look like movie stars attending a movie premiere?

5. L


The genius detective from Death Note looks so good in the anime tuxedo. In the series, we only see him in casual clothes.

6. Sebastian Michaelis


The black butler is nailing the anime tuxedo. This look is killing us. Using his seduction skills to mesmerize everyone. So unfair Mr Sebastian!!! The demonic butler is going to mesmerize everyone and entice everyone. Take notes from him, people!!!!

7. Abarai Renji


This list has another shinigami from the soul society. Mr vice-captain, Renji Abarai looks so suave and handsome in this look. Is this what anime tuxedo is all about?!!! Deadly looks and charm to entrance everyone.

8. Psycho-Pass Cast


The entire psycho pass cast is rocking the tuxedo dress code. You can’t take your eyes off them.  The entire cast is looking great in the formal look.

9. Hibari Kyoya


The  Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Character Hibari Kyoya looks extremely enticing in this tuxedo. The 10th generation Cloud Guardian looks insanely good in this look. This look is made for him.

10. Kuchiki Byakuya


The Shinigami captain of the social Society looks good in everything. But who would have thought Byakuya can nail this look as well? A huge shout-out to Kuchiki Byakuya.

11. Undertaker


The antagonist from the Black Butler can surely exude pheromones. People, beware of this killer. He might harm you and kill you with his style (like literally). Undertaker looks cunningly sexy in this tuxedo. Agree or Disagree!!!?

12. Claude Faustus


The demon butler of Alois Trancy is ready to make everyone speechless. Claude Faustus looks immensely graceful in this tuxedo. Can you take your eyes off of him?

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