Top 24 Most Popular Anime Outros Of All Time

Anime intros are crucial for building anticipation for the series and foreshadowing what will happen next. Some outros, on the other hand, are even better at this.

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Excellent animation, stunning character designs, wonderful music, and intriguing storytelling abound in the world of anime, ensuring that viewers are engrossed in a series from the first episode.

The ending credits are the cherry on top when fans have finished watching an especially gripping episode of their favourite anime series.

Most anime's ending animation and songs are intended to be tranquil and restful in their own distinctive way, a wind-down after the thrill.

While there are exceptions to this rule, the vast majority of noteworthy anime endings follow the established formula to the letter. Here are some of the best anime closing music currently available.

24. Assassination Classroom  - Hello, Shooting Star

The first ending of Assassination Classroom is a quiet, acoustic piece by Moumoon. On a blackboard, it displays scribbled sketches of the people and events from the novel.

The finale is straightforward, but it conveys a great deal about the anime and its characters. It delivers a pleasant conclusion to a story that will become increasingly distressing for the audience as it progresses.

23. Blue Flow - Haibane Renmei

Our main character spins around in the fetal position, seemingly submerged.

A quiet and haunting song plays in the background while she gracefully twirls, and the colour temperature steadily shifts - until she vanishes in a flurry of feathers.

It doesn't linger too long, nor does it detract from the anime's solemn, sensitive tone. The song Blue Flow is a really iconic song out of all the anime outros out there.

22. Log Horizon - Your Song

For a long time, Isekai anime has been unavoidable, and Log Horizon is no exception. Despite being in such a crowded field, Log Horizon stands out due to its excellent writing and good characters.

Its moving closing tune, Your Song, is an excellent way to end each episode's pandemonium.

Log Horizon is a wonderful place to start if you want to get into isekai anime but don't know where to start.

21. Fairy Tail - (Pierce)

Fairy Tail is a great shonen anime that every shonen anime fan should watch.

Despite the fact that it does not break any new ground as a shonen series, it is nonetheless awe-inspiring due to its fun power scaling and epic battles.

It also helps that Fairy Tail has a fantastic OST, with (Pierce) being one of the best battle shonen anime ending songs.

EMPiRE is a fantastic idol group, and their musical abilities shine brightly in this series.

20. Clannad - Dango Daikazoku

Clannad is one of the best anime series ever created. The show's sweet and wholesome moments wonderfully contrast its gloomy and sombre tones at times, creating a sad atmosphere.

This is reflected in the final song, Dango Daikazoku. It's a wonderful song that encapsulates what Clannad is about, resulting in an anime that is incredible in its own right.

19. InuYasha - Fukai Mori

InuYasha is a popular isekai anime that was popular long before shows about people being transferred to other worlds became popular.

It's a great series that any anime fan who enjoys good action-comedy should see.

One of InuYasha's better ending songs, Fukai Mori, is a joy to listen to.

The song is truly stunning, and it's something that longstanding show fans remember warmly to this day.

18. Gintama - Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot!!)

It's amazing to see how serious and engaging Gintama can be at times, especially for a show that almost always puts comedy first.

After all, the show features some of the best shonen arcs in anime history.

Samurai Heart is one of Gintama's best closing songs. It's a fantastic ending collection that beautifully depicts Gintoki's journey and develops his character.

17. Jujutsu Kaisen - Lost In Paradise

Jujutsu Kaisen's closing scene is certainly one of the most unique and enjoyable of all time. It's never boring to watch the rotoscoped figures dance to a catchy melody.

Certain shows have such memorable starts that viewers never miss them, no matter how many times they are broadcast.

However, in the case of Jujutsu Kaisen, this refers to the final sequence. It's catchy enough that most viewers won't tire of seeing it over and over.

16. Attack On Titan - Shock

Season 4 of Attack on Titan was a complete masterpiece, with the first half laying the groundwork for a thrilling finish.

The show's sheer amount of high-octane moments can be difficult to take in at times, but it's well worth the ride.

It's fitting that the program concludes with a mournful tune that perfectly captures how dark and tragic the events of Attack on Titan have become.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the final season, which will wrap up this incredible saga.

15. Cowboy Bebop - The Real Folk Blues

Cowboy Bebop is one of the best anime series of all time, with everything from the soundtrack to the motifs being simply fantastic.

As a result, it's only natural that the show's final song would be memorable in its own right.

Given how iconic Cowboy Bebop's opener is, it's difficult to see the ending song hitting the same high pitch.

The Real Folk Blues, on the other hand, does an excellent job of capturing the essence of Cowboy Bebop, with the song serving as a fitting conclusion to each thought-provoking episode.

14. Veil - Fire Force

Suda Keina sings "Veil," the first Fire Force conclusion. The nuns who will eventually become infernals are depicted in this conclusion.

The transition is rapid; one second they are all shown happily going about their lives, and the next they are engulfed in flames.

Despite the fire reaching out to grasp her, only one nun manages to escape.

As the black silhouette of the nun runs away from the flames against a red sky, the lively speed of this tune pounding in the background.

This conclusion foreshadows Shinra and the gang's upcoming troubles.

13. My Hero Academia - Footprints

The Peggies sing "Footprints", the seventh ending song from My Hero Academia.

Although the song is peppy, the lyrics reflect someone bidding farewell to the person they used to be and the people they used to know.

Fans adore this outro, despite the fact that it feels like the quiet before a major storm.

The characters are pictured getting ready for a birthday celebration. Class 1-A students all go to the grocery to get ingredients and refreshments for the party.

This ending is unique because it includes a rare scene of the students engaging in typical teenage activities.

It feels like a bittersweet celebration, and it is unquestionably the best My Hero Academia conclusion.

12. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Uso (Lie)

Fullmetal Alchemist has two adaptations, each of which was fantastic in its own right.

Most fans, however, consider Brotherhood to be the best adaptation of the series because it is the most authentic to the manga.

Not only does the series have superior animation and aesthetics, but it also has a superior soundtrack.

Its last song is particularly moving, providing viewers with some breathing area while they ponder on the events of each episode.

11 . Death Note - Alumina

Most people recall Death Note's openings as among the loudest and most in-your-face anime openings they've ever seen.

Both are noteworthy in their own right, but that shouldn't detract from the greatness of the album's closing songs.

In this aspect, the first closing song, Alumina, is really fantastic.

Death Note's sombre images are given new life by the soundtrack, resulting in an ending sequence with its own particular vitality.

10. Claymore - Danzai No Hana

Claymore is a misunderstood anime with a compelling storyline and ensemble of characters.

The combat in this program is also breathtaking, though some fans believe the ending was mismanaged because it diverged into an original story rather than waiting for the manga to finish.

Regardless, the music is fantastic, with Danzai no Hana's concluding theme being particularly memorable.

Given how underappreciated Claymore is, more anime fans should see it and listen to the great ending song.

9. LEO - Haikyuu!

Tacica's "LEO" is the second ending of Haikyuu!! This conclusion is straightforward, but it reveals a lot about Kageyama.

Only Kageyama is shown in this ending. In Karasuno's gymnasium, he is seen practising volleyball, going through volleyball after volleyball.

After going through all of them, he is seen running at the gym.

The lyrics of the song depict someone sprinting into their future after toiling on the necessary progress.

By the end, the humour that distinguishes Haikyuu!! has been incorporated, as Kageyama is hit in the head by a volleyball, yet he still smiles.

Despite its simplicity, the ending makes viewers respect Kageyama even more.

8. Bleach - Aoi Tori

Bleach was once one of the most popular anime series of all time.

Many anime fans who were devoted followers of Bleach still maintain a warm spot in their hearts for the Soul Society arc – right up until the quality of the series decreased considerably.

However, this should not detract from the anime's overall beauty.

The song Aoi Tori, aka Blue Bird, serves as a sentimental walk down memory lane for many long-time fans of the series.

7. Neon Genesis Evangelion - Fly Me To The Moon

One of the most well-known songs of all time is "Fly Me To The Moon".

Though Frank Sinatra's rendition is likely the most well-known, the song has been covered by a wide range of singers over the years.

However, the version of this song that appears at the end of Neon Genesis Evangelion is equally fantastic.

The artist's melancholy voice lends even more weight to the ending, revealing a peek at Neon Genesis Evangelion's thought-provoking nature.

6. Vampire Knight - Still Doll

To say the least, the Vampire Knight's conclusion is unsettling. Over the deafening instrumental, Kanon Wakeshima's haunting voice gives listeners shivers.

The song is creepy enough on its own, but when combined with Vampire Knight's final animation, the fear factor skyrockets.

During this conclusion, Yuki remains motionless in a dark room, staring blankly at the viewer. That's only half of this eerie outro.

It shows a doll dancing on a string in the second part. The string is cut at the very end, and the doll falls to the ground.

This conclusion is fantastic because, although being a shojo anime, it does not try to avoid scary themes.

5. FictionJunction's and Lisa's song, "From The Edge" - Demon Slayer

For the first ending of Demon Slayer, "From The Edge", FictionJunction and LiSA collaborated.

This song is frightening on its own, but when combined with the stunning animation, viewers are sure to get the chills.

Red spider flowers are presented when the bells chime in the opening, and the lyrics "I won't be held hostage by my anguish" are sung, echoing Tanjiro's thoughts. After that, Nezuko is pictured sleeping.

The Tanjiro family is then shown, all alive and cheerful before Nezuko awakens as a monster and spills blood.

Then Tanjiro and Nezuko are depicted together fighting monsters.

In the end, Inosuke and Zenitsu are shown bickering before the four of them carry on to combat demons.

The events are well-represented in this outro, with the track's vocalists describing the main cast's emotions.

4. Hunter x Hunter - Hunting For Your Dream

Galynerus' "Hunting For Your Dream" is the second Hunter X Hunter ending. Many fans recall hearing the anime's narrator speak as this music fades in towards the end of the show.

This tune creates anticipation for what is to come.

It depicts the major characters in relation to whatever they are working on or fighting against, such as Gon's search for his father or Kurapika's battle with the Phantom Troupe.

The guitars are strong on this track, while vocalist Masahiro Yamaguchi confidently articulates the words of persistent drive to pursue one's ideal.

This is one of the most well-known anime endings, and many fans hold it in high regard.

3. Vinland Saga - Torches

Vinland Saga did not have an anime adaptation for a long time.

Many consider the dark fantasy series to be among the best manga of all time, and fans were relieved to learn that Wit Studio would be handling the adaptation.

It also helps that the show's music is incredibly fantastic, with both the opening and closing songs being standouts in their own right.

Torch is an excellent song to finish an anime episode, with the music growing in epic over time, much like the scale of Vinland Saga.

2. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Roundabout

It would be hard to discuss outstanding anime-ending songs without including JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's high musical quality.

It's not a leap to claim that practically all of the anime's ending songs might have made the cut.

Roundabout, on the other hand, has a particular place in the hearts of most JoJo fans.

It was named to the moon and back, and with good reason: the music seems nearly tailor-made to serve as the ideal accompaniment to a cliffhanger.

1. Akuma No Ko - Attack On Titan (Finale Season)

‘Akuma no Ko’ is the ending theme song of the TV anime “Attack on Titan, The Final Season, Part 2” in Japan and is currently airing.

After its release, the song gained more than 20 million streams in 30 days.

The song ranked No.1 on Apple Music J-Pop ranking in 106 countries, and also ranked in the Top 10 of 124 countries.

And also the song ranked No.1 on iTunes StoreJ-Pop in 37 countries, and also ranked in the top 10 of 48 countries.

It ranked 3rd on the Spotify viral top 50 in Japan. And it ranked 5th on the global charts on Spotify. The song had taken the world by storm on the world music charts.

The music video of the anime special version has 6 million views in 2weeks after releasing on YouTube.

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