Best 11 Kdramas like Goblin that fans can Enjoy!

If you like Goblin, what other dramas can you watch similar to Goblin Kdrama?

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Kdramas Like Goblin

Goblin Kdrama was a trendsetter in the dramaland. Whether if it’s a TvN drama or a supernatural romance drama, Goblin made the fans and viewers go gaga over Korean drama. If you liked Goblin, there are Korean dramas similar to Goblin that you cannot miss. Of course, nothing can beat Goblin, but there is Kdrama like Goblin that’s worth watching.  There’s something mystical and amazing about supernatural Korean dramas.

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11. A Korean Odyssey

A Korean Odyssey

Hwayugi also known as A Korean Odyssey is a 2017 TvN drama. The makers tried their best to re-create the effect and magic of Goblin Kdrama, but there can only be one masterpiece. Nevertheless, Hwayugi is worth mentioning and all the praise. The story is about the monkey king and his promise to a little girl whose blood attracts all sorts of demons. The multi-star cast of Hwayugi will entertain you. The main casts are Lee Seul Gi, Oh Yeon Seo, Cha Seung Won, Lee Hong Ki, Lee El, Lee Se Young, and Kim Sung On.

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10. Legend Of The Blue Sea

Legend Of The Blue Sea

If you’re not obsessed with Heo Joon Jae even after watching this Kdrama, then well you deserve a standing ovation. The 2016 SBS drama is highly recommended to watch because of Giana Jun who nailed her role as the mermaid crazy in love with Heo Joon Jae played by Lee Min Ho.

The story shows parts of pas lives and how they found each other again in the present life. If you like Goblin, you’ll like Legend Of The Blue Sea as well.  

9. Arang and the Magistrate

Arang and the Magistrate

The 2012 MBC Korean drama stars Lee Joon Gi, Shin Min A, Yoo Seung Ho in prominent roles. Arang and the Magistrate is one of the most intriguing Kdramas like Goblin.  

This Kdrama has a good plot and character development. The drama is set in the Joseon dynasty where the FL gets killed and turns into a wandering ghost. She can’t cross over due to unresolved issues and curiosity to find her murderer or why she was murdered.

The FL meets a government official who can see ghosts. Together they set out to unravel the mystery and surprise! The King of Heaven has his own plans.

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8. The King: Monarch Eternal

The King: Monarch Eternal

If you’re a sucker of parallel world dramas, The King: Monarch Eternal is just the right drama for you. The Kdrama shows a parallel story of South Korea and the fictional Kindom of Corea that still practices Monarchy. People can travel between both worlds, but everything has a consequence.

Lee Min Ho plays the role of King of Corea who accidentally ends up in the parallel world and falls in love with Kim Go Eun. She plays the role of a cop and her doppelganger is alive in the other world as well.  

The MVP of the drama is most certainly Woo Do Hwan who slays the role of two characters perfectly in both worlds. The drama met with some criticism but you can overlook them and enjoy this drama. The visuals and cinematography are very much like Goblin and definitely breathtaking.

7. Chicago Typewriter

Chicago Typewriter

The 2017 TvN drama is highly underrated and deserves more attention. Chicago Typewriter is highly entertaining and you get a glimpse of 1930s Korea under Japanese rule. Something about this era is very compelling.

Yoo Ah In, Lim So Jung, Go Kyung Po and Kwak Si Young are in main roles. The story is about a famous best-selling novelist who goes under slump and is unable to write. He meets a wandering ghost attached to his past and a woman from her past in the present timeline.  

Their fates are linked and the plot revolves around their friendship and love. This Kdrama is not like Goblin but is very suitable to watch.

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6. Love In The Moonlight

Love In The Moonlight

Another highest-rated popular Kdrama from KBS2.   Love In The Moonlight was released in 2016 starring Park Bo Gum, Kim You Jung, Jin Young, Chase Soo Bin, and Kwak Dong Yeon in main roles.

This drama started out hilarious but grew serious as the plot developed. The story revolves around a girl who disguises herself as a eunuch and somehow meets the crown prince. Both of them get entangled in a larger set of conspiracy and work together to solve the issues. A must-watch Kdrama like Goblin, and highly recommended.  

5. My Love From The Star

My Love From The Star

If you love aliens and extraterrestrial creatures from space, this is the drama for you. Kim Soo Hyun and Gianna Jun starred in the 2013 KBS drama. Do Min Joon is an alien living on Earth since 400 years ago. He had an encounter with Cheon

Song Yi in the past and present life and somehow she doesn’t leave him alone. If you have seen this famous Kdrama, you might be aware of the infamous Cheon Song Yi character.

Park Hae Jin, Shin Sung Rok, Yoo In Na, and  Ahn Jae Hyeon also star as the principal cast in the Kdrama. This was one of the most highest-rated dramas of the year that was ranked #1 throughout the broadcast. The cast won several awards for their acting.

4. Hotel Del Luna

Hotel Del Luna

If you like Goblin, you’ll love Hotel Del Luna Kdrama. The 2019 TvN Korean drama has supernatural elements and mystery. IU as Jang man Wol is fabulous. She plays the role of the hotel owner Del Luna, which is a special hotel for the dead.

Yeo Jin Gu stars Koo Chan Sung the youngest assistant manager at Hotel Del Luna. Initially, he is afraid of ghosts and runs away from Man Wol and the ghosts. Somehow, both of them get caught up and end up in Hotel Del Luna. The Kdrama is available on Netflix so you can enjoy it!  

3. Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Scarlet Heart Ryeo

This list will be incomplete without the honourable mention of Scarlet Heart Ryeo. the Lee Jun Gi and IU starring 2016 SBS drama was one of the best dramas of the year.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo is a Kdrama like Goblin, albeit the ancient Goryeo Twist. A modern-day girl transmigrates and ends up in the ancient Goryeo kingdom where she meets the cruel King Gwangjong.

Most of the time this Kdrama is exciting but prepare a box of tissues while watching this Kdrama. Fans are desperately waiting for a sequel as the Chinese counterpart had a sequel. Nevertheless, fans can only hope that Korea releases a season 2.

2. Rooftop Prince

Rooftop Prince

Rooftop Prince is one of the most promising Kdramas like Goblin and for all the right reasons. The 2012 Kdrama won Best Korean Drama in the 7th Seoul International Drama Awards in 2012.

They won several awards in different categories in the 2012 SBS drama awards as well. Intriguing enough? Rooftop Prince is a modern drama with time travel where the ML, the crown prince travel 300 years in the future. He meets people from his past in the future timeline, where his doppelganger exists as well.

Park Yoo Chun plays the main lead/ crown prince who travelled to the future for a reason. He meets Park Ha played by Han Ji Min. This is a very hilarious and serious drama at the same time

1. Queen In Hyun’s Man

Queen In Hyun’s Man

The 2012 TvN drama had a theme of time travel as well but with a twist. Set in the modern-day period, a scholar from Joseon Dynasty travels from 300 years ago end up in present-day Seoul.  

sJi Hyun Woo plays the role of a nobleman who falls in love with the present-day Queen In Hyun. Queen In Hyun is an actress who plays the role of the Joseon Dynasty queen. Yoo In Ah plays the role of Choi Hae Jin/ Actress Queen In Hyun. the best part of Queen In Hyun’s Man is that the Kdrama has a happy ending.