Batman Needs To Get His Supernatural Villains Back

"All men have limits. They learn what they are and learn not to exceed them. I ignore mine." - Bruce Wayne/Batman, Knightfall

A poster of Batman's villains

Batman has existed since 1939 when he debuted in Detective Comics No. 27. Since then, his popularity has only increased to a point where he has become known throughout the world as fictional icon for justice.

Throughout his many adventures of patrolling the streets of Gotham during the night, he has made many foes that have made it their life's goal to stop the Dark Knight. As we know, with the multiple iterations of Batman throughout the DC films, the detective has faced many foes that insanity as their common trait behind their wrong-doings.

However, with DC attempting to renew its universe comes the possibility of a new batman with a fresh rogues gallery that may pose a lot more threat than his usual plate of the criminally insane.

There have been a very scarce number of films where Batman has gone up against supernatural villains with the exception of whenever he teams up with the Justice League or any other superhero team.

This might prove to be the best opportunity to introduce the Dark Knight to villains who take more than a just the regular brain and brawn to bring down. Therefore, the following are some of the most suitable supervillains DC can introduce to the caped crusader and make a great story out of them in the process.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy watering her garden

We have already seen a version of this character being portrayed by Uma Thurman in the movie with the Bat-nipples and the infamous Bat-credit card. Poison Ivy still had a much more solid reason and character than anyone within that film for her actions, including Batman and Robin.

Now imagine a proper film iteration of her character in Robert Pattinson's Batman. It would give a whole new approach to how seriously deadly she is and what lengths she is willing to go through to get the green back in Gotham, not to mention that the character is one of the few who has motivations and actions that can make her seem like a hero to many which could make Mr. Vengeance seem like the villain in the public eye similar to the ending of Christian Bale's The Dark Knight.    

Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze

A troubled man attempting to cure his wife of a rare disease who seeks out science as his only course of action to work on the cure. Forced into performing criminal activities due to circumstances, not choice.

Then there's the version that Arnold Schwarzenegger played. However, due to all the spine-chilling puns that were not welcome due to the nature of the character's backstory, he came off as a very cheesy and one-note villain. In the film's defense, no one had the gall to make a serious portrayal of Batman on television just yet. If they did, Mr. Freeze could have been a lot more terrifying foe to face.

Another character may start out as a villain and may turn into an ally by the end of the story. The gritty reality that most Batman films have maintained would be perfect for a villain such as Mr. Freeze who would do anything to protect the ones he loves.


Man-Bat attacking civilians

A science experiment gone horribly wrong. Man-Bat or Dr. Robert Kirkland "Kirk" Langstrom was a supernatural villain to Batman for some time until he had got shelved due to not receiving traction from the readers.

It would be a crime to not include him on this list for a potential Halloween-themed Batman film revolving around the Dark Knight taking down the monster of the night in an attempt to save the civilians of Gotham from being the next victim of Man-Bat's rampage.  


The Joker looking proud of Jackanpes as he poses with a gun

Jackanapes is a gorilla dressed as a clown who uses sub-machine guns and other weaponry to cause havoc on the streets of Gotham. A bizarre addition to this list certainly, however, a film with the Joker and Jackanapes spreading chaos like Christmas cards throughout Gotham as the Bat-family tracks them down to stop them would be a film worth watching.

As for those who may be asking why the Joker gets to be in this film, it is the Clown Prince of Crime himself who inspired Jackanapes to become the criminal gorilla he has become in Detective Comics today.

Polka-Dot Man

Polka-Dot man shooting polka dots from his wrists

An overpowered villain who's only true limitation is time. If he does not expel his polka-dots at least twice a day, it would end up killing him from the inside. We have already seen the potential this character has through The Suicide Squad's portrayal of the character.

His character can easily be a villain who can set the bar of how experienced Batman has become within a film depending on how long it would take the Dark Knight to incapacitate a foe with unlimited ammo that can virtually destroy anything.

Gentlemen Ghost

A comic panel of Gentleman Ghost firing a pistol

A villain so classy, he has two heroes gunning to finish him. The villain started off as a nemesis to NightHawk and soon became a known adversary to the many villains that Batman has had to face over the years he has spent protecting Gotham City.

With the power of invisibility, intangibility, and possession, one can see this villain being an easy and dangerous threat to Batman. He has the potential to open up the ghostly side of DC that has only been shown in animated series and movies to live-action films.

Similar to how Enchantress was the most supernatural being within Suicide Squad, Gentleman Ghost can be seen as the opening to Batman facing threats beyond the grave.  

Killer Croc

Killer Croc and Batman fighting in the sewers

An obvious choice that only a few may disagree with. Killer Croc is an often misunderstood character in DC due to his monstrous appearance. As Suicide Squad and the Batman games have depicted over the years, the man underneath the monster does exist, but never to be trifled with.  

Similar to the character of Sandman in Marvel Comics, Killer Croc mainly desires to be left alone and to himself, yet often gets pulled into criminal activities.

Being used as the muscle of the villain group on multiple occasions, the monster has often craved peace rather than violence. It would be an interesting take on how not all of Batman's foes deserve the treatment Arkham Asylum offers to its many guests.


Batman and Clayface fighting each other

Unlike Killer Croc and Mr. Freeze, Clayface's intentions are extremely clear. The actor who managed to change his physiology to change his face into anything he wants is another great detective story that can be portrayed within Gotham City.

Mad? Oh, yes, the traditional accusation! And next, you'll be telling me it's all because I'm misunderstood! All the great monsters were misunderstood! Mr. Hyde-- Frankenstein's creation-- Dracula-- The Golem-- all of them! But not me! Not Basil Karlo! Not the Ultimate Clayface! My intentions will be clear from the start! I will take what I want-- when I want it! And any who stand in my way shall-- burn!

Batman does not have many villains that hide in plain sight within his rougues gallery, however, one cannot deny that it has the potential of being a great mystery movie for finding the imposter when things aren't what they seem in Gotham.