Batman's most powerful suits - comics plus animated movies: Least Powerful to Max

“It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”

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15 Batman Suits Ranked From Worst To Best

The caped crusader, preserver of justice may really be a lonely man with a massive saviour complex who chose to channel his traumatic experience in a way to inflict fear in the hearts of the wrongdoers: his very own brand of vigilante justice.

Batman’s armour is a very interesting facet of his becoming, that helped him fight crimes as well as challenge superman, while punishing criminals with his signature trademark, by lurking in the shadows and removing the pests from the degenerated inhabitants of the falling city of Gotham.

His suit, given the most important aspect of his strength, has evolved over the ages from the creation of Frank Miller’s to Paul Dini’s creation, each batman has a differently designed suit to fight his enemies.

Here are the fifteen most powerful suits of Batman:

15. Batman Beyond Suit

Batman Suits Ranked From Worst To Best (Comics + Animated movies)

This suit did not rely on a place, but rather had its own wings. The suit was made by Wayne in 2019 but was proved to be a cutting-edge masterpiece with advancements even in the year 2039. The weapons that the suit yielded had retractable claws, grappling guns, and projectile batarangs.

The suit also worked as an exoskeleton that helped in enhancing the speed and durability of the body wielding the suit. One major aspect of the suit is to render the wearer invisible, that is its amazing cloaking ability.

14. Bat-Bot

Batman Suits Ranked From Worst To Best (Comics + Animated movies)

The first appearance of the suit: “The Batman” animated movie, in the episode “Traction”. The BatBot is an exoskeleton suit that made Batman appear larger that matched Bane’s large physique. The powerful servo-motors in the suit gave him powerful and superhuman abilities.

13. Suit of sorrows

Batman Suits Ranked From Worst To Best (Comics + Animated movies)

First debut: Detective Comics #838 in 2008. This suit was a present from Talia Al Ghul to Batman as a gift. The suit of sorrows was first forged during the crusades, leading the wearer, the Knight to go insane but despite that, Batman did not step away from trying it.

The suit was forged using the breastplates and blades of fallen soldiers, from the Order of Purity. Apart from the intensely enhanced strength, the suit made Batman more violent in his attacks, which ultimately led him to stop using it and leave it in the Batcave.

12. Dark Knight Returns Exosuit

In 1986, Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns” showed a more grim and darker side of Batman. This is an exoskeleton designed specifically to fight Superman, the ultimate strong hero, which gives away how immensely powerful this suit is.

The skin of the armour was very powerful, enough to take blows from the Man of Steel. There is equipment with strong motors that made Batman punch harder. The suit had provisions to deliver a powerful shock to Superman as well, as well as a spray that spread acid to distract him.

11. Predator Suit

The suit was designed for fighting the Predator alien that was causing plight in Gotham city. Predator’s invisibility technology was faced with the batsuit’s sonar as compensation. The strong armour served as an effective shield against the Predator’s razor-sharp blades.

10. Thrasher Suit

Batman Suits Ranked From Worst To Best (Comics + Animated movies)

The exoskeleton of the suit was designed to make the wearer survive sub-zero temperatures with ease, which helped him fight inside his Batcave, where he was anticipating the arrival of the Talons, the assassins of the Court of Owls.

9. Trinity Armour

Batman Suits Ranked From Worst To Best (Comics + Animated movies)

This armour was made for enduring the fists and punches of Bizarro. It was equipped with a titanium electrified net that helped him trap Bizarro. The gloves had miniature grenades and solar lasers which enhanced his punches and his fisted fights. Even though the armour was powerful, they had to wait for the Man of Steel to take over to ultimately put an end to Bizarro.

8. Project Batman

Batman Suits Ranked From Worst To Best (Comics + Animated movies)

This armour was made in the absence of the caped crusader, and Jim Gordon was fitted with a suit that was named Project Batman. The usual assortment of Batman’s superspeed and durability with enhanced tricks to help him fight his enemies. He could fire batarangs and the suit was equipped with EMP pulse and had magnetised boots to give him a powerful grip on his feet.

7. DC One Million Batsuit

Batman Suits Ranked From Worst To Best (Comics + Animated movies)

This suit is believed to be a great technological leap forward with collapsible armour as its unique aspect of the suit. The cape of the batsuit is fireproof along with the armour has a stronger skeleton for better protection.

The suit was further equipped with night vision and camouflage effect. The suit is also equipped with built-in wings for flight and could also project holograms. Another facet of the suit that was a cherry on top, was the addition of the Bat Computer installed in the suit that was 10 times the power of the modern version of the computer.

6. Batwing Armour

Batman Suits Ranked From Worst To Best (Comics + Animated movies)

The first and foremost noteworthy aspect of the batsuit was the enhancement of the trio of speed, strength, and durability that made this batsuit stand out apart from the rest. The suit also came with the ability for batman to fly with a jetpack. While the suit wasn’t equipped for flight, its gliding properties helped the caped crusader with a retractable cape, project holograms and also be able to blend into the surroundings.

5. Stealth Suit

Batman Suits Ranked From Worst To Best (Comics + Animated movies)

The most convenient of all the suits of Batman. The stealth suit helped in the aspect of adaptability of the Batman that helped him the most in his night adventures (misadventures?). The stealth suit could adapt to any background with its equally capable armour that helped him in his combats as well.

Even superman’s X-Ray and various other Supervisions could not reveal the Dark Knight in front of him. This suit was of great help in the seventh issue of Batman when he was fighting against Wraith.

4. The Insider Suit

Batman Suits Ranked From Worst To Best (Comics + Animated movies)

The Insider suit was used for compiling the abilities of the members of the Justice League. The attributes of the suit had: heat vision like Superman’s, a speed force for moving at a high rate of speed like Flash’s, a camouflage mode that mimicked the ability of the Martian Manhunter, an electric wire that served the purpose of being a lie detector, just like the lasso of Wonder Woman.

And ultimately, it had a force beam that got powered by willpower, just like Green Lantern’s. Like the Justice League’s teleporter, the suit had the ability to make the Batman fly and teleport.

3. Man-Bat Batman

Batman Suits Ranked From Worst To Best (Comics + Animated movies)

In Batman Incorporated, Batman had to fight the monsters unleashed by Talia Al Ghul, so he injected himself with the Man-Bat serum that gave him unlimited and deadliest prowess that helped him fight them. In the fight, Batman was also wearing the Suit of Sorrows.

The “negative refractive index” of the suit gave him the ability of invisibility. For lighting the monsters, Batman had to become a monster himself that he became with the help of Suit of Sorrows and the Man-Bat serum.

2. Hellbat armour

Batman Suits Ranked From Worst To Best (Comics + Animated movies)

The hellbat armour is known as the most powerful as the creators of the hellbat are the entire justice league members with their unique properties. Superman formed this suit under the sun, Wonder Woman forged the suit in Olympus, which was later assembled by Cyborg, while Green Lantern gave a shape-changing cape which was further tampered with by Aquaman and Flash. The suit was so fatal to his body, leaving it on for too long would eventually kill Batman.

1. Justice Buster

Batman Suits Ranked From Worst To Best (Comics + Animated movies)

When Joker manipulated the entire Justice League to turn against Batman, for which, the caped crusader was prepared. The suit bound Wonder Woman with the bind of Veils to manipulate her into thinking that she beat him. Flash was easily knocked out at hyper speed. The suit also sprayed foam to dehydrate Aquaman. He used an electromagnetic nerve tree to down Cyborg.

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