Bad And Crazy Kdrama | Why did K Attack Ryu Soo Yeol?

Who is Ryu Soo Yeol? Who's K? What promise did Oh Kyung Tae make? Why does Lee Hee Gyeom hate Ryu Soo Yeol? Who killed Yu Na?

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Bad And Crazy Kdrama K & Ryu Soo Yeol

One of the most anticipated dramas this winter 2021 it's finally here. Bad and crazy Kdrama starring Lee Dong Wool, Wi Ha Joon, Cha Hak Yeon and Han Ji Eun is finally here to entertain us Kdrama lovers.

Bad and Crazy had a very interesting cast along with a compelling storyline which kept us hooked into our seats and excited for more. What makes Bad and Crazy

Kdrama so intriguing is the action sequence and the appearance of the mysterious character K who doesn't hesitate to assault Ryu Soo Yeol.

Is the case really that simple or something heinous is going on? What mysteries and plotting is going on within the police department?

Who is the mysterious hero and why did he save officer Oh Kyung Tae?

Who's Ryu Soo Yeol?

Yang Jae Sun and Ryu Soo Yeol
Yang Jae Sun and Ryu Soo Yeol

The beginning of the Kdrama starts with a man drowning in the sea struggling to breathe.

As the person struggles and finally wakes up realizing it's only a dream, we get a glimpse of a drowning Ryu Soo Yeol in his bathtub.

A drunk Ryu Soo Yeol wakes to his senses to find his car brutally thrashed by someone. After viewing the CCTV footage, it was he himself who did this to his beloved car.

It was quite funny to see the actor playing the role of Ryu Soo Yeol and dancing crazily on top of his car while destroying it to shreds. Rip poor car.

The next couple of scenes introduced him as a competent cop with loose moral values who would do anything to succeed.

Ryu Soo Yeol is a typical corporate bootlicker who's aiming for promotion by harboring unethical practices and doing what his superior wants.

As he chooses to do so because why the hell not because who cares about justice anyway.

Ryu Sool Yeol's Conflict with Lee Hee Gyeom

su yeol with his team

Investigating the case of Kim Kye Sik, who was charged wrongfully for killing his partner and a suspected informer.

The upper management wants him proven guilty so they send Ryu Soo Yeol as their tool to do the dirty deeds. Unfortunately for Ryu Soo Yeol who delivers what he promised, he still loses the chance to receive the promotion he was aiming for.

Lee Hee Gyeom used to date Ryu Soo Yeol in the past. Now they do not have an amicable relationship and almost hate each other.

She pleads innocence for his sunbae but to the deaf ears of Ryu Soo Yeol.

Oh Kyung Tae's Promise

Bad And Crazy Kdrama poster

The angelic Oh Kyung Tae while patrolling finds a little girl trying to find her mother.

Feeling sorry for the little girl and his righteous nature kicks in, he decides to help the little girl to search for her mother.

This doesn't go well with the officer in charge investigating the case. Officer Do In Beom assaults Oh Kyung Tae for trying to investigate the case.

This Do In Beom is definitely shady and is hiding something.

This trash had no intention of investigating the case or trying to search for the missing person.

Oh Kyung Tae found blood traces when he visited the woman's (Jeong Yu Na)house.

Ryu Soo Yeol is sent to investigate the assault case and tidy up things for the assemblyman Do Yu Gon who's related to officer Do In Beom.

These creepy people go as far as to frame Oh Kyung Tae, but thanks to Ryu Soo Yeol, this gets sorted.

Who's K?

Injured maknae Oh Kyung Tae

When Ryu Soo Yeol was trying to relax in a sauna, a crazy guy in a helmet suddenly appeared and assaulted him.

Ryu Sool Yeol was beaten black and blue. When Oh Kyung Tae told he found blood in  Jeong Yu Na’s home, Ryu Soo Yeol dismissed it.

But later the mysterious K kidnaps him and shows the blood found at that place.

Not only that when Oh Kyung Tae was in danger, but K also dragged Ryu Soo Yeol to save Oh Kyung Tae.

As a result of the assault and fire, Oh Kyung Tae is hospitalized.

Why did Oh Kyung Tae become the target?

su yeol and K

Oh Kyung Tae found incriminating evidence that proved assemblyman Do Yu Gon killing Jeong Yu Na.

Just when he was watching the evidence at his some, a crazy Do In Beom assaulted him, took the video, and set his house on far.

Although Ryu Soo Yeol saved him, the situation got worse as Do In Beom framed Oh Kyung Tae as the murder suspect.

He planned fake evidence to make Oh Kyung Tae the murder suspect which the police magically retrieved from his home.

Lee Hee Gyeom asks Ryu Soo Yeol to rethink his decisions and asks him to find a hidden piece of jewellery that is a recording device.

As K kidnaps and takes Ryu Soo Yeol on a crazy ride again, he finds the piece of evidence coincidentally which proves Oh Kyung Tae’s innocence.

Ryu Soo Yeol’s partner, Yang Jae Sun, is one of the best characters in Bad and Crazy.  

Yang Jae Sun and Ryu Soo Yeol were working to prove Oh Kyung Tae’s innocence, but Ryu Soo Yeol might have had a change of heart.

As Ryu Soo Yeol received a promotion that he was quite frantically chasing, he got it but didn’t earn it.

He’s quite aware of that and Yang Jae Sun totally hates his corrupt partner.

K appears whenever Ryu Soo Yeol does something bad and shady.

K wants to become a hero and wants to do right by the people to bring justice and punish the wrongdoers.

k kicks the assemblyman

As Roo Soo Yeol gets invited for lunch with his superior Kwak Bong Pil accompanied by the assemblyman Do Yu Gon, K makes an appearance.

Ryu Soo Yeol chases K but to no avail.

As K attacks So Yu Gon, it was revealed that it was Ryu Soo Yeol who was attacking him.

K is no other than his subconscious or other personality which does crazy things.

This explains the car incident and the sauna incident.

Now that K/Ryu Soo Yeol has dealt the deadly kick, what will the future hold for them? Watch Bad and Crazy to find out more!

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