Bad and Crazy Finale Review | Why is Jung Yun Ho obsessed with Ryu Soo Yeol?

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The 2021 TvN series Bad and Crazy Kdrama is over after a great run of six weeks. Lee Dong Wook is spectacular in his role as a corrupt-turn justice-seeking cop Ryu Soo Yeol. Hat’s off to Wi Ha Joon in the role of K, Ryu Soo Yeol’s alter ego, a seeker of justice and savior of the world.

The innocent and passionate with justice Oh Kyeong Tae’s role captivated us and we have Cha Hak Yeon to thank for that. Last but not the least, Han Ji Eun and Cha Si Won in the roles of Lee Hee Gyeom and Yang Jae Sun respectively.

Bad and Crazy had 12 episodes and the final episode finished airing. Unfortunately for Ryu Soo Yeol and K, they have been locked up in a loony bin thanks to Jung Yun Ho aka Shin Joo Hyuk.

Will the duo get justice against the schemer and clear out their name? Bad and Crazy built up a good finale episode for the fans.

The essential question remains in the Bad and Crazy finale review:  why is Jung Yun Ho/ Shin Joo Hyuk so obsessed with Ryu Soo Yeol? What are his motives? Why was he back after such a long time? Is it vengeance or an even heinous plot?

Let’s find out his motives to torment Ryu Soo Yeol! Hope everyone enjoys the last episode and prepares to bid the series farewell.

Why is Ryu Soo Yeol/K Tormented?

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After getting locked up in the psych ward, Ryu Soo Yeol made several attempts o break out from the place but to no avail.

Every time, Ryu Soo Yeol would get this close to breaking out, his plans would get spoiled at the last moment.

Ryu Soo Yeol’s suffering is increasing and he is losing his mind as he is stuck there for four months. The people are forcefully trying to drug him through medicines, but it’s totally illegal.

Will Ryu Soo Yeol & K successfully escape?

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So, after all their efforts of escaping get soiled, Ryu Soo Yeol had a sudden revelation.  Ryu Soo Yeol acknowledged that with K, he can do the impossible.

Without giving up, Ryu Soo Yeol stacked the medicines given to him, to make an enormous collection for his grand plan.

Like the cop he is, he collected information on the blindspots of the CCTV and makes a great escape.

He drugs everyone through the drinks and makes a good run. The escape plan is short-lived as the police department gets notified of his prison break (no pun intended).

The team gathers to hunt for Ryu Soo Yeol. Oh Kyung Tae, Lee Hee Gyeom, and Yang Jae Sun are his only allies, and they truly want to clear his name.

The team assembles and introduces K!

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After breaking out, Ryu Soo Yeol visits the quack psychiatrist, Yum Geun Soo for confrontation and to seek out advice. They discuss their plans and try to analyze what makes Jung Yun Ho tick.

They make quick plans and flee as soon as the other cops arrive at the scene. Ryu Soo Yeol makes a quick escape. Later, Ryu Soo Yeol meets the group and they introduce K to the group.

K acknowledges Oh Kyung Tae and tells them that he saved him. K professes his love for Lee Hee Gyeom only to be brutally rejected.

The team makes a plan to catch Jung Yun Ho / Shin Joo Hyuk. This was a pretty cute interaction.

Why is Jung Yun Ho/ Shin Joo Hyuk obsessed with Ryu Soo Yeol?

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Shin Joo Hyuk is always one step closer. He was carefully observing everything and planning to checkmate Ryu Soo Yeol. Shim Jeong Hoon was trying to double-cross Shin Joo Hyuk by recording their conversations.

Too Bad, because Shin Joo Hyuk knew that he was colluding with Ryu Soo Yeol and decided to teach them a lesson. He called Ryu Soo Yeol and trapped them where everything began.

Shin Joo Hyuk tried to kill Shim Jeong Hoon and Ryu Soo Yeol. He wanted Ryu Soo Yeol to admit that Jung Yun Ho was a savior and wanted his gratitude and acceptance.

Jung Yun Ho has the audacity to think that he has an upper hand on Ryu Soo Yeol and without him, he can’t survive. The only thing that Jung Yun Ho didn’t see it coming is K who makes Ryu Soo Yeol Stronger.

Thanks to the efforts of K and Ryu Soo Yeol, they escaped the fire. The police caught Jung Yun Ho and later cleared off the charges of Ryu Soo Yeol.

What’s K’s Real Name?

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What most people might not have seen it coming, K’s real name is KING, King of the world. A very fitting name for the hero!

Ryu Soo Yeol’s Future

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After things cleared out, K truly disappeared. A disciplinary committee was held and Kwak Bong Pil told Ryu Soo Yeol to lie and deny the existence of K.

The meeting happened and Ryu Soo Yeol expressed that he has recovered.

In a twist, he expressed the presence of his alter ego K, and accepted his existence.

Later, Lee Hee Gyeom admits that police officers have to deal with a lot of trauma, but no one is ready to acknowledge the fact.

Jung Yun Ho didn't have much of a future as an angry Boss Yong strangled him to death. Guess karma did get served in the end.

Many officers were cheering Ryu Soo Yeol. Thankfully he didn’t lose his job.

On a string operation, he caught people trying to bribe him and found the connection of Commissioner Kim Sung Ho trying to run for politics.

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The enraged Ryu Soo Yeol emerges to teach the commissioner a lesson and does the infamous kick that he did on Do Yu Gon. This could mean K could be back, but no one knows.

Who knows, we might even get a new season if the makers wanted. Overall Bad and Crazy had a good final episode with a well-tied-up conclusion.

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