Top 5 Award-Winning Movies Available On Netflix

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Some of the greatest films of all time have earned Academy Awards, which continue to be the most distinguished ceremony in American film.

Netflix has some excellent choices for you to watch right now if you're trying to increase your knowledge of prestigious, award-winning movies.

With some of its own movies, like The Power of the Dog and Mank, getting Oscar nominations and even victories.

So Netflix has you covered whether you're looking for a 1960s classic like Bonnie and Clyde or a contemporary masterpiece like Roma.

#1 Pulp Fiction

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Quentin Tarantino's film, Pulp Fiction, is hailed as his masterpiece and received particular accolades for its screenplay.

Its wide use of tribute and imitation, unorthodox structure, and self-reflexivity has caused critics to call it a benchmark of postmodern cinema.

The most powerful female character in the film is Mia Wallace, Marsellus' wife. She has a lot of influence just because she is Mr. Wallace's wife.

However, she also has her own agency and intimidates men.

The male characters all appear to like and admire her company as she is intelligent, witty, gorgeous, and adventurous.

Pulp Fiction was successful due to its original continuity-juggling and outstanding performances, but its language is what has made the film a genuine modern classic.

#2 Marriage Story

husband wife and son enjoying each other's company

Marriage Story demonstrates how the emotional connection that gives a relationship its fundamental structure—its bones—melts away while the partnership's sinews remain.

This couple has a child and a shared love of theatre, but their emotional connection is ultimately what they have neglected to care for.

Noah Baumbach, the writer, and director of Marriage Story delves into a dark territory to examine the conclusion of a life lived by two unhappy people.

Devoting more than two hours of screen time to exploring the challenges of a particularly terrible married couple.

Marriage Story pays persistent attention to the inner lives of the lead characters, who experience all the dehumanization of the divorce process in America.

It is highly descriptive and tastefully tempered with some necessary humor.

Baumbach always captures the essence of the moment, fleshing out the fight of legal and emotional separation, despite the doom and mounting fear.

#3 Spirited Away

a young women looking backwards

An animated masterpiece, Fantasy, adventure, and mystery are the genres represented in Spirited Away.

The fundamental message of the film is to always remember who you are.

Everyone or everyone in need of a movie to watch should watch this one.

Rumi Hiiragi plays the major role of Chihiro, a 10-year-old girl who is brave, good, and caring. Her parents take her to a deserted amusement park.

Chihiro is lost in a spiritual realm after both of her parents are transformed into pigs.

Haku (Miyu Irino) helps her by giving the tablets that keep her in human form. The gestures and feelings of Chihiro are beautifully animated.

Spirited Away has received honors including the Golden Bear Award, Critics' Choice Movie Award for Best Animated Feature, and the Oscar Award for Best Animated Feature.

The soundtrack throughout the entire film is quite soothing and tranquil to listen to.

One Summer's Day, Always With Me, and A Road To Anywhere are all excellent choices.

It's brilliant how there are several sequences where the characters are just existing and nothing important happens.

"If you have non-stop action with no breathing space at all, it's just business," says Hayao Miyazaki in an explanation of this.

Yet, if you pause for a second, the tension that the movie is developing can expand into a greater dimension.

This method is known as "ma." In short, the movie was amazing.

#4 The Power Of The Dog

a cowboy cautiously looking at someone

An oscar winning movie, this movie tells about the extremities a human can go to if it comes to someone they love and deeply care about.

The Power Of The Dog is unlike any other western since it was created by Kiwi filmmaker Jane Campion, who is making her comeback to the big screen after a 12-year absence.

Generally speaking, the genre has focused on bravery, duels, the vanishing world of outlaws and gunslingers, and the taming of the Old West, with a few notable outliers.

The Power of the Dog is a movie that explores the concept of masculinity by drawing on its environment, the line separating the Wild West and the developed world.

#5 Schindler's List

a young girl leading a group of men in uniform

Schindler's List has a spooky past. An Austrian Catholic named Raimund Titsch, who oversaw a garment factory inside the Polish work camp of Plaszow, secretly shot photos of what he observed.

He placed his film in a steel box, which he buried in a park outside of Vienna out of fear of having the photos processed.

He then left the box undisturbed for almost 20 years.

While Titsch sold the film covertly when he was near death, the picture wasn't finished until after his passing.

Although Schindler's List is a three-hour, harsh, and emotionally wrenching drama that won multiple Oscars and has a stirring message about the human spirit, it depicts the Holocaust with its utter brutality.

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